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  1. Keighley Friendly

    good run out defence looked a little suspect at times but im sure Cresta will work on that. Cressy was my mom.
  2. barrow

    nobody at the club is under any illusions that staying up is going to be anything but difficult ... money talks and Barrow don't have much to spare just like the other clubs in the bottom few of the Championship ... my thoughts go out to Rochdale and hope they can get through this difficult period !!
  3. Barrow fan view of the RFL

    Wiggy there is too much common sense for the RFL to do something like your proposing ;-)
  4. Jono Smith

    we desperately need another quality centre IMHO
  5. Glenn Riley

    Welcome Glenn good signing...Where has Dan gone then??
  6. 2018 Squad

    If the Wilkes rumours are true (to be confirmed as yet?) I have a suspicion it may be due to the money offered AND the away trips to Toronto and Toulouse with the mount of time off needed to play in these games? Also suspect it was the same as Dawso as well but his moving to Seascale and 1st baby on the way will have played its part in his decision to leave the Raiders
  7. shane toal

    good luck Shane
  8. Big loss

    don't think Liam will travel as hes very busy working for Dong Energy so would stuggle to train
  9. 2018 Squad - Ins & Outs

    possibly add Marwood to the list of to agree new deals?
  10. shane toal

    deserved has been great this year
  11. Scotland squad

    stop dredging up old news and spouting your usual ######
  12. 2018 Squad - Ins & Outs

    maybe he will end up at Haven or Worky?
  13. EGM

    No the Italian is a prop not sure who tho
  14. EGM

    no idea mate
  15. EGM

    no thats spot on Penno