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  1. damp squib

    Great Britain Origin Series - West vs East

    Gaelic is a subset of Celtic. Gaelic = Irish, Scottish, Manx Brythonic = Welsh, Cornish, Breton These are the two branches of the Celtic language family.
  2. This whole shambles shows again why a player's union is urgently needed.
  3. An observation is by definition subjective. And no I won't debate each individual performance with you because I don't care how well you think they played, it's irrelevant. The reason we have unions, contracts and employment law is precisely so that petty tyrants like Derek Beaumont don't get to arbitrarily decide on a whim whether or not the labour he receives from his employees is worthy of compensation. Beaumont signed a contract and he must honour that contract or provide acceptable compensation, it's as simple as that. Those players have families to provide for.
  4. I think it's Rhys Evans and Kevin "unluckiest man in RL" Larroyer.
  5. damp squib

    RLIF Announce 8 year Cycle

    Not to anyone who started watching the sport in the last 20 years.
  6. damp squib

    Film 2018

    Yeah I think they were necessary to explain the background and everything.
  7. Congratulations Wales. Looks like we'll have to take the scenic route.
  8. damp squib

    Film 2018

    I saw Peterloo last week and I highly recommend it. A very timely look at England's radical history. It can be a bit heavy on the speeches as you would expect but they build up the tension well to the final massacre. The best part about it though is that it really shows the tensions building between the working class and middle class in the reform coalition which would lead to the future betrayal of the former by the latter. Great performance by former Wigan Ladies player Maxine Peake as always.
  9. damp squib

    Great Britain squad

    I have absolutely no problem with that. It works perfectly well in the Olympics.
  10. damp squib

    Great Britain squad

    I have no interest in a joint Ireland-Britain team as I think it is an anachronism but yes, if it were to happen then all of the above would need to change. There are two problems: 1) None of it would ever happen because there are no actual Irish people involved to push for those changes as there was in the Union Lions. 2) Most of the people who want to "Bring Back GB" want to do it precisely because of the jersey, name, anthem etc.
  11. damp squib

    Great Britain squad

    GB isn't part of Irish RL history because we don't have a RL history. You're pretending that the RL Lions have any relevance in Ireland or that it had any input from Irish people. Just because English people have been running a team for decades which they claim represents Ireland doesn't mean that it does. The only tiny little bit of media coverage we get is for the Ireland RL team. No-one knows that the GB Lions are supposed to represent us because a) no one knows about the team and b) why would any Irish person assume that a team that everyone refers to as GB and which plays in a Union Flag jersey is supposed to represent Ireland. Ireland do not compete at Olympic level with GB. Ireland compete in RU in a GB & I rep side where we are given proper respect (and which still no-one cares about). So yes, I was being sarcastic to highlight the fact that the Great Britain RL team, as it actually exists (not the one in your head) is as relevant to me as a Hapsburg Empire XIII would be to you. How about instead of using my national team to feed your own nostalgia, you listen to the two Irish people on this forum posting on the topic who are both completely opposed to it?
  12. damp squib

    Great Britain squad

    I propose that we establish a new representative team - The Hapsburg Empire XIII. It will combine the national teams of Germany, Austria, Belgium and Italy into a single team that will play in a black, red and gold jersey, line up behind the German flag and sing Das Lied der Deutschen. While some Germans are opposed to this idea, others are very enthusiastic, citing the history and cool jersey as positives. I haven't checked with the Austrians, Belgians and Italians but they're not important and in any case they will do as they're told. If you disagree with this plan then you're just being negative.
  13. damp squib

    Great Britain squad

    You don't even have to go that far with an analogy. Just propose that the Great Britain and Ireland RL team play in a green, white and orange strip with England, Scotland and Wales represented as a tiny symbol on the crest. If it should be good enough for me it should be good enough for them.
  14. damp squib

    Bennett fumes at Kangaroos snub

    Nothing strikes fear into the hearts of your enemies like losing to them thirteen times in a row...