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  1. A bridge too far?

    You must think you're cock of the walk strolling down that bridge.
  2. FREE tickets to watch Toronto Wolfpack

    I'm also from Ulster (the "Southern" bit) and I hadn't heard of Rugby League until I was in my early 20s. Why is that so hard to believe?
  3. I still want to play test football

    I don't think you can fit Benji and SJ in the same team. The great NZ team of the Kearney years and the current Warriors side are successful largely because Johnson has a smart organising half along side him freeing him up to do his thing - that's not Benji Marshall's game. If Johnson get's injured Benji would be a great replacement but the priority for NZ will be to get Foran back to his form of a few years ago (or get Blake Green NZ citizenship...).
  4. QLT to Halifax

    His days were numbered once they signed Gareth O'Brien.
  5. Potential RL 6 Nations this Autumn

    The problem with Italy and Lebanon is that while the are in the European federation, their players are based in Australia. They're in a kind of limbo where administratively they are European teams but it is logistically very difficult for them to play in Europe. Otherwise both of them would be logical choices for a six nations, although for some reason one of them would probably lose out to Scotland despite being far stronger RL nations.
  6. Potential RL 6 Nations this Autumn

    If you are seriously saying that the red, white and blue jersey with a Lion crest isn't based on the colours and symbols of the UK then you are either thick or are being completely disingenuous in order to win an argument. I know from your other posts that you're far from thick so I have no interest in discussing this further.
  7. Lions tour 2019

    The exact same but in a different jersey?
  8. Potential RL 6 Nations this Autumn

    And yet presumably you would not expect the French and Italian players to wear a Union flag jersey, line up behind a Union flag and sing GSTQ as the Irish players are expected to do. Or should they also be content as independent nations to be represented by a small symbol on a crest of an otherwise British jersey?
  9. Potential RL 6 Nations this Autumn

    When have I ever said otherwise? My issue has never been about whether Irish players should be eligible or not but why the name and branding of the team does not reflect that properly. You're also ignoring the other two nations. Or are you and the other Geography whizzes at Red Hall claiming France and Italy as British now too?
  10. Potential RL 6 Nations this Autumn

    Oh I don't know, maybe because three of the six nations are not part of GB? It's bad enough to devalue the competition with England reserves without officially turning it into "The GB Trial + 3 Special Guests".
  11. Future UK development (Ire/Sco)

    The League 1 team is supposed to be in Dublin so it's not UK development.
  12. Future UK development (Ire/Sco)

    Ireland isn't in the UK.
  13. Yes, yes DEANO we know.
  14. 2018 Kits

    I'm really struggling to understand the objections to the Marvel shirts. RL desperately needs to appeal to a younger demographic and this seems like a gift that just fell into our lap.
  15. Lamport Stadium work

    On the off chance that someone here is familiar with this Twitter meme: Stadium Rent: $3k Wages: $10k Travel: $5k Weekly repainting of pitch lines: $800k Admin: $1k someone who is good at the economy please help me budget this. my pro RL club is dying...