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  1. Only a 22min walk from Manor Park to Whitebank according to Google maps.
  2. Workington are behind against Doncaster too.
  3. saints10coach


    I think the chairman of Barrow was refused a few years ago Geoff.
  4. saints10coach


    That is probably what got Widnes in to trouble, signing player they cannot afford. happy with what we have got. Also hope Widnes manage to pull through this. Not a nice position to be in.
  5. Must say I was impressed with Gwaze's defensive effort.
  6. Fuming. A good close game as expected. I am now desperate to see the video to see if the disallowed try at the end was offside or not. Two other turning points for me. When in front late in the game by 2, why try and offload on the half way line. The other was why was the Town player not sin binned after delaying the play the ball when our right centre was tackled 10 yards out? Can't calm down, but my conclusion is to evenly match sides, and Town won.
  7. Think the pitch will be fine, the bigger concern is the spectator areas.
  8. Never looked in danger today. Don't know if that is good for us or bad for Rochdale. Although they out scored us in the second half, did not think they caused us any problems when they had the ball. Hawkyard stood out and thoroughly deserved the MoM award. Was also impressed with a lot of our forwards and Bowman. In all a very good team performance.
  9. Under cover, but Watersheddings was always 10 degrees colder than the rest of Oldham.
  10. Kev is a one man atmosphere. More of him required.
  11. Do you think the 1895 Cup will generate more interest in the game at our level?
  12. Still £14 a game, but where you normally get two games free with a season ticket, you are only getting one game free.
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