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I know we don't usually do a MOM for Friendlies but with there being nearly 3000 there and such a spirited performance against a SL team I thought that it would be OK to do one. We have no trophy presentation so we can express our views for every match. The only thing I will grumble about is the Rovers Speaker. I could not hear a clear word. I thought it might be just me but I asked around and everybody near me  on the little stand agreed. So can I have you MOM for the Leeds game. First three choices please. Mine are as follows:

1. Matty Wilde

2. Junior Moors

3. Gareth Gale.


My apologies if you don't want to do it, but I will also start on for the Wakefield game.

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At the moment Bussey is leading with 11 votes and Wildie is second with 8. Nice to be back with our MOM after the big gap. Let's continue as we did in the past. Please add comments if you wish.  UTR. At least on the Forum our voice is being heard.

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Right closing Leeds match voting down. The winner is Bussey with 14 points, with Wildie second with 8 and equal third we have Gale and Briscoe with 4 points each.  On to the Wakefield game tomorrow in which I hope we have more participants, 

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