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  1. morty


    Toulouse were a cut above some of their tries were sublime but the Ref didn't seem to cut Barrow much slack. 4 Toulouse tries were blatant forward passes but he chose to let them go anyway.....he also missed several Raiders forward passes as well. We need bodies back for the 8's or we are going to struggle big time
  2. morty

    Liam Harrison

    Liam was terrific ... all the guys tried hard but Toulouse were a class apart
  3. morty

    More injuries

    Matty Holmes has also signed back on
  4. morty

    Havens Carlsberg sponsorship deal

    Ron I was just trying to prompt the BOD to see if this avenue has been explored for the Raiders. I also hope that Haven can survive and prosper from deals like this ... we need all 3 Cumbrian clubs to move onward and upward
  5. If they were arriving Sunday morning I would agree but they arrive Saturday so a 1 hour earlier kick off should cause too much of a problem to them surely?
  6. See Haven have secured a 3 year sponsorship deal from Carlsberg. I take it we have tried all the breweries to try and get increased sponsorship???? Apologies if we already have a good deal with one of them? Lee
  7. morty

    More injuries

    Brett Carter has been missing for a while as well ???
  8. morty

    More injuries

    Anyone know who the 3 players are who got injured... one suspected concussion? One broken arm? One torn calf? Jesus it cant get any worse can it?
  9. morty

    Raiders v Toulouse and FIFA World Cup

    thing is they are flying in Saturday I believe
  10. morty


    Didn't get to the game (listened in on the radio) and not justifying any shenanigans but we are playing with busted up players at the moment and had a local amateur on the bench (again) as we are that short on bodies due to longer term injuries. Its getting very tight at the lower end of the Championship now...lots to play for
  11. morty


    whos going to chair it tho?
  12. morty

    Club Statement

    im starting to get a bad feeling about this!
  13. morty

    Shane Toal

    Shane's dislocated his knee ... the injury gods are giving us a hard time alright !!!
  14. Derwent I think you already know but SL clubs couldn't give a flying fluke about teams in the leagues below .... I fear for a lot of clubs in both Championship + L1
  15. morty

    Barrow nearly folded this week

    And now our friends at the cougars .....sad sad state of affairs