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    At least you are consistent; post similar every year. I personally prefer the play-off system.
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    All of the games affecting the relegation outcome need to kick off at the same time. Super League really need to show some balls on this.
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    There are new fans in new areas watching the game. Are fans not part of the game? There are new media outlets covering rugby league. Is media coverage not beneficial to the game? There are now more opportunities for players to earn a living. Is paying players not the raison d'etre for the game's existince? Some of those fans, who have been watching in new areas, they or their kids may be inspired to play. At any level, amateur or making it to the NRL one day, these players wouldn't do that unless introduced to the game. The game has expanded in every way so far, except elite level players (and the amount that are being paid enough to live has increased) and TV money. That was, and still is a goal. Hasn't happened yet. If the game is so desperate for players, does it matter where they come from? Yet No "SL Boss" has ever changed strategies or accepted an opportunity then, eh? **players agreeing to play for a club of their own free will, due to it being the best opportunity offered. That deal is up for renewal soon. Who knows how the new deal will be structured? There have never been more ways to distribute content, regardless of location. I'm sure there is a creative, mutually beneficial agreement that can satisfy everyone. Now who's being insulting? Thats not correct. Each club of the 12 clubs in the league would still receive their share. **players agreeing of their own free will to dedicate their talents to a Canadian club, for reasons such as adventure, history, or just a good paycheque. There are loads more players, in the UK, Aus, crossovers from North America, union... every club gets the best players they can afford. Always have, always will. It may incentivize clubs to improve their own development structure, increase funding, or settle at their natural level by spending only what they can. I would cheer for my own teams regardless of what players they have. I also think it would be cool to see my teams play against some from other countries. A lot of sports don't have that. Wow, more insults to intelligence. Not fact, only speculation. You'd think a fan would have more faith in the value of their game. The more thisnget repeated around the web, the more likely it is that Sky decides it's okay to offer less, because everyone thinks that anyway. Clubs have survived for decades without tv money, why are they incapable now? Clubs go broke with frightening regularity as it is. You can't just blame it on other things happening. What if everyone ends up getting the same amount of money AND Toronto gets let into super league? Are you going to blame a championship club going broke on TWP still? OR 2021. Both years were always an option. Thats your own spin. Negative as usual. My own take was that the RFL was the holdup, but that could also be spin. Why speculate without facts? (For fun is the answer, but you don't seem to be having any) Speculation Speculation Speculation Don't know that yet. Maybe TWP brings Sportsnet or TSN to the table when they make super league. Speculation Speculation Want to, not guaranteed. Who's to say their any farther behind than Ottawa? We're there not a hotel and other partnerships announced a while ago? New fans, new footprint, new media, involvement of some kind with a group that actually knows how to run professional sports teams, and has existing fans to market to. Increasing the likelihood and value of a NA tv contract. *took their option to take the time to get things right Wanna put money on that? No, some owners have made public musings to that effect, but nit a majority, and until there is an official statement from SL it's not decided. As an aside, all these owners/bosses/chairmen talk way too much for their own good. It makes them look petty and divided. All PR should go through the league, so that there is a unified front. That would taken a lot more seriously. You. See above.
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    Sad scenes at the hooter as Danny McGuire fires a gun at a random London fan in the crowd. Child tells the fan to get up and play the ball.
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    Hull KR 16-20 London FT. He who dares, Rodders. He who dares.
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    Again, whatever happens to this London team this year, they have been remarkable. They never know when they are beaten.
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    York deserve all the plaudits they are getting. Great club.
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    Have we made sure our insurance policy is up to date just in case a burger munching, sozzled scouser decides to fall and make a claim?
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    Wow even a thread about Swinton isn't safe from a anti TWP/expansion diatrade from the South Leeds prophet of doom.
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    No I think a win against Wakey will do it
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    Also a plus to this win is that Tomkins is on the losing side. Absolute grub.
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    What a game! What a game! Come on London!! My cats are so scared right now after I jumped up screaming at that last try!
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    Over the last two days I've done a training course to become a qualified Mental Health First Aider! I wasn't sure what the course was going to be like but it was genuinely really beneficial. The fact that my employer have put 50 people through this course (at ~£300 each) shows that progress is being made, however gradually. If anyone is any position of influence, lobby for these to be introduced in your workplace. One thing I did find interesting was that Employment Assistance Programs are apparently the fastest way to access counselling in the UK. It varies by employer but often you'll be able to get free counselling, and it also sometimes extends to other adults in the family. If anyone is struggling, this is probably worth looking into!
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    You have to be both consistent and good at knockout rugby to be able to be Champions
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    If Saints don't beat mediocre teams in the playoffs what will it say about them?
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    Have to say, London have been a breath of fresh air this year. Really hope they stay up. Would like to see KR stay up too, they add plenty to the comp.
