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  1. Nearenough


    That were then next step is to get a win in Cumbria, its bin far too long sin we last went up there n came back wi owt
  2. Nearenough

    And now onto Hunslet.

    Chilton n Whiteley for me, I think they will be key players next year, so get em bedded in now while things r goin good
  3. Nearenough

    Game day.

    To be fair things were so dolally in 2001 there wasnt a right lot the rfl could do to stop the wheels falling off. This time round they bent over backwards to keep york in the league despite all the mess. 2016 seems like 100 years ago at present! Whether the rfl are still running the game in a years time is anyones guess tho...
  4. Nearenough

    Game day.

    A good solid effort on another roasting day, never in doubt, brad hey is havin an excellent season, and I agree if Carter is fit he should be our first choice hooker for the playoffs...I can't see Oldham beating the bulls when they can concede 28 points playin Hemel.
  5. Nearenough

    Traveling from Scotland

    ...once u have walked under the railway just follow bootham terrace along the side of the line, that gets u straight there quicker than the zig zag above.
  6. Nearenough

    play off dates & knights tv

    I can see that argument, but watching summat on telly is nowt like being there, it would b a good revenue steam and would showcase the knights worldwide, its not like the knights are backwards at comin forward where promotions concerned, if you let folks see what great entertainment they are missing i think itll boost gates not reduce em! Personally I'd love the chance to get home from the game n watch a match again, better than the #### that's on tv these days!
  7. Nearenough

    play off dates & knights tv

    Just 2 quick questions... Are the playoffs on Sep 30 and Oct 7? And Are there any plans for a knights tv service like the bulls one?
  8. Nearenough

    R19 Coventry Bears

    Sorry I am thick sometimes, I never considered the wind for kicking even tho it was nearly blowing the two folks with the camera off the top of the Pop. I'm so used to clockwork Connor slotting em over from anywhere. Did i hear he now has 400 points for york? well done lad! i was thinking yesterday as i was watching, we must be such a demoralizing team to play against as we give nothing in defence, and you are always getting knocked backwards running into a knights brickwall, we are so commited, so professional, so determined, so bloody good!! Onwards n UPWARDS the mighty knights.
  9. Nearenough

    R19 Coventry Bears

    I thought that was an excellent performance all in all, the new lads showed up well and will be great additions to the squad, i think chilton has a big future in the game from what ive seem of him. Cov were no push over and have some handy players who showed a good attitude despite the scoreline. They have a good coach and a solid base now, let's wish em well in the future. some handling errors today and not sure what happened to connors kicking, hes been awesome all year, maybe he left his best boots at home. Personally i dont think we have a prayer of gettin ahead of the bulls on point diffence but trying does keep us positive when the end of the season could now just drift as we are nailed on for 2nd, then it would need us to pick it up again for the playoffs. I'm sure we will keep up the revs and get our just rewards.
  10. Nearenough

    Dual Registration

    Is that Matt or Ant chilton, they are both cracking lads and id would love to see em both line up for us next term. DR with hkr is good but for me the strength of the amateur game in the city is a bigger plus long term. Acorn have had an excellent season so far and certainly deserve a crack at the play offs.
  11. Nearenough

    A song for the Knights

    Tiger feet by mud were on t'wireless t'day n it got me thinkin... That's neat, that's neat That's neat, that's neat We really lo-'ve t'yo-ork kneets We really lo-'ve t'yo-ork kneets Tha's reets tha's reet Tha's reet, tha's reet We really lo-'ve t'yo-ork kneets We really lo-'ve t'yo-ork kneets
  12. Nearenough

    Bulls 28 Knights 30

    He didnt ground it properley but id say the correct decision was a penalty try as judd tackled him in the air. Their first try was certainly forward and there were some very wierd knock ons that were given the wrong way and some clear knock ons that were never given. The ref was helped by the excellent attitude of the two teams who both came to play rugby which certainly cant be said of some of our recent oponents.
  13. Nearenough

    Bulls 28 Knights 30

    Mazzive seemed to be behind play a lot, as tho it was some kind of predecided ruse, if he keeps scoring tries like today he can line up wherever he fancies as far as I'm concerned. Connor is simply brilliant and i think that was his best ever match (and that's saying something) jbf showed his class today as well, brilliant in attack, brilliant defence, brilliant attitude and commitment, brilliant york, brilliant season! PS Keyes the player stretchered off was knocked out but was ok, which is great news as it didn't look good.
  14. Nearenough

    Bulls 28 Knights 30

    What a week! Fordy on a full time contact, brilliant new signings on the books, and then this! Revenge is sweet. can I also just say how brilliant the bulls fans were, proper league folk and I'm sure they will get back to where they belong before too long.
  15. Nearenough

    R17 London Calling

    Rather than finishing the game the stronger we flagged in the final 15, very hard to raise your game for a match in front of one man and his dog as we saw last year at oxford. It will be very different next week!! Come on kneets we have a brilliant performance in us, next week is the time to deliver...