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Food and Drinks ban


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Well my family and I have been watching rovers both home and away since the 60s my dad before that rip.

We usually fetched a hot flask of oxo and the odd food especially during those cold winter months. I know it is supposed to be summer rugby now but tell that to the fans this weekend. To target people with this money grabbing ban is an ill thought out idea especially regarding hot drinks which can be vital for the older supporters like myself.

If Fev persist with this draconian idea it may well backfire as I personally and possibly others shall no longer be attending games in the future as I cannot be assed to trundle to the fev food sellers in a freezing queue only to get a plastic cup of bovril/oxo then try to forge my way back to my seat without spilling half of it over other fans it’s just not cricket.

I guess the next idea will be paying extra for exit seats next to the aisles in the stands or reserve a seat before the match or check in before kick off (Michael O'Leary eat your heart out) Some fans myself included need hot beverages during the games in cold weather no good 1 or 2 hours before the match in a warm pub or car.

If Fev persist with this nonsense I shall not be renewing my £64.99 tv subscription either.

So in essence this food/drinks ban could cost Fev the extra revenue they are hoping to extract from fans and alienate quite a few.

Better put my tin hat on now for all the you are wrong brigade you are not entitled to an opinion whereas it is opinions that really matter .

Up the Rovers Down with stupid rip off fans idea.

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Probably the only way round this is to get a family member or friend to stand outside the ground and operate a drone with a trap door on it to locate you in a covered position in the ground and unload the flask and food items to you. Suggest behind the new Stand ( not much Security there).

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I think its a case of the club using a sledge hammer to crack a walnut for the life of me I have't seen hundreds of people dining out in the ground on the other hand Iv'e seen lots of people  including my grandkids buying  overpriced ######  the club offers 

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