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Second favourite - Other clubs you like...

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1. Wigan

2. Wigan U20s

3. Whoever is playing Saints, Warrington or Leeds.


Even as a Wire I am sorry but Westwood is nowhere near as skillful as Super Sam or Ellis.
Wazza's main industrys are service industries, call centres, warehouses and the public sector nowadays. All three are under threat from the Tory cuts.
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I used to go to Chorley every week, My lads 1st game of Rugby was at Victory Park, he was 8 weeks old, only way is up lad!

Them were the days! Westies company car parked by the turnsyles ready for a fare on the way home!

I do miss the club house from Victory Park, the new fangled thing at Blackpool just doesn't have the same welcoming appeal.

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Super League: Bradford Bulls - born there and supported them since Northern days

2nd Super League: Warrington - like the way they play and always think they have nice kits!!

Championship: Batley - The Boxing Day match is one of the highlights of the RL year for me. Always look forward to it. I did live in Dewsbury for a long time and also watch them from time to time. But Batley has the Frontier!!

Amateur: I play for Nottingham Outlaws, so gotta be them! Also Birstal Victoria are a great club in the Penine League who I've played for a few times.

Australia: Used to like the Roosters when Morley was there, but now look for the Rabbithos a bit more with Burgess playing there. In Origin i'm always Queensland at stayed there for a bit and my dad bought me a Queensland shirt when i was a kid!

Nottingham Outlaws Rugby League

Harry Jepson Winners 2008

RLC Midlands Premier Champions 2006 & 2008

East Midlands Challenge Cup Winners 2005, 2006, 2007 & 2008

Rotterdam International 9's Cup Winners 2005

RLC North Midlands Champions 2003 & 2004

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Batley get a good look in from a number of people. The club is close to my heart as my Dad was a director and Groundsman for many years there. Spent some very special times up at the Mount. The Bulls are another team I used to watch fairly regularly.

Times change and with that, do my other favoured teams. I don't like teams that dominate, that's why Leeds and Saint are low on the list, although when it was Wigan in charge in the 80's, it was Leeds, Saints and Widnes who I would look out for the most. Currently? Wigan and Warrington!

Locally, Harlequins are the nearest Super League team, but I just can't find myself buying wholly into this club under it's current set-up. I'd love to feel enough for the club to warrant buying a season ticket.

But No.1 for me are the mighty Brentwood Elvers RLFC, whom I founded in 2004. They are currently the London Junior League Club of the Year, running teams at U7, U9, U11, U12, U14, U16 and U18s next season.

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After Giants, who i have followed since 1953.

In no particular order of preference.

Wakey, cause they were a pleasure to watch in the sixties, and i still like em for it.

Wigan, because they have great fans (by and large ) who support through the bad ,as well as good.

Leeds, and in truth i dont really know why, but for some reason i do.

Saints, because of the great style of play they have maintained over many years.

Fev, because for such a small place they have punched above their weight.

Never heard of.. or seen the Wigan Walk mate ????????????????

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1 - Wigan - that's where I'm from.

2 - Quins - that's where I live now.

3 - Salford - soft spot I think from the mid nineties when a few Wiganers (Gregory, Panapa) who I liked went there.

4 - oddly, Saints. I hate them but can't fault their never say die attitude. A sight to behold in attack.



All time favourite

Great Britain Rugby League

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I've always had a soft spot for FC since I was 'charmed' as a boy by the support in/under the Threepenny Stand. Like to see Keighley doing well, reckon they were hard done to all those years ago by SL then almost criminally asset stripped by Leeds a few years later.

In Oz any team with a Bulls connection.

Forever in our shadow, forever on your mind.


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