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Rugby League world,

We are the newest member of the USA Rugby League family, competing in our inaugaural national championships this summer.

Please show some support by following us on Facebook and Twitter:

You can also etch yourself in Rugby League history by being the first to own official Brooklyn Kings Merchandise via our membership drive:

Next week will see the launch the team website, followed by a string of exciting announcements.

Please direct any player/coach/sponsor enquiries to .

Bring on the 2014 season!

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Sorry guys, we've went off the radar on this forum for a while.


A lot has been happening locally with the media getting on board. Check out these articles/videos on our progress, many of which mention our affiliation with the European Super League.




One step at a time, we're spreading the Rugby League love!!


Go Kings!!

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That's some good reading! By the way, when the second article says "Playing as a representative of the powerhouse Castleford Tigers of the UK Super League", what exactly is the connection?

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This is well worth a read.


“Whenever I step onto the field, I feel like I’m going into battle. It doesn’t matter if we’re bloodied and battered in a treacherous game, we never give up.

That’s what I love about the Kings. We’re brothers. We fight and play for each other. I’ve taken discipline, perseverance, motivation, and passion from what’s been instilled in me from the Marine Corps and applied that to our games.”

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