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  1. New York, Boston and Hamilton in 2019

    I wonder if Slater, Cronk and Smith were overlooked for so long simply for being too lightweight?
  2. Food and drink thread

    Did you receive those messages personally? If you got it off social media it's almost certainly fake.
  3. I remember hearing that in the early days Liverpool had links to the Orange Order but I have no idea if there's any substance in it.
  4. Am I right in saying that despite the modern links between Liverpool FC and Celtic, traditionally it was Everton who were the "Catholic/Irish immigrant" club of Liverpool? I hadn't heard about the Man Utd but they've probably brought over more young Irish lads than any other English club. I think a lot of the blame for the relative lack of football success for Scotland is a chronic lack of investment in grass roots football and many coaches still being stuck in the 70s in their approach to the game. Or it could be just that Gordon Strachan is right and Scottish people are just genetically too small, unlike Europe's most successful sides like...erm...Spain.
  5. Hat collections at the ground and at Celtic pubs I can believe. I have never even heard of the club acting as a funding conduit for the IRA never mind seen any proof. If this is based on the club having financial difficulties then Rugby League must have been keeping ISIS going. Celtic never produced significant revenue before Celtic Park was done up. The recent period of financial stability coincided with the completion of a modern, 60,000 seater stadium, not the bloody Good Friday Agreement.
  6. One of my biggest pet peeves is the insistence that in any conflict "both sides are as bad as each other". This is pretty much never the case but people insist upon it because you can take the moral high ground without ever having to look into the history or power relations of the conflict. This is not specifically directed at you Irish Saint and being from Belfast I understand your frustration, however: Notice a pattern here? Celtic undoubtedly have sectarian elements among their supporters but the club was founded to help a vulnerable immigrant population and never discriminated based on religion. Their greatest manager of all time, Jock Stein, was a protestant. Rangers were institutionally sectarian for most of their history, refusing to hire a Catholic until the early 90s. They were an integral part of a society steeped in bigotry against the above mentioned immigrant population. They are not both as bad as each other.
  7. Fantasy RL for SL & the Championship

    I've not made a championship team yet. Do you enter them in the same league?
  8. Fantasy RL for SL & the Championship

    Every year I get caught out with a bench full of budget kids and it seems I'm sticking with that pattern (although I reckon Oledzki at 50k is a bargain).
  9. Fantasy RL for SL & the Championship

    Cheers Krzzystuff I've just joined as Brian Carney's Frosted Tips RLFC. I can't promise I'll keep it up for long though, my record is about four weeks!
  10. Dundee Utd also reached the UEFA cup final in '87 and Hearts looked like winning the league for most of the 97/98 season and just got pipped at the post by Celtic. Celtic were very weak in the 80s and early 90s and nearly went bankrupt several times. The complete dominance of the old firm is a relatively recent thing.
  11. I grew up supporting Celtic but I have to admit I only really watch European games and Old Firms now. It just goes completely against my nature to cheer on a multi-million pound global behemoth hammering a minnow. There's no pleasure in it. I have generally lost a bit of interest in football though which may be part of the reason. That said, I am finding the decline of the slapstick comedy of a football club, Newco Rangers, endlessly amusing.
  12. Anthony Gelling's new Blog

    That is hilarious and very well made. He should definitely get involved in TV when he retires. Ideally to replace the chuckle brothers on Sky.
  13. Fantasy RL for SL & the Championship

    Somebody (Old Frightful maybe?) usually sets up a TRL league each year. I joined it last year but like my Premier League FF I didn't have the patience to keep it up. Might make a team anyway just for the craic.
  14. Toulouse show SL intent?

    It's an hour by train.
  15. Toulouse show SL intent?

    Any Leigh fans making the trip? Albi is a gorgeous town.