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  1. rugby league is a far superior game to football, the fans are more genuine and players approachable and amenable.
  2. good effort from all the lads today and we have Oli Wilkes, Dan Toal, Brett Carter, & Mossy to come in as well !!
  3. As a Barrow fan no its too late
  4. strange hes gone to Haven ...what with their world class squad surely he wont get many games? :-)
  5. certainly better than the braves monika we had for a while but I still refer to them as Barrow RL
  6. All Sunday 2pm kick offs 18th Dec v Barrow & District select 15th Jan v Oldham 22nd Jan v Haven 29th Jan v Coventry 5th Feb v Keighley
  7. Dan Abram and Nathan Mossop added to deffo list
  8. Im sure they will bend over backwards to keep Bulls in the Championship
  9. maybe run with 1 team less in the Champ for one season and promote 3 at the end of this season? One thing for sure they will bend over backwards and do anything possible to keep Bulls in the Championship
  10. Brett Carter added
  11. great asset and most of Workys proper followers wanted Brett to stay
  12. no way can admin please remove them all please?
  13. Cresta added
  14. HOORAH at last .... probably the most important signing of the close season !!
  15. big loss ... I hope it is amicable and theres no fall outs behind the scenes?