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  1. Nearenough

    England v France @ BC

    Thanks gav. Great comms as usual thee rfl!
  2. Nearenough

    England v France @ BC

    Anybody know anything about the academy match at BC next Saturday? cant find owt on the useless rfl site, is it happening? when's it start? Whats it cost? That sort o stuff
  3. Nearenough

    2019 Season

    I hope our first match is against worky as they deserve promotion for the way theyve played this year.
  4. Nearenough

    Shopping List

    Fingers crossed we pick up moss and marsh, but id also have salter on my shopping list, he has bags of experience but is still only 25 and i think he can still progress further under fordy as hes a decent hard working lad from what ive seen of him.
  5. ...don't worry bout sparky, his blood is 100% meths. here's another o my favs at present,
  6. Nearenough

    Shopping List

    If Brett does want to coach then who better to learn from than fordy...then when fordy moves on to cas we have an inhouse's simple!
  7. As a general rule o thumb don't cover songs by Mr cash or u just make urself look silly, but I love this one!
  8. Nearenough


    If it was signed by fordy and a few o the players it would make a few quid for squad builder
  9. Nearenough

    Championship 1 odds

    I think youll find i told you to lump on, never in doubt.... Happy days!
  10. Nearenough

    2019 squad

    JJR has been brilliant for us, glad to hear he will be with us next year, he had a massive game on Sunday doin a solid reliable job grindin out the yards time n again.
  11. Nearenough


    ....and better!
  12. Nearenough


    Well by eck, we only gone n done it! Nerves were janglin at half time but we bossed the 2nd half and ground it out, full credit to haven who gave it a good go and have some handy players who caused us some serious problems at times. thank you to everyone involved with the knights for a brilliant season from the icy blasts of pre season fev to the blistering heat at keighley the lads from york have given their all every step of the way and have achieved what they have fully deserved. Thanks lads! Can't wait for pre season to start now....!!
  13. Nearenough

    Cup final on Sunday.

    Roll on 3pm.... 1972/3 was the last time we finished ahead of bradford in the league, here's hoping we can finish the job today... COME ON YE KNEETS!!!!!!!
  14. Nearenough

    Team for Whiehaven

    Brilliant to see fordy backing chilton in this big un.
  15. Nearenough

    Cup final on Sunday.

    Forcast terrible for Sunday, chucking it down n blowing, could turn into a tight slog.