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  1. Not sure Catalan could break an egg with a sledgehammer this evening.
  2. Nice to see McIllorum on the field for a change.
  3. After the WC, Watkins is the best centre in the world IMO. Not much between both centres last night but I think Watkins had a half a break at some point to edge the battle with Percival. Good contest between those two.
  4. Draining the swamp or the political assassination of someone doing his job...? 2 days before retirement too.
  5. That was in reference to Lomax.
  6. Very poor tonight - simply not at the races in attack.
  7. Well done Leeds; not pretty but deserved. Saints poor despite 3 good tries.
  8. Game over now. Saints have scored 3 really good tries but otherwise been poor.
  9. I was actually thinking of someone else... right side of the Pennines though. πŸ™‚
  10. You can’t say that;; a melodramatic poster will have you for it!πŸ˜‰
  11. Jeez... another great tackle to deny Watkins!!! Lomax...
  12. Jeez... great tackle by Barba. Credit to Grace too.
  13. This is a poor game; Saints have been rubbish. So scrappy.