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  1. Im under no illusions that any team (Toronto excepted) will have to strengthen massively to stay up!!
  2. Sure is Donald ... hopefully we can give you more of a game this time around ????
  3. Great im away for the Worky game !!!
  4. Wonder ...... Totally agree but so does Brad Marwood with his sharper ball distribution from acting half
  5. Hes been outstanding for us so far mate ... and was probably one of the better ones last sunday (not difficult as we were poor!).
  6. wonder....Water carrier Harper picked up an injury last week that's why he didn't start
  7. Stacks in the centres due to us being down to 1 semi fit centre in Hulme (who is also playing with a busted elbow). We are woefully short in the backs but it was the forwards who didnt compete on sunday ... very very poor and if we continue like that we wont win another game ...cant believe we will play so badly again but credit to Haven who did their homework on Crestas tactics
  8. sometimes it isn't about the visa problem ... its more to do with the guys getting time off work for the duration of the trip as well as some work shifts etc and if they cant swap shifts with someone they cant go !!!! Don't forget all other squads in league 1 are only part time!!
  9. Cant blame it on injuries as I feel that was almost the strongest team we could field at present... Cresta if you read this forum please please please put Stacky back in the 2nd row where he belongs as he is wasted in the centre. I know we are light on centres but Harper was sat on the bench as 18th man!! Not going to mention any other names but there are one or two players who have gone backwards since May and the week from hell !!
  10. spot on that Wonder .... Haven were far superior .... at this moment in time they are the favorites to go up
  11. any team that goes up will have to spend a lot of pennies to have a chance of staying up (Toronto excluded)
  12. the Toronto result is of little significance to me ... just get it out of the way and get back to the proper super 8's or whatever the f*ck they are called
  13. we were awful ... the worst ive seen us under Cresta ... well played Haven thought bossed us all ends up and every one of their players wanted it more than we did Dont know what Crestas gameplan was but if the players carried it out it was totally wrong at least Hammy won the British GP ... put me in a good mood prior to the game :-)
  14. good effort Michael
  15. oh please let this be correct!!