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  1. “The report says that Trump's lawyers argued that his constitutional authority to terminate an FBI director and end investigations "cannot constitutionally constitute obstruction of justice". But the Mueller team "concluded that Congress can validly regulate the President's exercise of official duties to prohibit actions motivated by a corrupt intent to obstruct justice."
  2. “The Mueller report also discusses the alleged existence of “pee tapes” that claim to show Donald Trump engaging in sexual conduct with Russian prostitutes during his trip to the country for the 2013 Miss Universe Pageants. Michael Cohen received a text from a Russian businessman 30 October 2016 that said “Stopped flow of tapes from Russia but not sure if there’s anything else. Just so you know….” The existence of compromising tapes surrounding Donald Trump in Russia appear to have been confirmed in the Mueller report. In a second message, Rtskhiladze wrote to Michael Cohen about "compromising tapes of Trump rumored to be held by persons associated with the Russian real estate conglomerate Crocus Group, which had helped host the 2013 Miss Universe Pageant in Russia.”
  3. The bits I am interested are the redacted analysis elements of the 9 Jun meeting and who is redacted as part of the President’s conduct alongside Manafort and Manafort.
  4. GJ, I’d suggest the difference between a detention centre and a refugee centre is the first would be where enemy combatants/prisoners of war are held in a jail-type facility whilst the latter houses civilians fleeing fighting in an area. Both are normally strictly controlled by civilian or military authorities with access on an ad-hoc basis. As far as I can tell from reports, she’s in the latter. The camp will be controlled by the SDF who are aligned to the US.
  5. Wow... Quite a powerful argument highlighting the UK’s complete ineptitude and outright incompetence on this issue. How far we have fallen... we’ll never regain our prestige and our hard won international standing IMO.
  6. Leicester at Home might be a banana skin for them too... big Brendan to exorcise the ghosts from 2014? Disagree about Spurs rolling over; fighting for the CL next year... can’t see them taking any points though - but hoping for a draw!
  7. I thought we had a half a chance before last night. I am now convinced City won’t drop any league points as the CL isn’t now a distraction.
  8. He’d fit in well with your RL newspaper then...
  9. That poll tells me 3 x things: a. Despite the nightmare situation we currently find ourselves in, UK politics remains tribal; a sad inditement of the electorate. b. The anti-Brexit parties are not capturing the public imagination. c. The Corbyn brand despite being the individual being incompetent remains strong.
  10. I meant generally - poorly articulated sorry.
  11. We spoke about this on the other thread - naivety, being manipulated and an unwillingness to listen to views that go against their own perceptions. That’s the UK political scene currently. Personally, I’d always take the opposite view to whatever the Russians want as it’ll never be good for our nation.
  12. Lib Dem despite the incompetence of the leader. I think the likes of Swinson and Brake are doing as much as they can with the cluster of a situation. They are also a true anti-Brexit Party (along with the SNP); the jury is still out on the Change lot IMO.
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