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  1. Turner Wildie Walton
  2. Turner Wildie Hardcastle
  3. They certainly treated York differently. They soon scratched them from the fixture list. However to be honest it is advantageous to keep Bulls were they are having had 12 points stripped from them. Should they continue with their good following it means a good Easter Monday pay day for Fev. It will be difficult for Bradford not to be in the relegation mix at the end of the day. But my interest is with Fev and the RFL will continue to treat clubs as they see fit and with the lack of consistency that they always have done.
  4. At least he won't be getting pulled down lol.
  5. Fax will be tougher than that come February. These games have no bearing of what's to come. They had plenty of experience missing and Fev tried out some trialists.We should have won the league by a country mile under Bastian after our friendlies that season.
  6. The tail is wagging the the dog I'm afraid. The Super League elite are getting the attendance's and have become self interested. What they want from the game is what they get. To hell with the grass roots.When well established players like Peacock are coming out with offensive comments like he did before KR were relegated just shows what mentality that he and the hierarchy have. I'm afraid it must start again at reserve and amateur level with proper structure or else their self interest will finally kill off the game.
  7. It's imperative and in our own interest that the Bulls exist and stay in the championship. We play them on Easter Monday and the crowd would be swelling. They've been led by pompous and greedy go getters in the past with self interest. They've got about 5000 horrible fans that's the ones that haven't turned up for the last two years or so. But they have got some good fans that have carried on regardless. Let's not hate them because of the Caisleys regime. I for one hope they survive.
  8. Good points Rob.Being DR with Leeds makes the players that they don't use are obviously our players. So for example if we think that Handley is better than let's say Johnson then we have to pick Handley. We are half way down the road of feeder clubs until we all say enough is enough.
  9. The 40.029 crowds last season was a special double header. They also fill Twickenham for special one off games.Newcastle . London Irish. Sale and Saracens for example average crowds of between 5500 and 9000. But as I said they are marginally better than our Super League because of the geographics.It is a popular sport that has had to tweak it's rules to interest TV viewers. Who would recognise Rugby League from when I started watching in 1963 to the present day?. Times move on and as you say instead of competing we should be looking at our own game and getting the game under one umbrella instead of alienating our own divisions.
  10. I've been to Rugby Union games also Robin locally. To be honest Sharlston have had more spectators watching them play league.
  11. Well said Mark. The biggest difference in the sports is only international level. Their premier division gets marginally more attendance's but their lower leagues are no better attended than ours. It's just that there are so many more clubs nationally which gathers more interest internationally
  12. And rise up the big money man to hybrid the game for the big money backer that is commonly known as SKY. What goes around comes around and perhaps not yet but I believe the two codes will be as one again in the future. I love FEV rather than love where our sport as gone. Up the Rovers.
  13. You could be a travel agent Steve. Nice place for my holidays.
  14. If Fev took stance and backed out then one of our rivals would soon step into the breach. Remember this that if a player is wearing a Fev shirt at any given time then he is a FEV player. Fev have registered him on loan or as DR. The system is wrong on many counts but Fev can't alter that by themselves it needs a concerted effort by all clubs to agree not to use DR and then the Super dooper will have to splash out on reserve teams or sell their talent on. It's never going to happen though.
  15. According to an official response the winding up order against Featherstone Rovers is incorrect. For the official statement visit the Featherstone Rovers website.