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  1. Is the night visit set in stone? I think I remember reading that one of the conditions of the 3-day visa free thing is that you need to book an "official tour" (which is maybe what your hermitage tour is) but apparently you don't actually have to go on it. If so you could skip it and go on your own during the day and free up the one night for a show in the Mariinsky Theatre. I could be wrong on that but it might be worth looking into. I'd also recommend doing the sightseeing boat tour rather than an open top bus tour if you were planning that. You see all the major sights and the canals are beautiful.
  2. That was a huge thing for me for years and as a result I convinced myself that I only enjoyed technically excellent classical art as at least I understood that "it looks like the thing it's supposed to look like"! I'm almost the opposite now in that I find a lot of the typical big landscapes/renaissance religious scenes boring in spite of their technical brilliance and I prefer more modern stuff that makes me think a bit or is aesthetically pleasing in an abstract way.
  3. I went two years ago for my honeymoon. I'd recommend planning before hand what you'd like to see as it's too big to visit everything. Most importantly - BOOK ONLINE! There are always massive queues at the ticket booths but we had our printout and went straight through a side door. I couldn't believe it. How late is the night visit? I highly recommend Yat nearby on the canal for dinner. Try their home-made Kvass and the Schchi soup. Mains are hefty. Are you doing the three day visa-free cruise thing?
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    No worries.
  5. damp squib


    Sorry but that's not what I said at all. I said that atheists who display a callous attitude towards people who use their religious faith for comfort in trying times probably fall into one of the categories listed. Since you are not one of the people in this thread mocking cancer victims for their supposedly foolish belief in God I can't imagine why you think that would apply to you.
  6. damp squib


    Sorry I was a bit subtle there. I'm calling you a fascist.
  7. damp squib


    But there are hundreds of thousands of protesters among all sections of society, how will you know which ones to lift? To more easily identify your enemies perhaps you and your fellow vigilantes should wear the same colour shirt?
  8. damp squib


    I think religion is one of those things where what is logical is not necessarily rational. I don't think faith is logical, in that by definition it is not based on evidence. However I also think that for many people it is rational as it provides comfort in what can be a horrible world. If two people are dying of cancer, one is comforted by their faith and the other has no faith and suffers more, then the first person is arguably behaving more rationally given the circumstance. I think atheists who don't understand that either have a life relatively free of suffering, are fortunate to have friends/family with whom they can freely share their problems, can afford a therapist or internalise and externalise their suffering in damaging ways. I was a "new atheist" in the early days when Dawkins and Hitchens released their books and to me it is not a coincidence that so many of my peers from those days have ended up drifting towards the far right in the last few years. It was a movement completely lacking in empathy.
  9. We have the same ads in the south so it must be a rural/boy racer thing.
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    So in this scenario a cancer victim is turning to their faith for comfort during one of the most horrible trials a person can face, and your response is to mock them because there is no evidence that God exists? And you think this makes you look like the more rational, enlightened person? I have been an atheist since my mid-teens and I thank the atheist Gods that I grew out of the cruel narcissism of new-atheism.
  11. So do I, but it doesn't, hence Catalans being threatened with relegation. There is no point in criticising the club's behaviour when it is the structure that incentivises that behaviour.
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    What about family and friends? Professional therapists? Are they crutches for the weak?
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    I thought Arlene was COI? I can certainly see some of the old guard Free Ps in the party disliking her leadership.
  14. damp squib

    Yet more good news.

    Agree about Brooks but I'd keep Carney and Wells and bring in Tomkins as you say with one more rotating spot for different players/coaches each week. The biggest problem is the sheer number of commentators all talking over each other.
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    How much Marx have you read Kayakman?