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  1. Omott91

    Widnes problems It's interesting that Argyle is also pushing for the Liverpool team. A question for English folks, There is a lot of talk about possible Liverpool and Manchester teams and how they're not rl cities. From an Aussie perspective both these cities have rl teams in their outlying suburbs. For example, Salford is less than a few kilometres from Manchester according to Google. The same for Liverpool. I've read so comments on how Liverpool doesn't play rl, yet last year the city had 3 Super League teams within half hour drive. My question is how far away from a rl playing area do you need to be before it is considered to be a non rl area? Also, how much closer to Manchester does an rl team need to be for Manchester to be considered an rl city if Salford isn't close enough already? Just trying to wrap my head around English rl geographical perceptions.
  2. I actually agree with this. It's also a massive shame and disappointment that Rangers were denied. What more could the Rfl want from a club?
  3. The Rfl need to stop using their own incompetence and some English clubs incompetence as an excuse to not allow new ambitious clubs to join the English rl system.
  4. I was referring to Parky's arguments contradicting, not yours.
  5. I haven't thought that hard into it but I would make sure my argument wasn't made up of two ideas that contradict each other.
  6. I think that the negative expansion types on here need to open their eyes and pull their head out of the sand to actually view the current Super League landscape. We have two expansion clubs in Twp and TO with one of them odds on to gain promotion. Both these clubs have been on the whole largely successful and in some areas put traditional English clubs to shame. The above post from Parky is once again nonsense. We, including him, have discussed how the game in England is declining and could possibly get a smaller broadcast deal whilst having these core M62 clubs. How can the M62 be a strength when it's declining year over year? Once again conflicting viewpoints. If you need further proof, look at last nights crowd between the two biggest rl clubs in Super League, nothing to crow about.
  7. If you take 25 players from Super League (which one club wouldn't because they would include Aussies, NZ and islanders which you forget) it will create opportunities for other players to fill those vacancies. You can't say that Super League is player number poorer because of Twp or TO. Your middle paragraph crowds argument doesn't stack up because successful expansion teams like Catalans and Twp receive more crowd support than some Super League teams. Answer this, why would crowds drop across the M62 because people in France and Canada are now enjoying rugby league? Because to me that is basically what you're saying. In the interest of debate, I'd love to know what your definition of a ''fake club'' is.
  8. Omott91

    Lagos Rhinos

    Love the logo. Unfortunately for Leeds fans this one is a big step up from their cartoony rhino imo.
  9. Parky finally believes in the Wolfpack. Under his own set of criteria for expansion, Twp satisfy 3 out of 4. Investors, tick. Sponsors, tick. Supporters, tick. That's 75% which is well and truly a pass mark from the man himself.
  10. In the ''real world'' you see declining interest and crowds of your M62 derbies because they are repeated up to 5 times a year. There's no interest in that. I'd much rather follow the stories of Twp and London Bronco's than mundane fixtures I've already seen 3 times earlier in the year. But don't let facts get in the way of a concocted story.
  11. No idea once again. This is also the the reason that is holding Super League back. Seeing the same fixtures repeated and repeated many times over the course of a year.
  12. Kman, you seem at home in the cold climates where I would probably die but how would you go in in 40+ C Aussie summer down here?
  13. This is the forward and ambitious thinking that I wish other rl clubs had, especially some Super League clubs.
  14. Omott91

    Job hunting

    So it's not just me who finds employment tough or hard to find. I've been looking for part time /full time work in the architecture industry in Newcastle, Aus and and found that opportunities are pretty much non existant at the moment. Very hard and frustrating.
  15. Only you could turn a good news story into a negative, sarcastic post. Glass half empty view of the world isn't a healthy outlook. Lets be honest here, you would be singing their praises if one of your M62 clubs were able to do what Twp have been done . But because it's Twp, well..... one eyed much?