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  1. Omott91

    Would any other buisness.............

    I liked the super 8's, especially the middle 8's. As an Aussie in Australia I record all super league games but at this time of year I only ever watch the middle 8's games. Watching teams I have never seen play before such as TO etc. is great. It's an interest that unfortunately won't be there next year which I'm disappointed about. Even my Dad, who is a big knights fan but has no interest in super league, asks me about the middle 8's and who is in line for promotion etc. Living only 5mins from Toronto, Australia we of course want twp to go up. If not, Toulouse.
  2. Omott91

    New Grounds.

    I think that the only place where standing areas would be accepted would be the booze hill where some stand throughout the game,but other than that I don't think so. It isn't something would ever be considered for new stadiums in Australia which is why I thought the new Leeds stand was interesting as it has the large standing area.
  3. Omott91

    New Grounds.

    That's in the AFL, majority of Nrl grounds have them.
  4. Omott91

    New Grounds.

    Although I do like all seater stadiums like the one currently being built at Parramatta.
  5. Omott91

    New Grounds.

    Yeah most suburban grounds have a grassy hill, mainly where families go and kids have room to move around, well away from the booze is allowed. Dad and I enjoy sitting on the hill at McDonald Jones stadium (knights home ground).
  6. Omott91

    New Grounds.

    Can someone explain why English grounds have those large standing only areas as pictured above. We don't have such areas in Aussie grounds. Can these standing only areas hold more people than if there were seats in place instead?
  7. Omott91

    Denver test is dead

    The NYC club has set its sights for 2020. I hope it comes to fruition but I highly doubt it will. ''Wilby, a long-time official with French rugby league outfit Catalans, is also hoping that a New York franchise will join the Super League or the Championship by 2020''. It's an article that's a month or two old but it's the last update we've heard from Wilby that I know of.
  8. RL will never grow if a prerequisite any new club must be within a couple of hours bus ride of each other.
  9. Thanks to Graham for all his efforts in this thread. I was going pretty ordinary until round 20 or so until I got a few 1300+ scores. I have a history of unfortunately starting slow but finish strongly when it's nearly too late.
  10. On the issues of new NA clubs not appearing, give it a break, its only been 18 months since Twp started. Creating clubs from nothing could take years. I have asked before, why don't you apply the same amount of scrutineering that you have against Twp to other clubs who don't produce players. You state that Salford closed their academy, if you apply the same criteria that you have done to Twp then surely you should be advocating that Salford should not be included in SL? Am I right or because they're a British club you can conveniently brush it to the side?
  11. There are some SL clubs who don't increase the player pool, should they not be in SL if held to the same scrutiny that you have against TWP? What TWP may lack in one area they definitely have positives that other clubs don't have. You should at least acknowledge that. If you win on the field to work your way up then you deserve to be in SL.
  12. Crowd 7,540 not bad and beats a few NRL crowds this year.
  13. As the Knights are my team, would this be a good signing?
  14. New York for 2020 now. Disappointing but not unexpected.
  15. Omott91


    I find the post above very ironic. Parky having a go at someone for something he does in nearly every post. Repeating and lapping up the same 3 quotes ad neuseam. The Grown Up thing to do is to have the ability to take on board the opinions of other people.