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  1. Omott91

    Canada RL on Toronto Wolfpack

    Parky you say want debates but you are by far the worst debater I have come across. Intelligent debaters listen to the other argument and change their view when presented new information. You ignore any positive news or facts that have been posted by myself and others. If you do respond you cherry pick one or two lines of their post that suits your agenda and proceed with the same argument using exacerbated and aggressive language. You do this while overlooking the shortcomings of English clubs, the same shortcomings that you attack Twp for. Now your saying that people who support Twp are doing the game down. That is offensive to me and thousands of other rl fans who pay good money to support our clubs. I think you are the one to choose a new sport. Perhaps that other sport that you keep mentioning and seemingly so fixated by, Rugby union. You don't speak for anyone, reasonable rl supporters would find your posts laughable.
  2. I was amazed that this game was telecast on Fox here in Australia straight after the Eng,Nz game. That would have to be a first for this level of game. Coverage quality was poor which Fox kept apologising for but great to see it on tv.
  3. Omott91

    Toronto six it up....

    You should cut the waffle and tell us Twp signing new players (which is what the thread is about) has to do with US Rugby union. Why don't you go to some Rugby union forum as most of your posts have some RU mention.
  4. Omott91

    Australia vs Tonga

    Hopefully this game stops the Nrl bashing that is very frequent on this forum. Yes they could do more but this would not have happened without the Nrl and the Kangaroos taking a pay cut for this game. Tonight was a great advert for the international game unlike that embarrassing cock up of a fixture the Rfl served up on Wednesday.
  5. Omott91

    UK SL Attendances 2018

    In oz we are regarded as the most loyal averaging 15k before this year winning 3 wooden spoons in a row and only winning 6 games in 2 years. Be great to see what we could get with sustained success._
  6. Omott91

    UK SL Attendances 2018

    82,600 in an 83,833 seat stadium so pretty much. Afl is an anomaly ranking well in global sport for attendance. Attendance doesn't tell the whole story as the Nrl tv ratings are higher. Does anyone know the tv rating figures for Super League?
  7. Omott91

    UK SL Attendances 2018

    Of a country with a relatively small population.
  8. Omott91

    UK SL Attendances 2018

    And to think that some people think here in Australia we have a crowd crisis averaging 15.2k.
  9. Can someone tell me who is getting promoted from league one and who still has a chance? Are York still in with a shot?
  10. Omott91

    Transatlantic League just days away??

    Give it a rest and stop trolling. You don't need to remind us that we're only days away from best thing ever to happen to Super league and if it means dragging conservative people kicking and screaming out of the M62 corridor and into the 21st century then I'm all for new clubs entering.
  11. Omott91

    Transatlantic League just days away??

    Parky really is the ''glass half empty'' type.
  12. Omott91

    Would any other buisness.............

    I liked the super 8's, especially the middle 8's. As an Aussie in Australia I record all super league games but at this time of year I only ever watch the middle 8's games. Watching teams I have never seen play before such as TO etc. is great. It's an interest that unfortunately won't be there next year which I'm disappointed about. Even my Dad, who is a big knights fan but has no interest in super league, asks me about the middle 8's and who is in line for promotion etc. Living only 5mins from Toronto, Australia we of course want twp to go up. If not, Toulouse.
  13. Omott91

    New Grounds.

    I think that the only place where standing areas would be accepted would be the booze hill where some stand throughout the game,but other than that I don't think so. It isn't something would ever be considered for new stadiums in Australia which is why I thought the new Leeds stand was interesting as it has the large standing area.
  14. Omott91

    New Grounds.

    That's in the AFL, majority of Nrl grounds have them.
  15. Omott91

    New Grounds.

    Although I do like all seater stadiums like the one currently being built at Parramatta.