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  1. The only ''hype'' here are the facts that dispute your tin foil hat conspiracies.
  2. Second Canadian Team

    It is ironic that you're the one saying I don't have a clue about the facts here. None of your arguments are based on facts. They are merely opinions or assumptions on a hypothetical idea that you have concocted to argue against TWP and possible future NA clubs. The number one rule of debating is to back up your views with facts, something your posts have never done. Hence your views are simply opinions and assumptions, which everyone has a right to express and view. However, one should also learn to appreciate other views and when presented with solid facts, take them on board. The RFL are looking at are most likely going to add 2 more spots in SL to accommodate more clubs so the likelihood of an influx of English clubs dropping is less. Who is to say that new NA clubs will be competitive enough to gain promotion straight away? Just in the last few days we have seen articles posted on what the Canadians are doing to try and develop future players. It will take time, look at the Melbourne Storm, 3 juniors in 20years but are argueably the most successful rl team in the world. Plus a team from Ontario possibly entering USARL. You wanted some development, as soon as you see what they are doing you change your argument to ''they need to be SL standard''. In terms of support the TWP have greater attendance than some SL clubs and when playing other clubs away usually sets the highest gate for those clubs, we have already seen that this year. I know what you will say ''it because they are trendy atm and crowds will drop'', you have no facts to prove this. On to the Knights, what you stated is absurd ''How about a rich man in Denver buys your club, calls it Denver Cowboys and ships your best 30 players over to North America to play in a Transatlantic Superleague''. Will never happen as the NRL would block it. Plus the Knights are a major development club and I am positive that if you asked some of the guys who didn't make the top level if they would leave Cessnock, Kurri Kurri or even Toronto (yes, there is a town just south of Newcastle called Toronto) they would jump at the chance. In future, you can't change your argument midway to suit your viewpoint. Regards.
  3. Second Canadian Team

    You are so critical but never offer an alternative. I asked you previously about your thoughts on the possible Bristol team entering next year. Are you against that as well because I seriously doubt they have a player pool of SL standard??? You haven't discussed their issues but happy to target TWP and NA future clubs. Unless you have a vendetta against non English clubs.
  4. (1)What is there to look up. (2) You have backed yourself into a hole with your point about broadcasters. Broadcasters do need clubs that attract fans and TWP averaged more in attendance than most of those clubs you stated including SL clubs so don't know where you're going with that point. Maybe it is you that needs to look things up. Would you rather SL administration not do anything progressive and kept the status quo for the next decade or two of zero growth and ignored TWP? Do you even have an alternative of how SL should move forward or are you against anything new that is outside the M62? What about the possible Bristol team next year? Surely they don't have a player pool ready for SL, are you against them entering too? Thanks for your detailed reply.
  5. Anti expansion is sure becoming a tireing subject now. Here is my view. Super League is about to undergo what the NRL underwent in the 80's and 90's. During that period teams from Wollongong, Canberra, Newcastle, Brisbane, NQ, NZ, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide to what was a Sydney comp. Unfortunately not all exist now but Brisbane for example is the biggest rl club in the world. There would have been opposition to them joining but how could you argue against them now. The new NA have the potential to do the same in a decade or two. The well known anti expansionists on this forum would argue that it shouldn't venture outside Sydney, like they are arguing that SL shouldn't leave the M62. The addition of NA teams make SL a more attractive product for broadcasters which will hopefully see an increase for the next tv deal. Why would broadcasters up the deal if they are getting the same product. More tv money means better pay for players and where do the majority of players come from in SL, England. The other criticism is these NA clubs have no player pool. That myth has been solved with the possible entry of a team from Ontario entering the USARL. A team full of Canadians. I would like to see an argument against these points.
  6. That would be typical Nrl.
  7. Toronto (Merged threads)

    You are clearly demonstrating you have no idea at all.
  8. There are articles on the Daily telegraph that discuss the ins and outs of Super coach but may be behind a paywall.
  9. I have entered as well under the name Apex Predators. I created an auto generated team but will come back closer to season kick off when I have more time. I just wanted to get my spot in the comp before the spots filled up as I missed out last year.
  10. Red star membership

    Would you be able to post some more details here? I googled the website but only found the link you posted on Facebook.
  11. Why do you say Bradford? They're running around in 3rd division and are a corpse of there former selves. NA clubs are just beginning and their potential is greater than any northern hemisphere club thus far. It is similar to when the Wright brothers created the first plane, people would have criticised that but now look what we have. You are so critical of expansion, why don't you tell us how it should be done, village by village?
  12. Nigel Wood becomes RLIF CEO

    Sounds a bit like musical chairs.
  13. There is no point arguing with Parky, he subscribes to the line ''dont let the facts get in the way of a good argument."
  14. Balkan Super League

    I was about to ask the same thing.