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  1. Both of these can be, and are, true at the same time.
  2. Funnily enough, our game is going through one of its most testing times, but the standard this year has been excellent. With the exception of 3-4 teams at the top of the NRL and similar at the bottom of SL, the standard has been pretty much the same. Outside those few at the top, the NRL has been poor this year.
  3. They've got a massive, game-changing joker to play and the continually choose to ignore it.
  4. I hope there's a similar ban for the writer of the article for using the term relatively unique.
  5. I don't mean this as a dig, as I enjoy your posts and appreciate your views, but Makinson is 29 years old and won the Golden Boot as the best player in the world.
  6. I don't have tickets, yet, but I'm planning on one group game and the semi at the Emirates. If this goes ahead without Aus and NZ I will add in a couple more games to reward the bravery of the organisers. I suspect many will do the same.
  7. Let's hope Nathan Cleary or another key player doesn't need off season surgery in 2022 or we might need to push it another year.
  8. Xscape Vs Ellesmere Port. Battle of the Outlet Villages. (yes, I appreciate I'm using geographical licence with Ellesmere Port).
  9. Which of the Cas players should have been made to play? Lots of people seem happy enough for people to risk their careers over this. Or should they have played the youth team in a men's fixture? No risk attached to that.
  10. I think it's been suggested, but, as far as I'm aware, not by anyone sensible or with anything to do with it. I think they'd be lucky to get 10k wherever it was held.
  11. Blimey - is the Hall of Fame really that easy to get into?
  12. I suspect it's disciplinary. Late or missing meetings.
  13. I almost want us to lose because of this monstrosity.
  14. And some absolute weapon has ruined every entry with their "played right centre (i.e. number 3) that day".
  15. Sorry to bring another sport into this, but Lionel Messi has been the best footballer on the planet for the last ten+ years and he's never played in its biggest and best league.
  16. Sometimes teams can represent a wider area. Cumbrian Mackem.
  17. Yeah, although those backrowers aren't particularly explosive or varied (good though they are, individually). And the backline is still ridiculously scary.
  18. Let's hope it's that team. That pack would struggle to get to the semis.
  19. I like this idea. Three French players to be in every Super League and Championship match day squad. That would mean each club carrying five or six across the whole squad.
  20. I lost an uncle to MND. I can't bring myself to read it and I couldn't bring myself to watch the documentary, either.
  21. He played 50 odd games over here before heading to the NRL.
  22. I've always enjoyed your posts, but this is just utter drivel. Pathetic, ignorant nonsense.
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