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  1. Michael I thought the same but with the injuries both before and during the game we did well to get the victory.......we are a well busted up team at the moment
  2. well with Declan looking like hes out long term after the Skolars game (hope not), Oli Wilkes has a dead leg, Charnock took a knock to the head (concussion????) and Cressy breaking his hand in training during the week we are looking seriously thin in the backs now so players out in the backs are Litherland, Hulme, Cresswell, Wiper, all injured, Fleming retired now ...... should we be getting a couple of short term loans to help out? Dunno where from but we are thin!! Also how far away is Brad Crellin ,,,, has been out for about 8 weeks so far?
  3. 56-12 win for Toronto
  4. Wow bloody hell mr defensive .... nobody mentioned it was the reason for the close score (only you!!!!). Its player welfare concerns that people are on about...after all its a semi professional sport isnt it ? Proper changing facitities should be a prioity no more no less .... most amateur teams have this facility so not to be able to organise a 1/2 time changing room is very very poor so dont throw the teddy out the pram at Skolars deficiencies. Well played to the Skolars today i for one didnt expect such a close game. Good luck getting into the top 8!! Oh and by the way it was 10 points not 6 ;-)
  5. if that is true there should be massive fines for failing to ensure players welfare
  6. Charnock had to go off with a head injuryand Oli Wilkes suffered a dead leg as well
  7. What ..... it didnt mention that on the commentary?
  8. Well Barrow DONT use DR and obviously Toronto dont
  9. Shame about Chris retiring due to work commitments .... cheers for the efforts Chris hope your business venture is successful!
  10. Hi Ron.....I was going to post something but thought what's the point as there's hardly any interest on here anymore...The game was entertaining enough once again a lot of mistakes but in light of Cru's game plan of trying to take our heads off, time wasting etc I thought we won comfortably in the end. The defence was a lot better as well in the main. Good win...
  11. Please tell me you beat them :-)
  12. Well thats the worst we have played this season.....did we actually complete many sets without knocking on, forward/wayward passes, least it's 2 pts in the bag but improvement needed. If we play like that at Donny we will lose!! Flanagan is a very good player but has always been a hothead + constantly mouthing off at referee's. If he stuck to playing rugby he would be in a division higher!!
  13. enjoyed the game even tho' my fingernails didnt. weve won a bit of silverware ..... fantastic :-) We needed that win to restore a bit of confidence as well Thought Crusaders were excellent .. easily the best side (Leeds and Toronto aside) we have come up against. We need to sort our defence out ... whats happened to our early season goal line defensive line?
  14. should be a great atmosphere as there are quite a few going from Barrow
  15. Cru are playing us at the right time .... if they play well and we underperform ...for whatever reason... they could win this !!! Hopefully Cresta will have the boys back up for this but who knows ????