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  1. Due to being through to Round 6 of the Challenge cup our away game at Keighley has been brought forward to Wednesday 10th May 7:30pm KO Lads will be knackered for the cup game ????
  2. Fair play George ... however we also were without 5 of what would be classed as starting 17 players ...the difference being we have players of the same calibre to come into the side as cover ..... regarding the ref cant comment as I wasnt there but over the last couple of home games we have had the same issues with referees so maybe they are favouring the away sides ?????
  3. big loss but a good side can bring in another player to cover ...Brad Marwood or Dan Abram will get an extended run probably ... Karl Ashall is nearing a return to cover hooker so Dan can revert to his true position if necessary. Oh and Dally has taken a lot of off the ball hits without the ball in the last year or so after kicking for touch ... how come some of these have never been cited?
  4. so what your saying is Amor is a thug .... that's what you are inferring?
  5. so if its 3-5 games for the grade D offence why 6 matches ? The amount of times Dally has taken a late hit after kicking the ball in the last couple of seasons with no action by the officials as well ... doesnt compute ??
  6. When is the disciplinary hearing for these offences? Guess the sanction of 3-5 means games??
  7. The defence should know the rules just like the attacking side do David ;-)
  8. Won 50-6
  9. Brennans injured
  10. If you play with the same drive and guts shown at Craven park you will beat Haven quite convincingly
  11. That is very likely David
  12. Jamie Doran was excellent last night fact all your players were.... you would've beaten any Other side in the division (bar 1 ;-) ). I really do think Clarke will get you right up in the top 5 by the end of the season.
  13. The ref was awful wish he had swallowed his whistle completely ruined the flowing rugby not allowed. You had 80% of the possession in the 2nd half but wernt smart enough to get more points. Barrow were awful worst we have been this season..cresta will drop some of those playing tonight ad rightly so as we have others hungry to get in the side...good luck next week against Haven....
  14. Ref totally ruined the game free flowing rugby can be played with an idiot like that in the middle....played to workys spoiling tactics in the 1st half..... Ho hum any supporters going tonight to watch a good flowing game won't be back I'm afraid ... good win ###### game...