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#3062322 Eng v NZ - What The Hell is Going On?

Posted by GeordieSaint on Yesterday, 02:16 PM

so i take it you want the RFL to pay for 8month promo campaign in london?? great plan that pal lol


Why not? A slow media campaign built up by using the full spectrum of assets available to you... initially start on social media and then eventually end with a short TV commercial or something like that perhaps. We are fully aware the RFL aren't flush with cash but there are plenty of ways of reducing the cost of a campaign if you use all relevant assets available to you.


For what it's worth, I think your suggestion of leaving the promotion until Aug, Sep and Oct is completely missing the issues we face with a potential game in London this year. This isn't 2011 when we had to compete with just the Premier League; we are also competing against the beast that is the RUWC AND the NFL. Whilst London is a big place, there aren't millions of people interested in attending sport events or millions of people with a bit of spare cash about to go and watch an event. As Scotchy has already stated, with such competition in place, those people willing to spend their spare cash on sporting events will be looking at doing that now as those events we are competing against are far more popular than RL is. Therefore by not competing/getting in early, any floating fans will go elsewhere and we'll be stuck preaching to the already converted if they can afford it (speading cost is a massive factor as Dave T has mentioned). We are so far behind the curve in how we sell our sport and I personally think it is breathtakingly naïve to think we can attract lots of people when competing against other events with such a small promotional lead up time.

#3061379 Aude Pays Cathare Rugby XIII

Posted by GeordieSaint on 26 January 2015 - 06:38 PM

The RFL have really made a mistake in going for this new format when the potential for a European/ Anglo French comp is the way forward.


Tend to agree. I'd initially have 2 x French sides in SL with their places guaranteed from the threat of relegation. Let 10 x English clubs fight it out to avoid relegation with a team automatically being promoted from the division below.

#3061336 50 years since the death of Churchill

Posted by GeordieSaint on 26 January 2015 - 04:27 PM

He was accused of being a racist we all know that and a war monger.When he was warning about Germany in the 1930s does anyone know what his views were on the Spanish Civil war?


Wikipedia states he was initial in favour of non-intervention. So guess my original post along with WR's post highlights he changed his opinion.

#3061335 50 years since the death of Churchill

Posted by GeordieSaint on 26 January 2015 - 04:21 PM

He was accused of being a racist we all know that and a war monger.When he was warning about Germany in the 1930s does anyone know what his views were on the Spanish Civil war?


"Unlike most British politicians at the time, Winston Churchill was vocal regarding this war. Although he despised communists, he was fearful of the fascist state Franco would establish if he was to win the war. He paid particular attention to Adolf Hitler's involvement in the war, and was deeply troubled by the increasing cooperation between Germany and Italy. He noted the recent conflicts in Abyssinia, Rhineland, and Spanish were not regional conflicts, but rather they "involve the whole structure of Europe, with possibilities of realignment carrying the promise of deadly danger to England." By mid-Feb 1939, the last Republican strongholds of Barcelona and Catalonia both fell. Churchill was unable to persuade his colleagues in the parliament, and Britain, immediately followed by France, recognized Franco as the legitimate ruler of Spain on 27 Feb 1939."



#3060705 Eng v NZ - What The Hell is Going On?

Posted by GeordieSaint on 25 January 2015 - 06:02 PM

When we last played the 4N game at Wembley I think tickets went on sale as late as June


And we only got about 43k and I don't think had to compete with a World Cup in another sport and NFL games at Wembley. When advertised with nearly a year in advance with good press coverage we got nearly 70k in London. I really feel we have dropped a ball here...

#3059257 Bath offer multimillion $ contract to Greg Inglis

Posted by GeordieSaint on 22 January 2015 - 06:31 PM

The important part to take out of the link is that Inglis has said NO THANKS!

#3059255 Newcastle Thunder

Posted by GeordieSaint on 22 January 2015 - 06:28 PM

I don't think that just because the club is now called Newcastle will increase crowds, the product on the pitch is what increases crowds.


Completely agree; any benefits of this move have to be backed up by a winning side on the field. If Thunder can win and win regularly, then I think the move could be a very positive move. Lose and lose regularly may well be a disaster.


There are at least two of us on this forum who played RL up in Newcastle. RU definitely ruled the roost in the two universities but certainly in the 2000-2002 period, it was the RL side at Newcastle Uni who made all the headlines with a number of league titles, 3 x Challenge Cup appearances beating Hunslet Warriors in 2000 (got stuffed by Leigh MR in the next round) and a very narrow defeat to West Bowling in 2001, along with a BUSA Cup Final appearance in 2002 having knocked out the likes of Hull, Leeds Met, Edge Hill and Trinity College in the previous rounds. I know the club has continued to thrive from those dizzy heights, despite having never really being fully backed by the authorities and having played myself in the Northeast league at Northallerton between 2008-09, there are plenty of people in the region who love the game so I sincerely hope this move works for both the very loyal Thunder support and the game in the Northeast as a whole.


Come on Thunder!

#3057221 WCC - sell outs?

Posted by GeordieSaint on 18 January 2015 - 08:35 PM

In terms of promotion, or lack of, this is nothing new for Saints in my experience. I live 80 miles from St Helens and normally struggle to get to games on a Friday night, however Saints have my data on their marketing database, they will know that I joined the founder members club, yet I have not had a single email from them selling me the fixture.


