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  1. I wouldn't worry too much about thee score - it's all about the celebration. (can you tell I'm a Bradford fan?).
  2. As a Bradford fan, I could point to scores of low level decisions that went our way when we were good. Every other week, it seemed, we'd muller someone with a healthy dose of support from the officials. However, we paid for that with just about every major, controversial call going against us.
  3. A significant residential development in that area could make the club hundreds of pounds.
  4. I used to live in Lyon - wonderful city. The football stadium is about 15km out of the city, in an otherwise dodgy neighbourhood. The union team play at the old football ground at Gerland (where GB won the World Cup), which is closer to the city, but still not ideal. The city would be a tremendous place for a sporting festival - there are few better in Europe to visit - but the grounds don't lend themselves. Around ten years ago, I was party to some information behind a Lyon bid to join Super League. A friend of mine was interpreting for them and came to me for the intracacies of rugby speak. It never went anywhere, of course. I'd be surprised if they ever agreed their own plan and I don't believe it ever went anywhere at all.
  5. There's something fishy about this deal.
  6. I suspect the Inglis and Burgess sized holes in the salary cap might have something to do with it. Going to be a push to keep out Vunivalu.
  7. He's more famous, globally, than anyone playing in the NRL right now.
  8. I was going to point this out, but this is rugby league. Gorilla marketing is entirely plausible.
  9. I'm wondering if we're going to end up sacrificing New Zealand for Tonga and Samoa. I don't have a major problem with that, but we need to be careful that we don't throw out the baby with the bathwater.
  10. This current Saints team would be third, behind Roosters and Storm. You look down a match up with Canberra, for example, and Saints win most of the key battles (except second row!).
  11. I'm looking forward to a Kikau inspired Penrith coming up against a Bateman inspired Canberra in the finals.
  12. I don't think there's been a better player this year.
  13. Exactly this. Trueman should be in the GB squad this year. Walker will either be the best in the world or fade away.
  14. Mrs Lui is hoping for more of the latter.
  15. Size is important, but it's more about your motor. Unless you are super fit and fast-ish - in which case you'll be a danger at second row (no set pieces to worry about) - you should be looking at prop, where it's most likely you'll be able to enjoy a spell on the sidelines.
  16. The Titans aren't working because they're rubbish, not because they're in the Gold Coast. That's an important market for the game and shouldn't be abandoned.
  17. I was always quite a fan of this concept, but this team isn't going to give England much of a workout
  18. Not wanting to split hairs, but I find the Monday games are usually fine. It's the following weekend that's a washout in my opinion.
  19. Hodgson tends to overplay a little for me. Fine when you set up that way, as Canberra has done - they know he's their best playmaker, so he has a passive half-back and a running stand-off. Get into the national team and, for example, Widdop is a better player than Sezer (and Hodgson) and needs the ball simply and quickly to run the game. Roby does that and Hodgson doesn't. I think whoever you choose, Clark is the second choice.
  20. I'm OK with Coote being picked. He's done his time with Scotland and that makes him OK in my book. Hastings and Austin - no thanks. The latter in particular is nowhere near good enough. I'd like to see Jake Trueman in and around the squad and, possibly, the team. He doesn't seem to have had many mentions so far.
  21. All of them, in terms of importance to the fans. The marras was the first one that came to mind for me Bradford v Fax would draw the biggest crowd, but that's not the fearsome game it once was.
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