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  1. GeordieSaint


    I expect to see a different Fury; he’ll attempt to win by boxing in the ring. May be a bit early though...
  2. GeordieSaint


    What are the chances of Fury not skipping around and boxing properly?
  3. GeordieSaint

    70% off Challenge Cup tickets

    I wouldn’t expect anymore than 50k considering the amount of support Catalan are bringing. Warrington whilst well supported are not a big city side like Hull or Leeds, which further reduces the attendance in comparison to last year’s 68k. On a personal note, you should give the RFL a call as I’d be surprised if you are still in the top tier...
  4. Plays like Cunningham... (or plays like he coaches).
  5. Is Drinkwater staying in France next year?
  6. Great try from Catalan if this is given...
  7. The SKY commentators just suggested a few players were pointing at something; probably Thornley for the reason you said.
  8. It was a great try but simply awful defence from Thornley.
  9. Easy win in the end for Salford. Widnes are away at Toulouse next? Ouch...
  10. Finn and Hansen haven’t improved this Widnes side at all.
  11. Game over... Evalds under the sticks. 26-6
  12. In more ways than one... (Hastings is a good player)