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  1. Dewsbury..... Sunday

    Hard to remember we still have a game to play today.
  2. Just asking

    Even if both games went 100-0 to Toulouse and Oldham, we are still relegated.
  3. Halifax

    For the exact same reasons you mentioned, I would say, as I did on the day, never forward. Look how Tysons body is turned to the left, and the the release is still in a backward direction. Its gone now, but I felt we were on a roll up until that point in the game and that decision broke our momentum and handed the initiative back to Fax.
  4. Relegation

    Although two centres were injured this weekend, we still have Egodo and Tyson to fill those berths. I have wondered most of the season why Chisolm has not been given any game time. With the situation as it now is, Jamal might get his chance. Earlier in the season the side produced results we would never have expected, and this was all down to team spirit. If we can find that team spirit again, I am sure it will carry us to safety.
  5. Rochdale Hornets

    Does anyone know the official attendance?
  6. Solomona and Charnley

    You call them contested scrums in Union, But the end result is the same, you put it in you get it out. It just takes a minute and a half longer in Union.
  7. Whitehaven at Bower Fold

    Once again a very entertaining game at the Fold. I think Oldham were better value than just two point winners. The referee brought Whitehaven back into it with a massively unbalanced penalty count in their favour. This caused a bit of a"Kenny get my Zantac" moment for our fans. Well done to the coaching staff and team. Also the fans who were vocal throughout.
  8. Statement From The Club

    Has it actually been said that AVRO are the main tenant. A most likely scenario is Roughyeds give up he lease of Whitebank to the council. AVRO are invited to share the venue, if they give up their current venue to the council for development, then grants can be applied for as a multi sport facility, which would have more chance of securing funding, than a single use stadium would. As ever, we will only know when the full details are released. But my guess is, we and AVRO will be joint tenants and the council will be the landlords.
  9. Statement From The Club

    Five new (five & seven a side) football pitches complete with a single roller skating area, additional car parking and a new building (527.5 square metres) housing 4 changing rooms, 1 Gymnasium, Referee's changing room, plus boiler-house. This is the content of the first planning application.
  10. Statement From The Club

    I don't want to sound negative about this. But what caught my eye in the statement was that the pitch would be the same dimensions as the existing pitch, which is not up to minimum standards length wise.
  11. Bradford on Wednesday

    Whilst I think we all will be bias towards our own team, I do think we are not getting a fair rub of the green. Examples are, Bradford regularly moved to the side of the mark where they were tackled and any resulting penalty from this seemed to go to them for our markers not being square. The instance which wound me up the most when we tackled a Bulls player knocking him flat on his back (Dominant) he crabs and earns his team a penalty for holding down. You may just say its only a penalty, but with the workload that the Oldham defence had, most of these dubius penalty awards resulted in a try for the Bulls. We were never going to win, but damage limitation is crucial as staying up or going down may be decided on points difference. I thought Oldham's effort throughout the game was exemplary, shown once again by the fact that we went to the end and were the last to score.
  12. Bloomfield Road

    That's the second time we have played at Blackpool, and the second time we have thrown away a 20-0 lead.
  13. KIDS

    I originally posted £3 Dave, but then checked the website and could only find details of costs for the Warrington game, and so edited my post.
  14. KIDS

  15. great win

    Thought Danny Langtree deserved a mention. He was my man of the match, he looked to be carrying his shoulder a bit in the second half as well. But still managed to pull off a treble in defence.