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League Restructure Thread (Merged Threads)

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52 minutes ago, Wholly Trinity said:

Assuming they follow through with SL1/2 2×10 and their promise of reducing the cliff edge of demotion, how can it be possible to divide the reduced pot to support more full-time professional teams? 

In short, they can't. Clubs are now desperate in the extreme to increase and diversify income streams... it could get messy. It could end the sport as a viable professional game in the northern hemisphere.

I certainly agree with your first paragraph that I have quoted.

However I think the second is a little melodramatic. Whilst a reduction is not ideal it merely takes funding back to the levels of funding prior to the last TV deal. It is certainly not an insurmountable problem to tackle. That is also before any secondary FTA deals, digital rights etc. Clubs should have also always been looking to diversify their income streams, it shouldn't have taken a funding cut to do that. The doing the bare minimum and thinking TV money is just a handout is a huge part of the issue.

Yes some clubs may struggle and have to cut their cloth accordingly but it shouldn't mean the end of any club. Yes that may mean that some end up dropping down to the Championship and be replaced by wealthier clubs but that is sport. This is where a vibrant part time Championship, and league 1, should come in so clubs can find their level.

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