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  1. It's Newcastle

    Very very good post Captain and very true.
  2. Playoff Semi

    so if I bring two friends (difficult as I don't have any ;-)) it will really only cost 3 times as much :-)
  3. It's Newcastle

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ What he said
  4. Playoff Semi

    Now we are at the business end of the season is the Semi and potential Final ALL pay for everyone?
  5. EGM

    there was a small article in the RL press regarding possible potential investors interested in the club ???? Anyone know any more on this?
  6. It's Newcastle

    reasonable mate but I don't know what the club has to do to get the lost supporters back
  7. The season starts now

    agreed Ron ... damage limitation succeeded tonight now the real stuff begins
  8. good hard game of RL. Toronto are a very good side who even without strengthening will more than hold there own in the Championship. Happy with the Raiders effort and commitment and they deserved a try or 2.

    Rooster...............that wooden spoon of yours is back out is it lol
  10. OJX..... im sure you will be coming over for the game so I will buy you a beer :-)
  11. Well OJX im sure if we do go up we will give you a big big welcome here in Barrow as its overdue ;-)
  12. The Raiders team is still a strong one even without Hulme, Toal and Fieldhouse. Its true Wiper is playing his 1st game of the season after a long term Knee injury/surgery but I suspect he will play on the wing. The forwards are the players who have rotated all season. I really hope we can put up a better showing than last time and give you guys a game??
  13. Toronto take2

    York only sent 14 to toulouse last year .... nobody mentioned that being a disgrace. ...Renfrew u obviously have a problem with us so to save any hassle just keep off here and leave us to do what we like