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  1. You think Salford will have an easy time of it?!?! I guarantee they won't. Also if you play Walters in the centre and Baldwinson as a wide back rower on the same side Donny will probably win.
  2. Ponga has just gone to Newcastle and he's meant to be the next big thing. They have some money to throw around, its probably the best contract Graham will get at this stage of his career.
  3. I don't think those front row spots are as tied down as people think. Tom and George Burgess should be down the pecking order. They are struggling to make it into an average Souths side and at the moment I wouldn't pick them. You'd expect Hill and Graham to be there as they are good solid professionals but the other two prop positions are up for grabs (assuming Sam will be 13). I also think Wayne Bennett will pick who he wants and if Hock is doing the business and has shown some maturity in the past couple of years then why not. In this mood I'd much rather have him in the trenches with me than the twins. He's playing better than Cooper at the minute, Walmsley seems like he'll never get his chance and there doesnt appear to be too many others knocking on the door.
  4. I know Morgan's dad and he was surprised when he made that decision, probably having looked at Leeds past record of bringing people through and the reputation of the leeds academy when he was of that age in the late 90's. I think it became apparent the Warrington system is now better and I think you can see that with Morgan and others at Warrington that the young players coming through are first team ready.
  5. There is one reason why Cas have turned those decent players into seemingly world beaters, Daryl Powell. He creates environments where players with good attitudes can improve. The environment is king, Powell attributes his success to that. He did it at fev as well finishing top of the championship with good but not great players. Its no coincidence players improve when he gets there. They arent finding hidden gems, they are creating an environment where good players excel. Leeds do not have this.
  6. Its not an attack on the Rhinos its an assessment. I played for Leeds and played in the academy with Sinfield, Diskin, Ward, JJB etc so I have an affinity with the club and like seeing them do well even if they are not my first club. My evidence, your honour, is I know people who have taken on products from Leeds academy and are shocked with their skill levels and knowledge of the game. The more obvious evidence is the number of players actually making it that come out of the academy. I know someone who saw strength and conditioning scores and some of their first team have academy level numbers. These are numbers on paper not idle speculation. As for the quality of player, that is subjective but most would agree the crop from 15 years ago were much better than the crop now. The crop from 15 years ago also got much better training though and its not a coincidence that many could almost seamlessly slot into the first team and do a good job and not just plug a gap. Back then I'd say Wigan and Leeds academies were street lengths ahead of the rest. Investment was put in by other clubs and kids could see a pathway elsewhere which meant that Wigan and Leeds didn't necessarily get every good young player. I think Leeds have got a touch complacent in recent years combined with not picking up every good kid east of Wigan. The whole academy system needs an overhaul. Leeds typify this for me as they should really be up there producing some of our best given their pulling power, facilities and resources. If you think its working, please show me evidence to the contrary.
  7. You named him - Ferres. Leeds have big problems. Coach who doesn't know how to put a team on the park or improve players. A failing academy with poor levels of coaching Apparently one of the poorest conditioned teams in SL - strength and speed tests across the squad really low No leaders, particularly no-one who can manage a game. Half the squad too old. The young players nowhere near good enough. If you were bringing them into a good environment having come through a good system then you would see better but the leeds system is failing and they aren't ready. Leeds have a big problem and McDermott needs to be the first to go. Bring in an experienced coach from overseas if necessary or break the bank for Powell. Then bring in a football director to overhaul the whole thing. New coaches, new conditioners. Finally sign a couple of big name players. They desperately need a half back who can control the game, a full back, a hooker with game management skills not an impact hooker and at least two forwards. Before Parksider starts - There are plenty of coaches around, Bradford just got Geoff Toovey for example. Half backs aren't easy to find but they are out there, Widdop the obvious one for next year.
