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    Salford and Ian Watson have done fantastic things this season in difficult circumstances. If I meant they can be in the top five I would happily take a defeat tomorrow given the Rhinos are safe.
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    this is the team I want to see in super league more than any other, go TO,
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    Rugby League fans are the biggest set of sanctimonious do-gooders in sport. Players arrested for poor behaviour constantly. At least a few drug bans a year. Crowd trouble. Yet still make out to be morally superior to other sports. A fat lad gets drunk after working at his teams stadium for the last time ever, sends a daft video where he swears once to his pals. Some grass leaks it and you all lose your ###### and want him hung drawn and quartered. Get a grip.
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    300 attended clubs Garden Party organised by their Business Club last night. Here Club Chairman Bernard Sarrazain with the Toulouse Mayor. Play of the Year Award to backrower Con Mika and Young Player Award to centre Mathieu Jussaume.
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    So having read kevs chairman post before the game he was happy with the players performances and the coaches performances for the season . Well last 2 games played 116 points conceded 0.points scored do.i need to.tell you this is not acceptable . Today we were supposed to be playing for archie were was the passion or the desire I ask . If a coach cant motivate a side today when can he . I'm embarrassed today worst performance I have witnessed in along time to be nilled at home twice this season is shamefull .please kevin reassess the coaching side before it's too late .
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    Time to move up to the next level.....the navigation system of the car points to NA expansion. No fear, the heartlands will always be the main engine.
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    There was a great article in the Guardian about Toulouse within the last few days. It stated that 600 local sponsors help fund the club. Awesome to see they don’t rely on one wealthy backer. With that kind of corporate support in the championship i’ve no doubt they could be a hit in Super League. They have arguably more potential than Catalans. I’d like to see them given the same 3 year exemption from relegation that the Dragons got.
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    I've been to Toulouse probably half a dozen times now to watch Leigh and the visibility of the club - and indeed RL as a whole - is pretty low, other than anyone who reads the scarves and flags in the Melting Pot. However, I do wonder how much of this is due to playing at Blagnac rather than in the city itself, along with the lack of forward planning that they were able to do with the uncertainty over the ground redevelopment at Minimes. Now that they have a plan with moving to Ernest-Wallon, it would be great to see their Championship crowds progress and increase the game's profile in the area.
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    I merely asked, if there were any signs of activity in Ottawa or New York? Please tell me which ''terrible posts'' you are referring to? Do you mean posts I've created, or some that others have created? I'm happy to debate my own, if you'd care to elucidate? As far as I can remember, I don't think I've ever insulted you. Apart from the tedious and long winded repetition of points you made many times before (in great detail), I've missed you.
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    100%, Manchester need to get out the blocks really well and make a good start. This is a great example of how to engage with the business community.
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    Yet again we get to the Business end of the season with limited troops and getting a great win at Hunslet with only 15 available. I don't fully know the reasons why we were light on numbers but Donny will be no push overs on Sunday and even if we get the 2 wins against them I cannot see us progressing further than that. If we had Ollie coming back and possibly Elliot and then Hewitt available along with Mellor,Maudling and Olstrom I would be confident of giving the Playoffs a real good go.Why does it seem every year we end up with the same scenario of limited numbers when all other teams with ambitions of promotion seem to strengthen a few weeks before we get to this stage of the season. As for promotion to the Championship yes I would take it all day long but we would need a massive recruitment drive as will Haven .Has Morty has said I thought Barrow would hold their own this season as they had a decent sized squad with some good quality but a few Injuries early doors left them low on options and when you look at the standard of opposition week in week out there are very few easy games in there now.Luckily most of our local based players are on longer Contracts so that should stop the Haven rumour mill starting as soon as they win promotion and really not sure where they will get the 10-12 players from that they will need to compete next season but that is their problem not ours.
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    Con Mika is a well deserved choice for player of the year. He's been outstanding. He must be eligible for the France national team by now, if I was Cologni I'd be moving heaven and earth to get him to switch.
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    It seems like an account has been hacked by southwalesrabbitoh, that's the only logical explanation.
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    Salford’s desire is certainly there and it will take a better team than Leeds to overcome them, especially when a play off place is on offer at the end of the eighty minutes and Salford have had two more recovery days over Leeds. Salford by at least 12.
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    London need to give it a crack, they are at their best when when written off by most people- including myself - so go on Broncos prove me wrong. Hull KR by 12
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    I don't expect London to be quite as generous as Catalans were last week but I still can't see Rovers losing this one although I expect it to be a nervy and reasonably close encounter. Hull KR 22 London 16 End of the current SL road for the Broncos? I think so, sadly.
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    Toronto vs Huddersfield would more than double the attendance of the return fixture.. both would have little away support. If a club relys on away support then it isn't doing enough/ it is unsustainable.
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    It would be better if Rochdale came up, stadiums would be bursting at the seams.
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    Despite taking quite a healthy away support to pretty much every game they’ve ever played, of course.
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    Salford stands out as a really good effort.
