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New French teams to the British system with all French players

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On 15/04/2019 at 11:57, Bedfordshire Bronco said:

I'd say a quota should be qualified for the national side. Say 60%

This seems fair and reasonable for a team in the championship / league 1.

At SL I would say 40% French qualified in the 17 each week is realistic. Unless relegation is removed there is a difficult balance to be done. The Dragons may not play as many French as they would if there was no relegation threat for them, however they still bring through alot of talent some of whom end up at other teams. 

If there was TO also in SL and another 1 team at championship level who could get loan players from the SL 2 teams that would be great for the National team. 

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On 26/04/2019 at 13:22, deluded pom? said:

Should English teams in the British Rugby League system be made to have only English players?

Teams from Yorkshire should only have Tykes, obviously! I suggest 99.99999% just to show we're not biased against them  having a water carrier who may be from across the Borderline.




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