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  2. Me too - internet piled in around Round 9. The 5th Round was spectacular and how Joshua come back after the 6th was incredible. Brilliant fight and fair play to both blokes for being incredibly sporting after - very refreshing at heavyweight level.
  3. If they finished 2nd with more home games, anything is possible.
  4. EU negotiating strategy unanimously agreed across the 27 members; took less time than a train journey from Wigan to St Helens. Let's hope the government actually have a strategy...
  5. No doubt Donald has no personal interest in this:
  6. Even that's an understatement. A MC is the 3rd highest award for gallantry against the enemy; very few are ever given that award. To then win a VC on top of that... well that beggars belief. Words really don't do justice to Harrison's bravery so absolutely agree the tribute was fantastic. Well done Hull.
  7. Donald likes to blame anyone and everyone for his failures rather than himself and his 'party' - he's a baffoon!
  8. What time is the fight expected to start?
  9. Genuinely looking forward to it.
  10. Progress in what: life or at a university? If the former then I think that is a load of rubbish.
  11. His time will come. The squad is only 20 players this time around and both Hall/McGilvary are proven international quality; they are the first choice. If Johnstone continues to play exceptionally well for the rest of the year, I hope he makes the WC squad.
  12. The Today programme tried to hold him to account on the NHS this morning; difficult to get anything of substance out of him with "wait for the manifesto" being the main response or about Brexit negotiations.