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  1. I don't think you have had special favours and I never said I thought you have had special favours, my point is you (or anyone) don't warrant special favours so if your capital letters emphasis was aimed at me its aimed the wrong way. Rightly or wrongly the Bulls are in the Championship even though in an ideal world they would start at the bottom (which I think would be better for them). I think that is marginally the right decision. The new club assuming the position of the old one has had a 12 point penalty imposed, again the right thing if they are going to stay in the division. If the club are rightfully being punished, you can't then offset that by providing signing privileges not afforded to other teams in the division. Apparently 25 players are to be called to the meeting plus the players they will no doubt be trying to bring over from Aus and loans. I'm not saying it will be easy to pull a decent squad together but that has to be the reality. The new club can't be rewarded just because it's a tough spot and of course they 'have to' put a team out, there are always players just maybe not the ones you want at this stage. Other clubs signing Bulls players isn't really relevant as its player welfare, you cant compare that to a non-human entity (the club) and as yet non-existent players. With that rule it will be a team of loan players - how does that help? Do you honestly believe the club should be afforded those privileges? If so then the people you are "sick and tired" of will actually have a decent point. I wish Bradford well, the game is better with a healthy Bradford, its also better with a ruling body with some integrity (if that is possible).
  2. Why? The RFL has already allowed the new club to start in the Championship. How is special measures appropriate? Kind of contradicts the -12 points punishment doesn't it - team breaks rules, goes bust, gets to stay in same division and then gets special measures to sign who they want. The new team are owed no favours. It would hardly be fair on the likes of Rochdale, Swinton, Oldham or anyone in the Championship to be honest.
  3. Does anyone know what players are left that they could re-sign?
  4. I wouldn't pick a fight with the sky its massive.
  5. Yes I'm fully aware of the status of the Wolfpack trialists, the real wolfpack team, Last tackle and most of the last tackle team having played with and against a couple of them in the last 12 months. I am fully aware the actual wolfpack team will probably not lose a game as its basically a top end Championship squad. The Trialist team would have got hammered by all league 1 teams and severely beaten by the top ones. My point was not to disrespect league 1 by saying that a mid-level amateur quality game is a higher standard than league 1, it isnt.
  6. Mate, I want them to succeed as much as anyone but if you think Brighouse (and by that token this wolfpack team) wouldnt get battered by 50+ against every single league 1 team you're in dreamland. I'm sure the game was entertaining but it sounds from people who actually played in it that the quality was pretty low. The fact they didn't take 5 says it all. Let's not force this and just dump players who aren't good enough into a professional outfit. People should have to earn the place. Let's hope the 4 guys give it a real good crack.
  7. Full backs primary role is definitely being the focal point of attacks. Full back is the extra man in attacking sets, why do you think all the most dangerous players play there or get shifted there. Coaches want them with the ball in their hands. Kick returns probably the next most important role. Marshaling the defence would be up there, but tackling is probably bottom of the list. Bonus if they are good at it but how many times do they have to make a 1-on-1 tackle? hardly ever. Clean breaks are usually backed up so full backs will tend to back off to buy time for wingers to track back. The instances where a one on one is required, its usually a prop who has made an unexpected break and is easy meat anyway.
  8. Think its 1st weekend in July...When Im in the UK FFS.
  9. It would be fantastic if this restructure involved the production of a strategy for all areas of the game in England with clear targets and a plan for achieving them. I wont hold my breath. We really need a plan to tackle: - Community/Junior game - increase participation and improve quality of coaching - Amateur - the adult higher end amateur level and creating links with pro clubs and a clear pathway - Academies - a solid plan and requirement for at least all SL clubs to have an academy - Reserves - as with academy - Champ 1 - Possible regional structure and improving standards through better pathway and coaching - Championship - look at funding spread, academies, reserves and coaching - SL - number of games, play-offs - Promotion and relegation long term plan - Promotion and marketing - online, merch etc - Internationals - long term fixture list for England, proper camps, FT coach, games in UK every year. Pinnacle of the sport and focus goals of the strategy. Winning WC 2021 should be the target of the whole thing. Itll just be some jobs cuts.
  10. Ben Cockayne will be furious. Do HKR not realise Larroyer has a mortgage to pay. Disgusting!
  11. Im pretty much done with this rubbish. Utter waste of time. Would love them to be taken to task but wont happen. The sport is a joke.
  12. Spot on. It was obvious where the failings were and confirmation that it was a very poorly organised tournament. Key lessons, which were identified before they even came to fruition: - Stadium selection needs to reflect the calibre of the game and the position we are trying to place international RL. Workington and HKR do not do this. - There needs to be a strategy around where games are played. - The teams for tournaments need to selected based on more stringent criteria that help promote international RL. - timings for games need to be worked better. Sunday afternoon is rank bad. Friday night doesnt really work either. - planning should be done early, probably a year in advance so marketing and sales can start. - Game day needs to be an event. - Spend more on marketing. Very little was done well in the planning of this tournament. The final pulled some credibility back with a good venue choice and a good crowd but this is largely overshadowed by the shambles that was the rest of the tournament. The competition on the field wasnt great either which didnt help but this happens.
  13. This will likely put people off rather than entice them. Americans like their sports events to be long drawn out affairs with plenty of breaks. I think this would be an issue with RL as the ball is hardly out of play! Should be easier to understand the rules though as it is basically NFL but with continuous play and no forward passes.
  14. Its a tough one because it works both ways. The world cup in the USA will benefit from having Rugby in the title because virtually all americans arent aware there are 2 versions but most will have heard of 'Rugby'. So it should be easier to sell. The big problem I have with this is any new fan might be steered towards Union when they are searching for league teams to play with or follow. A rebrand would be tough but with something snappy and distinct it could work. Maybe 'League' would be good enough.
  15. Rugby Union will get the credit from many though. Would a bunch of newbs who turned up to boxing be under any confusion as to whether it was wrestling?