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    I'd have a few quid on it being Thursday.
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    If Schofield told me today was Wednesday I would go and buy a paper to double check.
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    Mick has been totally hung out to dry by someone intent on bringing on what has happened since his rant. End of the day as has been explained his fathers ashes were spread on the ground. It is disgusting the extent of what has been said about hi to be fair for a coupleof swear words. People saying the RFL shouldn't be hiring him need to have a look into their other main commentator who has a far far worse record than Mick shouting a couple of obscenities. As much as people cream off the RFL for all the "support" the have given the Bulls and how they are our crowning saviours, the comments by Mick have been brought on by themselves for me. Lets start with our current owner, who was "invited" by the RFL to take on the club. There was a very viable bid by David Thorne on the table to save the club and carry on all contracts for players and staff that had been signed prior to the last administration. With player welfare in consideration they ignored that bid, let the club be liquidated to hand the keys to Chalmers. Thus leaving a host of players looking for contracts and the club a few weeks to crumple a side together. How on earth was that in the best interests of the club. Then as per the RFL rules the club should have started in league one. But to protect their precious summer bash and milk the Bradford fans as they would travel in the best numbers they decide to leave us in the championship without a squad and 12 points deducted. Things were ok until easter and once the loanees went back we had a bunch of kids fighting for their lives. Again no thought of player welfare. Does it involved Odsal itself their whole reasoning behind it? The question needs to put to the right people why did the RFL not accept David Thrnes bid whenall was in place, and why did they specifically invite Chalmers to the club? It stinks and now he has turned his back on the lease they are trying to play hard ball back.
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    Five year at one club is plenty for a coach in todays game.I like him but he needs to move on.Whatever fans say about him he did manage to win at Wembley for F.C to stop the Robins fans chirping.
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    I find it strange people still thinking he'll be sacked, he's Adam Pearson's soul mate, he ain't going anywhere anytime soon. Hull FC desperately need a high profile coach otherwise we'll just carry on trotting out the same "win one week, get absolutely stuffed the next" garbage and the fans will start drifting.
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    Manchester Lions RLFC est Swinton 1866 will do for me. That way the name stays with us and we don’t lose the club. I’ve never wanted to lose the name but three decades out of the town means it’s time to look to the future. Our board has earned the trust and I feel the silent majority do trust them. Same club, same people, same hero’s, history and heritage being given a exciting and meaningful future....it’s called Evolution. Its 2019 guys and girls!
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    Do I want the name to change...No. Do I want the club to carry on....Yes. Seems to me that’s the two options, do or die. Being muted as Manchester Lions........Est Swinton 1866 that will do for me
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    Thanks for your sympathies and support today Fev, we weren’t at the races today after the past few weeks it’s understandable Good luck in the play offs .
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    This surely can't be a plus to extending the coach's contract? Much as I really do hate to call out players as well, but if never before or again, today called for spirit, pride and enthusiasm yet what we got was a severe case of 'sod it'. Those who are on their way out after next week didn't leave favourable memories, those staying didn't give much promise for next time, and as has been made clear on another topic, there are 22 pages of reasons why the club needs change and where. This is yet another hammering on top of the rest, and it's like watching the Batley of yesteryear when we were everybody's rubbing rag.
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    Brian Carney, Jon Wells and Jenna Brooks are assets. Almost all the rest of the Sky team seem past it or trading off former glories or both. A cull of pundits who made their name before Super League was even born is long overdue.
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    I know Ellis was a good Salford Lad but I don't see this as positive, productive or reassuring. Funny you should say that .....
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    Most people in Northern Ireland see themselves as Irish and not British.
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    4AM? 7AM? wow that's so early. Why no late night kick offs in NZ? Would help with the English viewers a lot.
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    Although it refers to American Football, I have found this on an article headlined "Golden Point" on Wikipedia ..... "Golden point has long been perceived as a particularly poor fit for gridiron-based football codes, as possession of the ball is far more secure in the game; the first team to secure possession (which is decided by coin toss) would only need to advance to field goal range and kick the winning field goal, with the opponent having no chance to possess the ball or score, thus effectively deciding the game by the random outcome of the coin toss." That is the same view I have. However, the same article also said the following regarding Rugby League ..... After the Australian 2015 Grand Final was decided in golden point, a change was made for finals matches only. Golden point in finals fixtures would now only be applied if scores are level after 10 minutes of extra time (five minutes each way). I personally don't know if this is now the case in Britain but it would still not solve my initial concern as, after the extra 10 minutes, a final could still be decided with a drop-goal while the losers had not had a chance of possession in the Golden point period. However, it appears obvious that, after that 2015 final, many people thought it was not right to win by such a method.
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    Made in Cleckheaton, not many of them about. Some of the rarer ones go for £15k+ restored.
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    The only "motor"bike I've ever owned... ...but I had great fun "riding" it!
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    Doctor Who scriptwriter /author Terrance Dicks. His books were a huge part of my childhood. http://m.doctorwhonews.net/2019/09/terrance-dicks-1935-2019.html
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