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  1. morty

    Ryan Duffy

    Any news on Ryan's injury? Dint look too good when he was taken off?
  2. morty

    Louis Jouffret

    it was Jonno Smith and he was injured with a knee to his head in a tackle
  3. morty

    Well done Barrow

    all clubs do the tactical injuries ploy …….don't think Batley wouldn't do the same
  4. morty

    You do realise..

    Jesus £25 …. they obviously still think they are still a SL club !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its one way of keeping away fans from attending
  5. morty

    The Mail

    the mail will have picked one from Kendal or Carlisle
  6. morty

    Wigan 26th Jan

    great game today in the conditions....big up all the players today I think Charnock has been top notch in the last 2 games and his defence has been outstanding
  7. morty

    Toronto At Home

    aye ... nothing betters a local derby on a good Friday ;-)
  8. morty


    thought Lewis Charnock had a great game today
  9. morty

    1st Friendly Barrow v Oldham

    So would I mate
  10. morty

    Gareth Hock

    that injury would've come out during the 1st few games anyway I reckon so maybe it happening when it did is a perversely good thing for Hock and the squad ?
  11. morty

    New Signing

    Great signing..well done BOD
  12. morty

    Seasons Greetings

    All the best for Xmas from myself and all the Barrow Raiders supporters
  13. morty


    Matts a great guy and loves Barrow RL
  14. morty

    2019 Away Shirt

    I don't give a toss what colour we play in as long as we win games and stay up
  15. morty

    2019 Away Shirt

    don't like the home kit at all