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  1. Nearenough

    Team for Saturday

    We do need a bigger squad. The squad we have is excellent and commited to the cause but we do need a few more shirts in the wash. Having said that players dont just fall out of the sky, we cant sign what isnt there. In Fordy we trust.
  2. Nearenough

    Team for Saturday

    Good to see ash in the squad
  3. Nearenough

    R8 Hunslet

    We were there pretty early n didnt see ash on the pitch at any point...
  4. Nearenough

    R8 Hunslet

    A mixed bag n no mistake, i thought robbo had a cracker for me with some smart off loads and some good saving tackles, covering the ground well. Judah had a good game too, whilst it was only a 2 point game i never at any point felt we'd lose it. Some daft reffing that made no sense most of the time his signals were very limited and hard to make out what hed given and why. It was our worst defensive performance of the year, hopefully weve got it out of our system now. Full marks to hunslett (seems they have got rid of all the hawks stuff now?) who played some excellent rugby at pace in a honest performance which was a credit to em. And as for ash have no idea what thats all about but seems all very odd.
  5. Nearenough

    Whats wrong with the hun's

    Rockaway beach for us, hearbreak hotel for you?
  6. Nearenough

    Bookies corner

    We will beat hunslet by 22 points and oldham will win...form an orderly queue at the pay out window please...
  7. Nearenough

    R8 Hunslet

    My prediction... Hunslet 0 - york 146
  8. Nearenough

    Round 7 West Wales Raiders

    points difference could be crucial by the end of the season, if west wales do fail to see out the season maybe with one or two games to play things could get really's hoping they keep at it
  9. Nearenough

    Club colours

    I hope we have....
  10. Nearenough

    We're York and we're proud of it

    Having seen what i saw from the referee and touchies yesterday and the behaviour of the catalans players, and having read what ive read since of the comments by the catalans chairman about refs being biased against his team and his threats to no longer play in england...and then learning that the rfl had changed yesterdays ref at short notice i cant help but suspect that all these things are connected and that york were stitched up yesterday.
  11. Nearenough

    Game day.

    If the ref was swapped im not sure what they swapped him with cos that muppet certainly wasnt a ref. York matched em toe for toe n i wouldnt swap any of the york team for one of theirs. So many positives its hard to single a few out really but Porter had a brilliant game, and hawksworth never took a backwards step despite the super league opposition. Brad hey had a good game too with some real smart runs. Onwards n upwards
  12. Nearenough

    John Flatman

    We are amazingly fortunate to have so many hard working, genuine people running the show, come on ye kneets
  13. Nearenough

    And our new signing is...

    Havin us cake n eatin it, crack on ye kneets
  14. Nearenough

    Cas 41 Catalans 0

    From what Ive seen of cats this term they don't seem concerned about much, certainly ain't bothered about not getting thumped week in week out. Toronto, London, Fev and Toulouse will all be keen to take em on in the middle 8s...and we know York can give any of those 4 a game. Up the kneets
  15. Nearenough

    7 wins in a row...

    Great performance, just the one iffy patch for 10 mins or so. Worky losing was handy as well. Our away game against them looks to be a crucial one.