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  1. saints10coach


    The time of the game the incident happened, you can understand how frustrated a player may become. The referee had just disallowed a try that I am sure would have been given 99 times out of 100 if there had been a video ref. Then the referee gives a weak penalty to the opposition. You tend to think he is against you, but you should still try to keep your thoughts to your self. How could he be bias, when there was a coming together, he did dispatch two players, one from each side, oh no sorry two from the same side, one sent off and one sin binned. It will be the referees voice which is heard at the disciplinary and sadly the two players who were dispatched with red cards will be unavailable to us at Bradford if we get there. A sterling effort from the men who the second half 6-0 with only 10 men.
  2. saints10coach

    2019 season tickets

    Maybe after we know what division we are in.
  3. saints10coach

    Crowds this season.

    Looking on the bright side, after Sunday our average home gate should be somewhere around the 700 mark.
  4. saints10coach

    York away

    We should have beat York at Whitebank. What we must make sure is we play the ball quickly. The Knights were experts at slowing the play down every time we gained momentum in that game. Whenever we got on a roll there seemed to be a York player in back play with an head injury, which the referee stopped the game for.
  5. saints10coach

    Guess the attendance versus West Wales

    I remember when the change from Saturday to Sunday happened, and fans were saying it would never work. But it eventually became the norm. I found it difficult when we were in SL and you did not have a clue what day you were playing. Sunday works for me, and as 34 has said Saturdays clash with too many other events that would be competing for the same peoples presence.
  6. saints10coach

    League restructure for 2019

    The structure at the moment is not that bad. Again we have the greedy clubs in SL moaning, that because they were bad all season. If they are bad for a few more games, they might have to play in a winner takes all game, and potentially fall off the gravy train. The concept of the middle 8’s is the best the RL have come up with in years, although I am not sure about the million pound game. It gives a chance of promotion for Championship clubs, but also ensures they are able to compete with the bottom end of SL first.
  7. saints10coach

    History of Oldham Amateur District League

    I think player development would be better run by the community clubs. Players are recruited to SL Academies at the under 14 age group, and the scouting system seems to favour the players that have matured early. Many a good player that has not grown as quickly as others are firstly overlooked and then lose interest. If the development was left with the community club, the players could be retained in the game longer, and more players likely to make it as they would be judged later, entirely on ability and not size and strength. The pro clubs should not be allowed to approach them unless they are willing to offer them a contract. I feel the academy system is just another means of SL clubs taking money for further education. they use the youths to do this and then drop the majority when they become to old for the academies, and then these are also lost to the game.
  8. saints10coach

    Newcastle Away

    Watching the side this season, we have lost quite a few games that we should not have. The side is capable of beating anyone in this league. That said the hardest thing will be qualifying for the play offs. Once there anything could happen.
  9. saints10coach

    Coach banned for abuse to ref

    It has been reported on the website, and also on the clubs social media streams. So fans of the club will have heard this news.
  10. saints10coach


    I was going to come on and have a rant about how the ref was so poor. But then I realised something had happened that has not, that I am aware of happening before in my lifetime. We nilled Whitehaven home and away. Well done to all the players and coaching staff, that is an almighty achievement.
  11. saints10coach


    Hope the rain goes away before kick off time, looking forward to an exciting game.
  12. saints10coach

    Hemel away

    Anywhere else on the field yes. But if you knock on over the line, its a 20 m restart. At least that is how I understand the rule.
  13. saints10coach

    Hemel away

    Fantastic effort, but if you knock on over the line, should it not be a 20 metre restart?
  14. saints10coach

    Danny Bridge - disciplinary

    Video footage not clear. But as I saw it after the kick the Keighley player ran across field and the ref ran back in to the Oldham line, Bridge turned to his left and found the referee in his path as he attempted to cover the ground in pursuit of the Keighley player. It looks like he then grabbed the ref to move him out of the way, with the momentum the ref went straight over on to his back. Assault can be deemed as any form of contact, so this maybe why he submitted a guilty plea. I would have thought a 8 match ban would have been a fairer outcome. However better quality video could make me think differently.
  15. saints10coach

    North Wales Crusaders

    A stable and clear pathway between divisions would help. Promotion and relegation of say two up two down to every division. Don't let clubs in SL hoodwink you by saying there is not the player pool. Just do it and the player pool will increase and the standards raise as clubs realise the gap between the leagues must be breached to eventually establish themselves at the higher level. If you know what is happening and what the aim is from the beginning, then you will grow interest in the sport.