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  1. Nothing but a No Deal Brexit will suit now for some; Saintslass appears to be one of them.
  2. The risk for Stewart is actually winning the contest. Right now would be a poisoned chalice.
  3. Raab looks very uncomfortable and really doesn’t like Rory Stewart.
  4. Stewart, Gove, Hunt in that order are the better candidates here. Javid and Raab are pretty awful...
  5. He’d make an excellent Foreign Secretary IMO - right up his street with his KSE. Would be refreshing to have a professional in the role...
  6. Sadly - we were unsuccessful on Mt Blanc. Vast amounts of falling snow, strong winds and severe avalanche risk meant we had to turn back at the Grand Couloir. Someone would have died if we had tried so made the call not to risk anyone’s lives. Gutted but the right call. Stunning photos though and an epic fitness work out in that snow!
  7. Less than 2yrs ago, he was in the World XIII and arguably the best centre in the WC. Then the injury.
  8. In the Alps this week. Have been attempting to acclimatise on Gran Paradiso before heading up Mt Blanc later in the week. But we’ve been thwarted so far by deep but very soft wet snow. Went up to 3200m yesterday and spent half the time digging ourselves out when we disappeared in the soft snow. Calves, hamstrings and lower back are on fire today...
  9. Critical point made right here in bold... electability on a national level. Do you get that with Johnson?
  10. That’s the issue. It was the same in the World Cup. There’s no creativity or ball retention capability in there. So up against top quality opposition, we are found out.
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