  8. So all clubs were the same just prior to licencing as they were 100 years ago? Interesting.
  9. There is an assumption there that he means that the increase was purely from away fans. I'm sure the inference is that more home and away fans attended these games as they are bigger games. Surely the point here is that this system allows a club to grow. Just because Featherstone didn't win a game last season doesn't mean they have given up. A sensible plan would be to firstly make the 8 and get the financial rewards build your squad and finish higher the next season, third season have a tilt at it. Sure its difficult but promotion should be and ultimately you can get to a position where you just have to win 1 game to get promotion. The minimum the best championship team will get is that one shot chance. Both London and Featherstone seem to be building under this system and they probably have a slightly better chance under this system than straight one up one down as HKR will likely come top of the pile this season. I'm not a huge fan of the system but to suggest MC is giving up on promotion is indeed a boring trolling effort as recognised by pretty much everyone.
  10. Heard the same taxi rank story but that he dragged a kid out of a taxi and brayed him. Surely Rangi wouldn't do anything bad to anyone though.
  11. Ill say inflammatory if I want, you wanted a reaction, that's what you do. No, the quota is as high as it needs to be. Increasing it only breeds laziness and avoids the problem. It's a very short path to having unlimited imports using this as an excuse. Energy should be put into developing better English players. Some clubs have a good system, others don't. They shouldn't get away with that because they are too lazy or incompetent to have a development system that produces good players. We don't even get the top NRL players. So ask yourself a question. What is so messed up about our system that we don't produce players that are of NRL reserve grade standard (these better foreign players you speak of)? Then ask yourself why players like Hodgson, Burgess' etc go over and excel. Where are the Leeds youngsters coming through like they were 10-15 years ago? Their coaching and conditioning standards have slipped miles behind. Wigan are streets ahead, Warrington, Widnes and Saints are doing a good job it seems, the rest need to up the quality for me. more links with clubs, more players, better coaching, better conditioning, better competition. If you think more NRL reserves are the answer, I'd suggest you're falling into the same lazy trap the clubs are.
  12. The OP is deliberately inflamatory but that is besides the point, its an interesting discussion on how we get more quality juniors through because we need to. Coaches want to win on Sunday and I've long said there is no point putting substandard kids in blindly expecting them to be better than an import. They usually aren't and the standard of the competition drops and has a knock on effect to the quality of our national side as the actual top UK players are playing a less intense competition with substandard UK players and dregs from NRL (different topic). I don't blame anyone for wanting to get the best team on the park and thus signing NRL players if they are better than the UK alternative. What I do have issue with is lazily giving up and not trying to improve the situation. We will only go backwards. Money is a massive issue but there is more that could be done. Coaching - Our coaching is below par, particularly at the the crucial age from 15-18. RL is a late specialisation sport and needs to have the best coaching we can targeted at this age group. We will likely lose a lot of players simply because they are conditioned poorly and cant play the game.Coach our coaches. Development - We lost a lot when we lost the money for development officers. I saw the impact in London. The straight result is less kids playing. We need numbers. System - The concept of academies is not the issue, its the quality of them. Every team has a responsibility to develop a pathway so kids locally can aim to get into an academy system and improve. This means having a core group of amateur clubs and working with them from an early age. At 15/16 the best come into the academy. Once there hopefully the increased numbers and better coaching mean more players able to step up. Its not easy to do and requires some investment but it beats the lazy option of saying "there are no players"
  13. Big win for Fev away at Batley who most people thought would win. Fev seem to be slipping under the radar a little despite some good signings and a strong start. I think they will be pushing for the top 2 this season.
  14. I would think Fev would be too strong in this one but Halifax are always decent. Fev's recruitment has been very good and Fax have stalled so I'd expect a fev win by 6-10 as LRL says. Think Fax will struggle with the physicality of Fev all over the pitch.
  15. Absolutely, its been pathetic for years. Shortening the season and having the WCC as the opener is probably the best idea all round. If we are insistent on having the ridiculous 30 game season then a double header on saturday would be much better. Repeat of GF plus maybe CC winner v new team or something like that. have it at a big stadium and try and sell it out. a 30k crowd would look great on opening night.