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  1. Looks like Phil has hit the sweet spot between smart and smart-casual.
  2. I think, on form, Tom Burgess and Walmsley should both be in the seventeen, but I wouldn't necessarily want them on the pitch at the same time.
  3. It's back to the 'usual' three per week. That was always going to happen when Super League restarted.
  4. Possibly the opposite. Small, medium and even many large businesses will be priced out of a relationship with LUFC. There's an opportunity to embrace that and offer a counterpoint to the corporate internationalism of the Premier League.
  5. I agree, but this kind of thing has been around for yonks. It's nice that we seem to have a team that know where the quick and easy wins are. It bodes well.
  6. Ha. I thought he was much younger. Not much chance of him reaching Hall's peak now, I suppose.
  7. Two time when Hall joined, but probably only one time when he was signed. Anyway, as a young player, if Daniel Tupou turns out to be 75% of the player Hall was at his peak, he'll be a very good player. Hall was the best in his position by quite a margin and one of the finest players in the world
  8. Australia has chosen an awful lot more overseas born players than England.
  9. I'm not sure he needs one, but he slightly lacks a kicking game, I think. I suppose it might be brilliant and he just hasn't needed to use it, yet.
  10. Joey Manu's a good runner, but he looks like he'd have trouble passing wind after Christmas Dinner.
  11. Only pint, the time it takes to get served in there on a Saturday. Brilliant place, though.
  12. I don't see any issue with Souths using the SFS. It's very close to their territory.
  13. Football - Peterborough United - is my first and main love, closely followed by cricket. Love rugby league, but it's definitely third for me - although it was closer when it wasn't so difficult being a Bradford fan.
  14. I believe his wife and kids stayed down that way and didn't join him in Hull. Geography probably is a factor.
  15. Who would prepared to choose that route ahead of Australia? That must be a condition.
  16. If there were 20-25, quality, GB qualified players (and I mean properly qualified - those that would choose a GB nation ahead of Australia) in the NRL, I might accept this as a stop gap. There aren't, so it seems a bit pointless.
  17. I've enjoyed rewatching these. Played in good spirits. Isn't Stuart Barnes a horror, though.
  18. 7/10 - I knew the last one - the team, location and original name, but no idea of the sponsor's name.
  19. Poor old Denver. A trip to Jacksonville is like sending Hull KR to Athens.
  20. I love how parochial some of you are - putting the Yorkshire and Lancashire/Cheshire/Merseyside/Greater Manchester in different rows, like it actually matters.
  21. I assume they mean British player who played best in Australia, as opposed to best British player to play there.
  22. I know, but it didn't suit my joke.
  23. The Easter programme on Sky was much like a banquet. There was a wonderful starter of Bradford v Leeds - often the biggest game of the weekend. But tradition meant Saints v Wigan was always the main course and it invariably delivered. Between the two, we'd go to Humberside for the fish course and on the Monday we'd get some tired puddings.
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