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  1. saints10coach

    Guess the attendance versus West Wales

  2. saints10coach

    Workington Town

    easy to criticise a side which has lost, but today we entered a tough game with an already broken side. Credit must be given to both sides defences, on hot days like today you can often see a points fest. They did play the officials better than us. Wrestled us on the ground often and yet the only two penalties I remember for delaying the play the ball went against us. was there anyone close to the no try at the end? I was at the other end and did not look like he was in touch, but I was to far away to give a qualified read on it.
  3. saints10coach

    History of Oldham Amateur District League

    Super League scouts target players at the under 14 age group. After this there seems to be a big drop off in players wishing to continue to play the game. In my view most of the players are selected are good big ones, they are not interested in the ones who have not at that age developed physically, no matter what talent they have. there may be some milage in the club setting up a development camp for all u14, 15 and 16s for all players not selected for a SL scholarship. At worst this would keep players in the game longer and you never know, you might get one or two make it through to the pro-ranks.
  4. saints10coach

    Hull KR

    The effort put in by Oldham today was outstanding. The Rovers left flank was way to strong for us and that is where most of the damage was done in the first half. Really impressed with our defence, once in the first half we must have defended about three sets in a row. Shame we did not manage the consolation of a score of our own, but still deserves a big pat on the back for all involved.
  5. saints10coach

    Hull KR

    More often than not, an higher division side will beat a lower division side. So why do match officials think they need to assist them? For my sanity, please could someone tell me what the penalty count was today?
  6. saints10coach

    Keighley Cougar's

    I stand corrected, but our points difference, still should be at least 4 points better.
  7. saints10coach

    Keighley Cougar's

    Great to come away with the win today. But realistically we should have put the game to bed after going 16-0 up early doors. We were winning every contact in attack and defence, and still let them pull back to within 2 points. Also when the game was won we intercept and bomb the try by show boating. You may say it did not matter, but that "no try" is why Keighley are still above us in the league, had it been scored we would have leap frogged them.
  8. saints10coach


    I was fairly close to where he went over. He went over being turned on his back with the ball under his arm, once on the ground, his bicep/tricep was on top of the ball still providing downward pressure. Thats how I saw it and it would be hard to convince me it should not have been awarded.
  9. saints10coach


    I think I heard 544, but it did look like more. There was a few from Hunslet, which is nice to see.
  10. saints10coach


    In the space of 1 minute, the referee in theory gifted Hunslet 12 points, which turned the game on its head. The disallowed try which to me looked good, would have put Oldham beyond Hunslet, In the very next set he allowed play on when a ball in the process of getting ripped, travels towards the Oldham line, therefore a knock on by the player stripping the ball even if it was one on one. Sour grapes. Yes but I do believe the official cost us the game. That and our lack of imagination in attack.
  11. saints10coach

    York City Knights

  12. saints10coach

    York City Knights

    Just had a look at the video and it looks like we should have been awarded the try in the left corner.
  13. saints10coach

    Halifax in the Cup

    Winner plays Hull KR at Home.
  14. saints10coach

    York City Knights

    A good advert for this division. Looked like we were getting on top in the 1st half, then one mistake and they went in for a try to give them a half time lead. Thought York did well to take the pace out of the game every time Oldham gained momentum in the second half. I had hope that we would get over for a match winning try, but as I said York had the nowse to slow down the game and get to the end with a deserved win.
  15. saints10coach

    Dewsbury..... Sunday

    Hard to remember we still have a game to play today.