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  1. Ron I only copied the alleged list as it was already out there wasn't meaning to point any fingers
  2. Allegedly (from a thread on another clubs forum on here) the teams who voted with the SL at the EGM last Friday were:- Sheffield, Leigh, Rochdale, Oldham, Workington, Whitehaven, Doncaster, Coventry, London Scholars
  3. should be banned sine die if found guilty
  4. morty

    Martyn Saddlers proposal

    more chance of getting a 4000 crowd against Swinton on sunday
  5. morty

    Salford sep 8

    Not only St Lukes chippy either Kman ..... all other chippies are on alert when hes in town ;-)
  6. Don't know who put that statement on the Raiders feed but the reason we lost was giving too many daft penalties away and running with a totally busted side
  7. Leigh should be playing to the best of their ability .... there are other teams affected by their "nothing to play for " attitude not just themselves !!
  8. morty

    Barrow v Batley

    well done Batley best team in every department today....Raiders were awful
  9. morty

    The next time we aren't going to bother.......

    Awful today.....................less than 50% completion and woeful tackling at times!! Batley didn't have to be good today.. they just did the basics right
  10. morty

    New league structure revealed

    do away with the summer bash waste of time IMO
  11. morty

    Statement from our Chairman

    Thanks for the update Steve
  12. morty


    Yeah Richie he has a scan on his back this week but the prognosis doesn't look good....such a shame
  13. morty

    As Elvis once said....It's now or never....

    all games are important but concentrate on victories against Batley and Swinton at home. Leigh didn't seem to take their foot off the gas against Sheffield !!
  14. morty


    Jane Im taking this matter will be passed onto the Chairman on his return?
  15. morty

    Shane Toal

    for gods sake !!!