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    Not caught much of it as I’ve been watching the Scotland-Russia football game, but it just makes me smile to see and hear those London fans enjoying themselves. They deserve to stay up for their dedication alone in making such a trip for a Friday night Sky game.
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    First and foremost a top bloke. A great professional. Role model. Been an absolute pleasure watching you Alex. To say you'll be missed is a massive understatement. Best wishes for the future and rest assured there will always be a welcome in T' nineoyl. Thanks Alex.
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    The money there spending on him would have been better spent on junior development
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    Excellent post. Unfortunately, it will be completely ignored by the OP.
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    It's like your saying shut up and put up ernieone. Not really what the supporters want to hear. But it wasnt that long ago that we were competing with full time teams and beating them ( pre- diskin).
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    You have to wonder what the young wingers in the club system think, when yet again money is thrown at an Overseas player coming for his retirement pay check. HW
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    SKD was a world level centre 7/8 years ago , played centre for the Kiwis in two 4 nations wins , runner up for Golden Boot etc etc but at 32 with his recent exploits this is a bad contract to offer and not sure that Rovers should be spending likely marquee money on a 32 year old three quarter who is a known "party" man. Unfortunately Super league is now choc full of Thirtysomethings getting multi year deals and it is not going to change anytime soon.
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    I wish people would come back in to the real world, Batley do not have a money tree and cannot afford the players supporters are dreaming of. Yes we will have to look in the bargain basement mainly because we cannot afford players above that, hopefully we will find a couple of players that will improve things. The ones I have heard we could be signing are decent players but probably will not get us in the top 5, take the full time squads out of the equation and we will be able to compete in the Championship perhaps to some supporters that is not good enough, as I said come in to the real world.
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    Id rather not have a stadium with a 4k capacity.
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    It is quite possible to work/shop/socialise in Manchester while still retaining an affinity for your home town, it's locality and it's sporting sides. They aren't mutually exclusive. Contrast talk of becoming less localised and abandoning our smaller town clubs in favour of an all-encompassing (Greater) Manchester side versus the annual discussion about London Broncos struggling because they've failed to become more localised.
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    Can't compare the 2 systems like this. If champion was decided by finishing top teams would approach the season differently to how they do now. Its not, so saying their 16 points clear proves nothing in a playoff based Grand Final system.
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    I take it you haven't watched much of Tickle in a Town shirt then?
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    That's not really how the national press works, the angle is the guy is surprisingly of Nigeria heritage. It creates a talking point, you can bet some newspaper in Nigeria has re-ran that story. Infotainment. In the same way Ryan Giggs West African heritage gets rolled out from time to time. Or Stuart Littler and his cote d'ivoire heritage he likes to display. (That's one for the irish out there). Or actor Nick Frost played for London Nigerian. Blogs and podcasts are the home of any real sports journalism. https://guardian.ng/sport/from-lagos-to-middle-east-africa-championships-adebiyi-is-living-his-dream/?fbclid=IwAR2yaLfa7Mq_YUlMiz2ppRExB8sjrrr2mXRawHdKZqtTP4Qfn-EoNK-hMSg
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    HMP Strangeways changed its name to HMP Manchester.......I think attendances rose there as well........ a precedent has been set
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    Salford and Ian Watson have done fantastic things this season in difficult circumstances. If I meant they can be in the top five I would happily take a defeat tomorrow given the Rhinos are safe.
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    If a team can't win in the most pressurised environment they don't deserve to be called champions. Saints so far haven't displayed all the qualities champions need to display - they've looked like they may crumble when the pressure is really on. If they can overcome their flakiness to win the Grand Final then they will be absolutely worthy champions. If they can't (as it looks like from Wembley and McManus's petrified ranting) then their weaknesses will have been exposed and they will have to go away, address them, come back and win when it matters before being worthy of claiming the ultimate prize. FWIW while I'm here, and I know there is one poster who is obsessed with this, but the Grand Final is nothing to do with Sky; the execs in Isleworth really don't spend their time running our sport.
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    Would love to know what McGuire would have to do to get penalised.
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    Someone please tell me if these performances happened at any other club would the coach still have a job. Dont say the players are to blame buck stops with the coach end of . In Football the manager gets sack players start playing only here at batley we reward failure it seems if rumours are true .
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    I think it's simply the opportunity to get the biggest crowd possible. Something we should be looking to do at every level.
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    At present Phil, do you think there would be any positivity on this forum regardless of who we announced? Is it not more likely there would be just more vitriolic ramblings about how they would have all of their ability coached out of them etc. etc. so what is the point? Also we have done the same things for as long as I can remember regarding signings, in that we announce them throughout the preseason to keep people's interest whilst there are no games to discuss.
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    Anyone with a modicum of intelligence and the ability to speak would be an improvement. I cringe when either of them try to string a couple of words together. They are doing untold damage to rl.
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    Two successive Lance Todd Trophies and the only bloke this season to kick two golden point drop goals. But apart from that, you're right mate.

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