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  1. Thanks DD...Ill look them up.
  2. do you know if there is any nominated cause for donations in his memory
  3. Yes, but these issues could have been forseen when the decision was taken to move to ‘summer rugby’. I suspect they were but ignored in the rush to take the Sky money. Is the professional game (and by that I mean the whole professional game not just SL) in better shape now than it was prior to the move? I think not.
  4. Oh for old days, home away home away. I suppose the money men found that too simple.
  5. Very sad news. Hoping he bumps into the other Hornets fans whohave departed over the last few years. He will contribute to their discussions in a big way. Give your loved ones a big hug today....you never know when they will be taken from us, particularly in these awful times.
  6. Just heard from Diddy Dave that Mal’s. condition has deteriorated over the weekend. Whoever you may pray too, please give an extra one tonight for Mal and family.
  7. More tinkering. Nowt wrong with the game but I suppose these overpaid administrators have to justify their salaries. I wonder about the influence of TV on these changes.
  8. Thats awful news. Lets hope he can pull through. Would be nice if his family could tell him there was a long line of Hornets fans wishing him well for a speedy recovery, but I am not sure there are many people come on this site these days.
  9. . . . (at least where I am writing this from) club legend Apisai Toga passed away at the young age of 28. One of the club's Fijian contingent he signed for the all conquering St George Dragons in 1967. He had cut his foot on coral back home in Fiji and collapsed and died from tetanus during a pre season training session, just 4 days after returning to Australia. For those too young to remember Apisai, just Google his name.
  10. Nigel was cousin to ex Hornet Brett Garside and related to Tommy Woods, member of Hornets Northern Union Cup winning side in 1922.
  11. Try looking at my post on Rochdale Hornets page...you will need to go down to the league one teams ...i expect that will be new territory for you but you never know, you might enjoy it. Already explained one option to accommodate all league teams as well as those not in the professional ranks would be play it later in the season. Another option would be if all teams cannot be included because of the difficulties of playing games then cancel the competition (as has been done previously in emergency situations).
  12. In my first post on this topic I included the absence on non league teams in the cup in my concerns.
  13. All in favour of sacrifices....but whatever happened to ‘we are all in this together’ - good luck to Sheffield and Warrington in the cup I suppose.
  14. So were they offered the alternative of a delayed start to challenge cup? I think not...more like this it how it will be...now you can like it ...or lump it.
  15. Arrested and charged after incident in tweed heads saturday night. New broom yet to sweep clean at Broncos.
  16. No they havent agreed to dropping out of the cup....they can still enter but will have to play two months before the start of their regular season. Obviously you have little interest in league one...thats fine....the big boys can carry on regardless....but where will you be on final day if your team isnt there. RFL dont want overseas teams in the comp...worried they might get to final and not bring many fans, and now they dont want league one teams. Maybe just have Wigan, Saints, Leeds and Wire play for it between themselves.
  17. Sadly the last surviving member of the original four, Voate Drui, passed away early last year. There is an interesting thread on the Rochdale Hornets page about the Fijian ‘invasion’ of Rochdale. Next week will be the 48th anniversary of the passing of the greatest of the Fijians, Apisai Toga during pre season training with St George. Long may these pioneers rest in peace. Gentle giants all of them
  18. Not arguing against delaying the start of the season. My concern is the the plan for the challenge cup does not accommodate that delay.
  19. Over 120 years of participation in the challenge cup effectively gone at the stroke of a pen as league one season wont start until two months after the challenge cup starts. They could quite easily have pushed the start of the challenge cup back to may...if they cared. But assuming crowds are back they will be begging us to buy tickets for the final. More chance of me sending the money to twickers Im afraid.
  20. So effectively keeping us out of the challenge cup. This has been coming for a long while and covid gives them the opportunity to do it.
  21. Big difference is this season the SOO returns to mid season so does interfere with club duties. Covid switch to end of season meant it didnt interfere with Souths season. I doubt any other current club coach will take the position for the same reason. Probably go to Paul Green. Hope the assistants are retained.
  22. Rochdale Hornets signed England Rugby Union international Mike Leadbetter in 1974. Hadnt got a clue and was gone after 1 start and 4 sub appearances never to be seen again in rugby league. Mike was part of the north west counties team that beat the All Blacks before switching codes and was a regular in Tony Nearys succesful lancashire team of the time. He went on to do great things in social services. He died of cancer aged 62 in 2009.
  23. Rochdale Hornets Lancashire Great Britain North Sydney Bears and whoever is playing Manly Queensland
  24. Had the same experience of him during his Norths days. Very very sad how, what appeared to be a fine young man meets the slippery slope and there is no one there able to avoid this terrible outcome.
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