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  1. Mud

    Fantastic news its pishing down so Nashy may be disappointed come 4:45 sunday afternoon ;-)
  2. If the Raiders play anything like they did against Swinton it could be 60-70 defeat
  3. Raiders v Sheffield (league game)

    what a 2nd half performance......blew the Eagles away. The forwards ... all of them ....were superb and totally overwhelmed the eagles pack. Jono had his best game in a Raiders shirt..he did what everyone knows he can do and Alec is one dangerous offloader...we need to have a back shadow him every time he gets the ball as creates openings. Hope Luke is ok? Doesnt look good tho :-( Also Lithy looked to be struggling at the end. Well done lads
  4. Challenge Cup results.

    i think Joe will be ok for next week
  5. Challenge Cup results.

    Broncos were without Sammut .... I think without him they could be a little flat but well done to Haven and Town.. When is the draw?
  6. Joe

    great news

    tonsillitis I believe...should be back soon
  8. Cumbrian lakers

    is that a pie I see in the sky ?
  9. Halves?

    I think Brad will do quite nicely passer of the ball at the club
  10. DALLY

    After all the late hits he takes as well ....
  11. Challenge Cup Draw

    Home draw is good but Sheff wont bring may supporters. Don't really want a longish cup run tho do we as we need to concentrate on the league
  12. Saturday - Askham

    at least you couldve spelt your opponents right !!!!!! Askam :-)

    Charnock moved to Barrow and has a job with a local builder. Bullock lives in Barrow now and works with Tom Walker and Brett Carter as part of the development in local schools etc, Aspinwall has moved as well as he is studying to be an accountant and has a job at a local firm. Apart from the 6 travellers, Glenn Riley probably travels the furthest !!

    Just a quick word on locals....Andy Litherland took a knock at London that's why he hasn't played the last couple of games..Duerden and Morrow also have knocks from pre season so havnt played either. Cresswell is pencilled in for a game next week at Batley, Matty Holmes will get a game soon as well. Matty While is on loan at Haven hopefully for game time so the only other players not to have featured are Brad Marwood and Ryan Jonhston so far! Don't know what the lads are on but I can assure you its not mega bucks as we just don't have the cash no matter what you've heard? Ollie tried to get a better deal (fair play to him) but the BOD wouldn't budge hence the move to you guys. Bruie was moving up to Seascale so decided to leave the club at the end of the season. For info, the six travellers have the use of a Raiders minibus for commuting to games and training (that's Hulme, Smith, Dally, Duffy, Ashall and Fieldhouse)!