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  1. Are you putting your team at a disadvantage if you don't go and give them support? However I do concede that now its Thursday it does make it awkward for visiting fans. The RFL should ferry the Fax fans free like they do in Super League games on a Thursday evening
  2. You are a very good hard working side but as a Fev fan what I noticed the other day was that you do turn the ball back inside a little too often when sides can be exploited out wide. Then as your forwards tired Fev found the gaps later to make the score look a little unfair in that respect. Leigh used to throw the ball wide at the start of games against a Fev just to try and get them that early advantage. Good luck.
  3. Having read some of your posts on Batley forum Silverback you seem to have a soft spot for Fev. Think Batley took the course that Fev did when appointing Bastian. But who knows what a couple more wins will do when he gets a couple more games under his belt. Could do with starting with a win over Fax really.
  4. We've drawn Halifax flowing?????πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
  5. A coach should take on board the scrum half and stand offs strongest attributes and build the game plan around them so I am with you on this one (fev fan)
  6. And if you bring Kendal with you again Oxy you'll be on a winnerπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
  7. We could do with a bit of "Polish" in the forwards now Bostock is out.
  8. Then we could play Wakefield Castleford and then Leeds in final as we have already put out Bradford from the 1967 cup run lol.
  9. Oldham were tenacious enough without really threatening to win the game. The only worrying period for Fev was just after half time but instead of kicking on for your team at 10-4 it was Fev that regained control and scored three quick tries to put the tie to bed.
  10. Yes and he was denied two tries. One of which he grounded perfectly. The other should have been benefit of the doubt.
  11. Turner Ulugia Hardman
  12. There are a lot of young refs nowadays learning their trade and sometimes become over zealous. It was a poor performance from him today but he will improve when he stops trying to impress his peers. Thinking back I used to think the same of Thaler and Childs but to me they are are the two most accomplished refs in the league and they all make mistakes but as been said above he did get the sin binning correct.
  13. Great result (Fev fan)
  14. They are both quality wingers. But until Turner has an off day he should keep his place. His work rate is second to none.
  15. We should know soon when the squad is announced. I would be surprised if there was no re-call clause for Leeds with their history of half back injuries.