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Mark Campbell


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35 minutes ago, sweaty craiq said:

I am just glad Dexy isn't the target of hate for a few days


Degsy will be feeling a bit left out, even he hasn't reached the criminal damage level of bellendery - he looks a bit tier 2 now (if you'll excuse the pun).

I can confirm 30+ less sales for Scotland vs Italy at Workington, after this afternoons test purchase for the Tonga match, £7.50 is extremely reasonable, however a £2.50 'delivery' fee for a walk in purchase is beyond taking the mickey, good luck with that, it's cheaper on the telly.

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On 14/10/2021 at 15:44, Fevrover said:

We would still come above Dewsbury 😆🤣

Yes I know you would but at least we could bring it up on the Forum on a regular basis...😂😂😂 

Along the lines of you might have a better team, stadium etc...but at least out Chairman hasn't cost us 12 points...

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It's clear that this forum is continually trying to find fault with and is obsessed with Featherstone, Leigh, Wigan, Salford, St Helens, Huddersfield, Leeds, Wakefield, Hull FC, Hull K R,  Warrington....Catalans.............Toulouse...................Toronto...................... 😀😀😀😀😀

The problem with being punctual is that there is no one there to appreciate it.

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