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  1. morty

    Summer bash dates

    why would the summer bash be held at a rival clubs ground? Makes it a home tie for them .... not really on that is it?
  2. morty

    just maybe

    It may work for you guys but wouldn't for all the other relegation included !!
  3. morty

    Ground share

    the only way it would work is with a brand new purpose built ground...I think whichever existing ground was picked for development the incumbent club would always assume it had priority
  4. morty

    League 1,issues?

    cuts down on a lot of travelling for clubs as well
  5. morty

    SQUAD FOR 2019

    Lithy has had to call it a day due to his back injury I believe
  6. morty

    SQUAD FOR 2019

    Jake Spedding is a centre
  7. Barrow have signed 2 Hunters players as well
  8. morty


    Ben has torn his ACL so will be out for a good while
  9. morty

    Dean Parata

    good luck to Dean .. played well for us even tho its well known he didn't really like it here
  10. morty

    Gareth Hock

    Welcome to the club Gareth and great player if he can hold his temper ... good signing I hope so !!
  11. morty

    New Signings

    he'd be banned more than he played mate
  12. morty

    New Signings

    I hope you are kidding mate?
  13. morty

    SQUAD FOR 2019

    Cresta did say in an interview he was discussing the situation with his family as rugby takes up a lot of his time along with trying to run a business!
  14. morty

    Parachute Payment to Widnes

    bet Swinton don't get a parachute payment if they are relegated from the Championship ????????????
  15. morty

    Featherstone on Sunday

    No 35 is Barthez on loan from Catalans ... I would like to get him signed on if possible !!