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  1. Nearenough

    Yorkshire Cup

    Parkside have some cracking players, should be an interesting encounter!
  2. Nearenough

    New challenge cup format

    I'm pretty sure the cc stays the same as last year. The change is the new 1895 cup for tier 2 and 3 clubs, which is an add on and will b played on the same day, maybe a day out at Wembley for the kneets...
  3. Went today, impressed as ever by league fans dignity and class in showing their respects and also in giving the medical guys every assistance during the medical emergency. Mexican wave was the highlight and the only thing worse than England's kicking was the God awful seats. We may as well done a fev and had nobody on the bench today.
  4. Nearenough

    2019 Season

    Leigh just gone into administration, so it's not lookin good... if they go under do worky take their place??
  5. Nearenough

    2019 squad

    Brilliant, our pack looks really classy. "Graeme Horne, Jack Blagbrough, Ross Osborne, Ronan Dixon, Josh Jordan-Roberts, Joe Porter, Sam Scott, Jack Teanby and Mike Kelly." Any combo of that lot'll take some stopping!
  6. Nearenough

    Welsh winger?

    It were Ryce with a Y, played in our all conquering 2000 team, don't think he broke his leg tho.
  7. Nearenough

    2019 squad

    Typo there surely? should it not read "the best coach." I wouldn't swap him for anyone. I'd also venture that the championship is way tougher than twice the standard of league one.
  8. Nearenough

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    The amazing truth behind the "enjoy the game" phenomenon, turns out its an indepth insight into the mind of the grand master of the rfl Mr rimmer. In this remarkably frank interview he admits " it's a rather strange game for which I have no explanation" and "as my dearest memories began to fade I became nothing more than this gelatinous blob" a rfl spokesman later added that he believed as a result of this goin viral the anfield test would be a sellout.
  9. Nearenough

    2019 squad

    Brass Stock Looks good to me, plenty of potential for fordy to work with there...
  10. Nearenough

    Shopping List

    Brilliant to see we have signed Salter, a real statement of intent. We are not just goin to be makin up the numbers next year, fordy means business, cant wait!
  11. Nearenough

    Hemel withdraw from League.

    Makes sense, question is will west Wales and Coventry follow? And then what happens to league 1? Add Boston, Belgrade and Manchester??
  12. Nearenough

    England v France @ BC

    Thanks gav. Great comms as usual thee rfl!
  13. Nearenough

    England v France @ BC

    Anybody know anything about the academy match at BC next Saturday? cant find owt on the useless rfl site, is it happening? when's it start? Whats it cost? That sort o stuff
  14. Nearenough

    2019 Season

    I hope our first match is against worky as they deserve promotion for the way theyve played this year.
  15. Nearenough

    Shopping List

    Fingers crossed we pick up moss and marsh, but id also have salter on my shopping list, he has bags of experience but is still only 25 and i think he can still progress further under fordy as hes a decent hard working lad from what ive seen of him.