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  1. rfl block minga

    we were probably typing that same point at the same time. I would expect if Fev want to pursue this that it would be a fairly straight forward appeal. The RFL will likely only use hard stats i.e. games played v potential games played.
  2. rfl block minga

    I've read it numerous times thanks. This is the contentious point isn't it? He was out for a good amount of time with a knee injury but still played 40 odd games. Have these injured games been taken into account? I'm doubtful a player of his quality would have simply not been selected for 26% of games because of form. If the injuries have been taken into account and he just wasn't selected then fair enough he didn't make the cut. I haven't seen anything from Fev, RFL or Toulouse that confirms this. I assume the burden of responsibility is on Fev to demonstrate he was injured using evidence provided by Toulouse. Given the clubs previous visa issues there's a good chance they didn't know about this and may now go back and appeal.
  3. rfl block minga

    yes exactly. Are you saying that the 73% calculation includes his injured games already?
  4. rfl block minga

    People aren't applying sentiment, they are 'getting het up' about the fact that injuries should be counted and that would take him over 75% as stated in the RFL rules. Also, I would say he is the type of player who could raise the profile of the game, is exciting and a likely international player.
  5. rfl block minga

    seems harsh on 2 counts. RFL make the recommendation, so being so close and having turned out for France they could accept. If rules are going to be strictly followed then the injury rule comes in and he surely makes the cut. Very strange. Hopefully Fev appeal and he can continue to play in the championship because he is a top player. The rules clearly aren’t there for players like him.
  6. Reserve and Academy teams

    Another reason the sport is a joke. How can the top division of a full time professional sport, in the top three club spectator sports, not run reserves and academy. It's been done to death so I'm not listing the reasons but the short-sightedness is scary. Running costs for things like, doctors, ground staff, admin, food, kit etc will be around the 30k mark, the variable is wages and match payments for players. For SL teams this is a small amount and they can make some back by charging a small amount for entry and food for spectators etc. I just find it staggering that reserves and academies arent compulsory. then we wonder why we don't produce enough players.
  7. WCC Scheduling

    The obvious answer to your original question Dave is that of course it should be played in a time that is optimal for both markets. End of thread. Unfortunately, some people will start an argument with a hairbrush and never back down despite have their assumptions and opinions melted by fact after fact. Unless the stadium wasnt available or some other admin issue, they could have played this saturday night. People watch sports on saturday, even the appallingly apathetic and arrogant Australian sporting public. RU gets this type of thing right all the time, RL more often than not gets it wrong. This will continue ad infinitum. I did love the revelation that RU was somehow involved in the flat earth society though...
  8. Darrell Griffin sacked - Fev drama

    the messages were intended to be private. People slag their bosses off all the time in private, he was trying to protect his player and build a rapport. MC was investigating DG playing Union. The texts are referring to MC. Duffy is very lucky and will have some makng up to do with MC.
  9. Darrell Griffin sacked - Fev drama

    Campbell - the chairman/owner
  10. Darrell Griffin sacked - Fev drama

    There are team sheets on the Morley website which show him (and a couple of other league players) as part of the line up.
  11. Darrell Griffin sacked - Fev drama

    He's been fined by the club.
  12. Darrell Griffin sacked - Fev drama

    Thanks for the actual legal perspective Tonka. the story coming out is that he had played Union for cash in hand previously. Campbell/Longo asked him not to and put an additional clause in the contract to cover it. He has then gone and played anyway. Campbell has found out so DG has tried to get Duffy to help cover his tracks. He showed Campbell the messages (throwing Duffy under the bus in the meantime) and he has rejected that pointing out that he knew he needed permission from the chairman (him) or ceo (longo). I'm surprised that Griffin may have a case, he doesn't deserve one in my opinion. If he does have a case and indeed win, there is going to have to be a few contracts amended to tighten up that clause because it won't have done it's job!
  13. Darrell Griffin sacked - Fev drama

    Absolutely. protecting the family name by dragging someone else's through the mud. Classy Josh.
  14. Darrell Griffin sacked - Fev drama

    I’ll take my anxiety pills and I should be ok...
  15. Darrell Griffin sacked - Fev drama

    I’m impressed you can judge my emotional state through the medium of Internet forum. Did I use too many exclamation marks? I’m merely discussing the issue mate. It’s a forum. he would surely claim the legal fees back but he knows he has little chance of winning. That text message, if you’ve read it, doesn’t provide written permission even from Duffy. In any case I stand by the fact I think the club have done the right thing and the outcome is a victory for contract law. The club asked him not to do something and put the request in a contract clause, the player ignored it and has been punished. Griffin may indeed sue and win but it would be a poor reflection on the contractual arrangement in my opinion. players will break contracts and behave out of turn. Surely you agree that the clubs need that mechanism to manage that risk. What’s your opinion on the outcome?