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  1. Nearenough

    Bradford Sunday

    Maybe take a bag of york air with u as well cos I think the bulls charge u to breathe as well
  2. Nearenough

    Saints sniffing

    We have a lad who's quite good at goal kicking who hopefully we can keep for years to come!
  3. Nearenough

    Is there a pattern emerging, I wonder?

    ...and we'll play even better still at the new stadium!
  4. Nearenough


    Spot on
  5. Nearenough

    Barrow home.

    Crackin performance, we ran em ragged with our pace and enthusiasm. Cant single anyone out, a team wide brilliant performance. we keep improving day on day, in fordy we trust....Gonna have to open more stands fer the next home game!
  6. Nearenough

    Toronto and Widnes

    I think Toronto will prove to be run away winners of this league. As for the rest of em, york can beat any of em on their day. ( i backed wolfpack at -8 on the handicap today based on my feeling we played bloody brilliant the other week to go down by 14)
  7. Nearenough

    On the Road

    Interesting idea, I've been to tad footy a few times and I'd say that photo is v flattering, its a very tiny ground. So that's non starter for me. Scarbroughites didn't take much notice of Scarborough pirates for their brief existence, and harrogate is v union. Whitby is miles from anywhere. Pickering would be fun its a nice ground to visit. For me tho if we r havin an away day it should b somewhere big, so why not look at the first place the OP mentioned but then dismissed....the riverside stadium Middlesbrough , (boro is in yorkshire even if not in n yorks!)
  8. Nearenough

    New away kit...

    Best set of kits the knights have had I'd say
  9. Nearenough

    New away kit...

    I like it better than our home kit! Sorry 4 being contrary.
  10. Nearenough

    A game of two halves

    Well that was never in doubt was it... I think Dewsbury have some handy players and they played some decent rugby for a team that's just starting to rebuild. We were awful in the first half but the lads who came out for the 2nd half were way better. We have pace and plenty of heart, we need to use it! The 'pass n crash' that we played in the first half and for most of last week's match won't win us games at this level. The lively running, passing game we played The 2nd half is what makes york so good to follow at present, we need more of it. Horne was awesome, and I thought Whitely had a cracking game popping up all over the place with valuable and at times vital contributions. We continue to miss Tim spears tho. Hopefully he won't be missing much longer.
  11. Nearenough

    York press coverage

    Dewsbury rangers are in div 1 of the yorkshire amateur league, i dont think they get a bigger crowd than the rugby team tho... The FA probably gave rl in yorkshire its biggest lift in the early 20s when they formed div 3 (n) of the football league and excluded castleford town.
  12. Nearenough


    Not a lot of neutrals in the crowd compared to our last wolfpack game. Havnt got sky so ain't seen the game back but has anyone who has got an opinion on the forward pass for the try or our number of dubious penalties against us. I can think of a high tackle near the main stands, a failing to clear the ruck that was being held down, a trip tackle that landed on his shoulder and a shoulder charge (?) that all looked harsh to say the least. And one other point, it seemed to be common practice, for the wolfpack in the tackle, that the third man came in and got hold of one leg and pulled it up in the air twisting the tackled man, rather than cleanly tackling both legs when that was clearly possible. Surely this is dangerous play? In the warm up this action seemed to be part of the drill.
  13. Nearenough


    Still thawin out... I wonder what the penalty count was on that one, v strange reffin performance. We defended brilliant, kept our errors to a minimum and completed a high percent of our sets as well, but never really looked likely to score as we hardly ever had the field position to put concerted pressure on a fairly wooden wolfpack. Horne had a cracker as did JJR. I'd like to see Judah and Harry back for next week as I feel they bring a bit of zip to the side. Oh and one small gripe, whoever thought writing the players shirt names in tiny white font on yellow was a good idea must have better bl**dy eyesight than me! Onwards n upwards.
  14. Nearenough

    Knights web site

    Whilst I appreciate that soshal meejah is where its at now the current website front page is a bit wierd just prior to one of our biggest matches for years. Hunslett parkside and news of how to watch our next match on telly ? ?
  15. Nearenough

    Have the mind games started?

    Clubs can have a load o players on DR if they like but if they rnt released to play u suddenly find urself short at vital times, id sooner we concentrated on buildin our own squad. I don't think we r far away n we have done good loan deals over the last few years as well so no reason why we wont again.