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  1. saints10coach

    2019 season tickets

    Still £14 a game, but where you normally get two games free with a season ticket, you are only getting one game free.
  2. saints10coach

    2019 season tickets
  3. saints10coach

    Hemel Stags.....

    I feel that this could have a domino effect on other clubs at this level. May be worth some quick thinking by the RFL, and decide just one division below SL for the time being.
  4. saints10coach

    2019 Squad and signings

    Billy Slater
  5. saints10coach

    Chris Hamilton

    Its the end of the season, no game till next year.
  6. saints10coach

    Crowds this season.

    If we are only getting 400 crowds charging £14, surely it would be better to try and get 600 crowds charging £10. As has been said above, a lot of the teams in our league are no better than the amateur teams we have in the town.
  7. saints10coach

    Crowds this season.

    Back on the subject of crowds. I think that clubs are over charging across the game, crowds are dwindling at all levels of the game. A classic example of over charging was Bradford charging £20 for League 1 Rugby. They are getting away with it at the moment due to their blind following, that have not died off yet from their SL glory days. My personal opinion is, you should not be charging more than £10 for this level of Rugby, certainly if the facilities are basic at best.
  8. saints10coach


    Disappointed, but expected. Think this game was won when the two sides met at Whitebank. Losing two prop forwards through bans, left us with too much of an ask, with no go forward from the bench. Thanks to all the players and lets look forward to what next season brings.
  9. saints10coach

    Danny Langtree......

    The way he has played this season, it is not surprising. Good luck Danny.
  10. saints10coach


    How is everyone getting to Bradford, which part of the ground will you be going in?
  11. saints10coach

    Big Ben, Nelmesy and Hooley.....

    Probably all three will be banned for that game.
  12. saints10coach

    History of Oldham Amateur District League

    Probably because the player pathway is for SL clubs to recruit players at the under 14 age group. They take the biggest of the best and the rest lose interest from there on, so the players that do get to the likes of Oldham are usually the ones that were taken on by the SL clubs at 14 who did not make the cut at the age of 21.
  13. saints10coach

    Big Ben, Nelmesy and Hooley.....

    I thought that if you were sin binned, the incident was seen as being dealt with at the time. Or is it anther incident he has to answer to?
  14. saints10coach


    The time of the game the incident happened, you can understand how frustrated a player may become. The referee had just disallowed a try that I am sure would have been given 99 times out of 100 if there had been a video ref. Then the referee gives a weak penalty to the opposition. You tend to think he is against you, but you should still try to keep your thoughts to your self. How could he be bias, when there was a coming together, he did dispatch two players, one from each side, oh no sorry two from the same side, one sent off and one sin binned. It will be the referees voice which is heard at the disciplinary and sadly the two players who were dispatched with red cards will be unavailable to us at Bradford if we get there. A sterling effort from the men who the second half 6-0 with only 10 men.
  15. saints10coach

    2019 season tickets

    Maybe after we know what division we are in.