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  1. At the link: Thoughts?
  2. Bots and elections.

    Welcome to the modern age; the age of disinformation on a global scale. We clearly are not squeaky clean but the Russians have taken it to the next level.
  3. Exactly. I thought you'd blown it to be honest being really wasteful in a couple of sets on their line. The kicking game was magnificent and simply pinned them back all game making them attack from deep time and time again. Catalan simply couldn't adapt due to a lack of invention, direction, pace and class. Genuinely gutted for the French RL but Widnes were well deserved winners.
  4. I thought Widnes were excellent tonight. Bitterly disappointed by Catalan.
  5. Same tactic time and time again... shift in left then kick for Inu. Awful by Catalan.
  6. Another shocker of a set from Widnes. Will it haunt them?
  7. Didn't take it... really poor set.
  8. Widnes have had all the best field position in attacking positions. They must make one count otherwise Catalan will win this.
  9. Craven's kicking game is outstanding tonight.
  10. Two-point fest... Again I'd have run that.