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  1. Really good interview https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2023/feb/27/st-helens-james-roby-england-rugby-league
  2. Noel "Crusher" Cleal - nickname given after he tackled a runaway pig.
  3. And I'm old enough to remember it being on telly. BBC 2 Late Night Lineup with Colin Welland.
  4. Or even Leigh. (Every thread seems to involve Leigh at some stage so it's my turn to start it, for the first and last time).
  5. Might happen one day. I was in Croatia last year and a major supermarket chain accepted crypto, along with quite a few bars I was in.
  6. Ditto for me but I used to think the same way, but at Christmas I got a bitcoin in my piece of Christmas pud.
  7. I'll have it for what you paid for it, less depreciation.
  8. It happened with increasing frequency towards the end of the NRL season, also from goal line dropouts. Some teams had quite a high success rate, probably why Leeds are trying it.
  9. Has anyone on this forum "invested"? There's a good article on the phenomenon here, along with other views on the game. https://medium.com/@tomjwhite9/rugby-leagues-abandoned-nft-play-31bdc166df66 I must admit the George Williams and Hull FC ones passed me by completely.
  10. Or not (tis the season to be silly) Chris P Bacon - really streaky Xavier Breath - talkative Aussie Brad Breath - unpopular Aussie Dennis Elbow - a bad man Kanye B Quiet - talkative - bad rap sheet Any more?
  11. Why don't they have Roman numerals on shirts in France? They call the game XIII.
  12. Norway? Are you kidding? Do you know the price of a pint there? https://thenorwayguide.com/cost-of-beer/ There's norway they'd get any away fans.
  13. I wouldn't just ban them from RL, I'd force them to watch union.
  14. Where are you going to find a sports hall with a slope?
  15. Low - how did I stop my parrot saying " moooove" every few minutes?
  16. Have you any stats for this? It may be true for recent signings but I the past many union signings quickly became some of the best players in the game. For example Cliff Watson, Len Killeen and Merv Hicks at Saints, Graham Rees and Alan Buckley at Swinton, and I'm sure many others. These were not big name signings, just club players spotted by scouts.
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