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In Topic: Vote in parliament for military action

Today, 10:41 PM

As ISIS are more about Iraq than Syria, would the increased power vacuum of a bombed Assad of just allowed them to go further?

Not sure about your assertion about the Iraq and Syria difference. Whilst originating from Iraq, it was the conflict in Syria that allowed the pre-ISIS fighters to regroup and flourish (after being practically wiped out by SF operations in Iraq) in Syria's eastern ungoverned provinces. I suppose they have captured much of their materiel from the Iraqi Army though and are supported by former Baathists so can see that side of your point.

As to the question, who knows! As I mentioned, the bombing wasn't designed to be an intervention or remove Assad but no idea if it may have gone the way of Libya; I did express my own personal view in the previous post though. Interestingly, Raqqa fell to the rebels in Aug 13; the same month as the 'no' vote. It fell to the FSA and Al-Nusra and it wasn't until later did ISIS push both groups out of the area. Could the war have been ended before ISIS grew in strength? I don't think so as it was well in full swing with different actors involved but we may have seen less radicalisation of parts of the Syrian Sunni population resulting in groups like ISIS being weaker. One thing is certain; it would have remained an absolute cluster!

In Topic: Jeremy Corbyn & the Labour Party

Today, 10:22 PM

He doesn't have to kiss the Queen's hand; he has to meet her.  She's already reported as saying he doesn't need to kiss her hand.  He chose to go for a walk in Scotland rather than take seriously the historic ritual that is a symbol of political trust in the sharing of sensitive security information.  That a fuss hasn't been made previously will be down to the fact that no previous leader has had such clear and well known connections with known terrorist organisations nor have they been such overt republicans.  I think the attention given to Corbyn in this respect is thoroughly justified.  Personally I don't want him anywhere near our security briefings.  I find him and his sidekick McDonnell repugnant in the company they have kept (and possibly continue to keep for all we know), and their mutual buddy Watson doesn't come across as any better although for different reasons.

I am not sure you get my point. I wouldn't grant Corbyn, McDonnell or any other politicians (incl the PM) access to any materials above the security classification of OFFICIAL if they hadn't been vetted. They could kiss the Queen's a**e for all I care but they still wouldn't get it.

In Topic: Vote in parliament for military action

Today, 10:13 PM

Do you think the present situation might have been avoided if Parliament had voted with Cameron a couple of years back when he first wanted to intervene in Syria? Might that have nipped things in the bud?


The mission being planned wasn't an intervention; it was a strike on elements of Assad's capabilities to prevent/punish him for using chemical weapons. It was limited in scope like strikes on Afghanistan in the 90s. Would it have morphed into something else i.e. an intervention as per Libya? Just my opinion of course but probably not considering Assad's importance to Russia and Iran; the US would not seek to cause WWIII quite so easily.

The conflict in Syria was also already in full swing at that time. It was in a very different guise to the current situation with the FSA and more moderate groups being more present across the country. Al Qaeda and ISIS elements were present and fighting but nowhere near their current strength. The US' inaction (the UK vote was a key factor) to punish Assad certainly led to the radicalisation of former FSA and other moderate fighters leading to the rise of ISIS and Al-Nusra; they realised the West wasn't going to come and help. The vote has also allowed Assad to continue to indiscriminately kill hundreds of thousands of Syrians; barrel bombs dropped from helicopters are a preferred method.

Therefore I'd argue the 'no' vote exacerbated an already toxic mix and helped ignite it to the current absolute horror show. But a 'yes' vote would not have solved the situation either. It is a real mess and nobody including the US, Russia and other powers have a clue how to solve it.

In Topic: England v Kiwis at Hull 1st November - Tickets for West Stand now available.

Today, 09:00 PM

It certainly does. It's a pity they can't do the simple thing and update their own website.

Every seat available for the Challenge Cup Final 2016 is now available on the website. I appreciate they want to fill the seats in front of the TV cameras but the RFL need to be more pragmatic and have confidence in their product.

If they actually advertised these games better, they'd sell out and not at the last minute too. They could also improve the process by having a better ticketing site where you can choose your seat; Saints have this so it can't be hard to deliver.

OF, has there been any advertising in Hull in print, radio or other media sources?

In Topic: England v Kiwis at Hull 1st November - Tickets for West Stand now available.

Today, 08:45 PM

My email from Chris.Burns@rfl.uk.com[/size] said...
Hello from the RFL
Just a brief email advising that all blocks in the West stand of the KC stadium are now open. Some blocks are still off sale for corporate needs and will not be open for general admission.
Kind regards
Although the ticketing website seems to need updating, that suggests to me they're now on sale.

Cheers - I'll ring tomorrow if the website hasn't been updated.