Since I live close to Leeds, I have in the past bought tickets from the Rhinos, and Leeds are miles ahead in terms of getting people to games. Some time back I went to a Leeds WCC match at Elland Road and at the time I had never been to Headingley. Not long after the WCC fixture, I had a call from Abi in the Rhinos marketing department to say that they noticed I had bought a ticket for the WCC but had never been to Cardigan Road and as a special introductory offer they could do me match tickets for half price. And since then the Rhinos have had a fair bit of money off me.


I wish Saints would be half as pro-active.


Very interesting read so thanks for posting that. I live a long way from St Helens nowadays and do seem to be on the club's mailing list but I also cannot recall having an email or anything about the game. I did ask on redvee about promotion of the game and a poster who also posts on here states there is no point promoting the game as it will sell out. I personally disagree with that stance as there are clearly some very cheap alternatives such emails and social media rather than taking out expensive paper adverts in the Liverpool Echo or Metro for example. However, this game is a prime example of how the club could actually increase the size of its support by advertising to the non-traditional support elsewhere. Clearly there is no guarantee you'd attract many (if any) but it clearly worth the risk in my opinion as the game (and club within it) should be looking to boost its support. There isn't much better an opportunity than the two best club sides in the world going head-to-head. Opportunity missed...

#3056997 Eng v NZ - What The Hell is Going On?

Posted by GeordieSaint on 18 January 2015 - 01:51 PM

If it takes too long to secure the bigger grounds don't complain if people have already used their disposable income elsewhere.


I don't think our organisational body fully understand this issue. As someone has already pointed out, there is the RUWC, NFL games and god knows what else taking place around the same time as the Test Series. When the test series is finally announced in June, people including some RL fans will have spent their disposable income on other things. Then we'll be back in that vicious circle stating London shouldn't have a test match as only 20k turn up and they'll be better played in front of 20k in Wigan as at least they are true RL fans. Whilst I appreciate negotiations for stadiums etc take time, it is about time they understood the second/third order consequences of organising what should be the biggest events in the RL calendar so late in the year. It is ridiculously poor management from the governing body and ridiculously poor leadership from Wood in my opinion. We should be finding out details of the 2016 Four Nations with tickets on sale now, not the 2015 Test Series.  

#3055592 WCC - sell outs?

Posted by GeordieSaint on 14 January 2015 - 02:48 PM

I'm not surprised they are not sold out yet, and I wouldn't be surprised to see tickets available at the time at Warrington and Wigan, but hope I am wrong.


The people of Warrington turned out for the World Cup - Wigan should be able to get over 20k for the Broncos game as they do have history.


If Saints don't sell out the game, it will be an absolute failure on the club and RFL's behalf in my opinion. Whilst sales are going really well, I personally think this game should have already sold out; I don't think we are good at selling our spectacles as events, which this game certainly is.

#3054517 London's Olympic Stadium could host England v Kiwis

Posted by GeordieSaint on 11 January 2015 - 01:00 PM

Hurry up and get it announced then ffs!


Agreed along with the other 2 matches. It is shocking that it hasn't been organised months in advance in order to give themselves the best chance possible to advertise and sell out each of the 3 matches. It worries me that the RFL and other organisations haven't learnt this lesson from the RLWC13 and are no doubt focussing all their attention on other events such as the SL season and the Magic Weekend. If they can organise the SL Grand Final and Challenge Cup a year in advance, they should be able to do this for internationals like plenty of other sports. When will they ever learn that internationals are the fundamental vehicle to drive the game forward in this country.

#3054226 10 dead at French Satirical Mag

Posted by GeordieSaint on 10 January 2015 - 02:59 PM

What *could* you do about it?


For starters, we could begin to use some of the assets in the area to help the Nigerian Security Services. They don't deliver lethal means but would be a massive help. However, we don't due to the risk of legal sensitivities of being seen to support a regime accused of human rights abuses. Secondly, instead of using our International Aid budget to help encourage nations like India etc to buy British, actually start using it in a real development role and invest it in educational and health capacities to start the 'preventation' process. I'd also avoid giving cold hard cash to regimes and provided the aid in the form of medicine and educational materials like books and internet provision. Just ideas of course but would certainly start to help the situation rather than allowing it to fester and see thousands butchered whilst we watch.

#3048433 High Profile SL Game in London 2016: Craven Cottage?

Posted by GeordieSaint on 23 December 2014 - 05:19 PM

I would like to see the RFL publish their rationale behind this decision if it is true. What benefit to the game are they hoping to achieve by playing Saints vs Wigan in London? I don't see it at the moment...

#3047887 Women in the Infantry

Posted by GeordieSaint on 21 December 2014 - 11:24 PM

Surely somebody coming home in a body bag is as distressing no matter what the gender of the person is. Women have already died in Afghanistan. Women were in harm's way routinely in Afghanistan. Women were decorated fir gallantry in Afghanistan.

It certainly is distressing. However, you only have to look at the coverage of Sarah Bryant's death in Afghanistan or Jo Dyer's death in Iraq to see there is a fundamental difference between how the media and therefore the UK public see a woman's death in a combat zone to that of a male. I am all for allowing females to join the combat units in the Army and RM (not many will want or will pass the fitness requirements) but not everyone thinks the way you/we do.

#3044516 George Williams gets Wigan #6 shirt

Posted by GeordieSaint on 13 December 2014 - 01:35 PM

Quality young player is Williams. Whilst being a Saints fan, sincerely hope he makes the grade as a stand off as we need more of our kids to kick on in the halves and challenge for international representation.