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  1. Come on mate, you love these. If you're bored of spectacular finishing, you're bored of the sport. It really is fantastic to watch and I never get tired of seeing it. It really appeals to non-fans when you're selling the game, along with big hits and stuff like flick passes and reverse kicks etc. People love to see skill and we have a very skillful sport. We change too many things in RL but removing the corner flag is one of the best developments in recent year. Bring back the shoulder charge...
  2. Hardaker was a junior full back and started on the wing professionally with the idea he would move to FB. Leeds gave him a shot in the centres as there was a need for it not because it was the long term plan. Take your point though that people change position. Full back is the glamour position these days and a lot of good players want to play there. If he moves elsewhere he will have a fight on his hands at 17/18 wherever he goes.
  3. Unbelievable attempts to defend this. No words to be honest. If people cant see the wrongness of this there is no hope for them. Slight hairline crack in a vertebrae and hes paralyzed from that action. Blood clot, skull injury etc etc all would have been made worse. Accept that in the heat of the moment people do things but they need to be punished. Leigh are not being targeted, the punishment is lenient if anything.
  4. Crazy timing and difficult to understand the decision. I'm not sure what more Sharp could do with the resources, at least let him have a go at the middle 8s and improve on last year. Having said that we have barely improved on last year despite spending a lot more on players so perhaps that has come into it. I'm hearing that Sharp had not agreed to renew his contract so Campbell has sacked him, which makes more sense than a straight forward sacking. Duffy might be ok and plays some decent stuff Agar - no thanks, would surely be no improvement on Sharp thought James Ford might be in with a shout with the good things hes doing and the connection with York Marshall - that would be interesting After that, god knows. What a mess!
  5. Result never in doubt. Cas fans should have a bit more confidence in their guys and powell, the man is best coach of his generation. Where his track record is a bit more sketchy is in big pressure games so the semi finals will be interesting.
  6. Has to be Widdop and Gale. Both having great seasons. The difficulty is who would be the dominant half in that combination. I assume Widdop which might make Gale a little redundant if he cant call the shots and particularly if he has to play on the right. Had Eden stayed fit I would have been tempted to go with an all Cas left edge of McMeeken, Gale, Shenton, Eden. Not sure Williams is worth a bench spot, I'd rather go with an out and out hooker but I think Bennett will see it differently and look to the Queensland model assuming Hodgson will play the full 80, which he is more than capable of.
  7. Point taken mate, I was just highlighting the potential confusion.
  8. My point was they don't have a monopoly on a name, no one does.
  9. They're putting on a decent deal for bus and ticket Steve - 20 quid I think. Got a couple of mates from Halifax who said they are bringing a few after their efforts in Toulouse, so should be a good turn out.
  10. Thanks for informing me what my own team's nickname is and the unspoken rules about who gets to use a nickname (your nickname is actually The Robins, Fev's is the Colliers, Rovers is the actual name). If it helps I refer to you as Hull KR as does every one I know - a mix of fans from various clubs. I suspect only Hull KR and Hull fans actually refer to you as Rovers. You aren't in the top level by the way you're in the second tier and failed to beat 'Fev' the other week, maybe tone down the arrogance, its not very becoming. Maybe the pub was too hospitable hence the drunken Hull football hooligans fighting amongst themselves and the stewards on the terrace, you know the one, from the video that several people took...
  11. Cas will win this comfortably, a couple of injuries will not put that result in any danger. Powell has created an environment where anyone can step in and do a job. Its cute that the cas fans are trying to be humble but they know full well this should be comfortable despite Salford being ok this year.
  12. Fev to play Fev and Broncos at home? Worse than Man Utd fans trying to have a monopoly of 'United'.
  13. Yes good point mate. I'm just not overly confident going to Toulouse in the last game and I think Fax will turn HKR over last game as I think they will rest a few. Agree we should be finishing 3rd at least though. Interesting stuff which will be even more interesting with Toronto in the league next year and maybe even a resurgent Bradford if they pull off the impossible and stay up.
  14. Come on Rochdale! Do they have a realistic chance of beating London? Some interesting ties across the board. Fev v Fax the stand out and usually a good game which should decide 3rd.