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  1. I don't think Sinn Fein are attempting to escalate the troubles but they are certainly using this as a vehicle to further their cause; a United Ireland. It was balantantly obvious after the referendum result that a breakdown in the power sharing agreement would happen; even more so now after the withdrawal from the Single Market... the RHI is just the vehicle to do it. I work with a number of NI Unionists and they do say NI has changed dramatically. Whilst they are fervently British, they don't want to go back to borders, splitting of families or any of the issues of the past so genuinely stated if there was a referendum and the result was to leave the UK and form a United Ireland, they'd be ok with that. Clearly others won't but peace has altered the dynamics in NI hugely; Sinn Fein have a sniff and they are going for it.
  2. Someone has mentioned the RFL's Strategic Plan - who is holding Wood and Rimmer to account for that plan? Who is holding them and their staff account for failing to meet Sport England targets? Who's holding the Four Nations lead for failing to meet his targets? The RFL constantly make targets and largely fail to meet them in many areas of the game but nobody is held to account; we simply hear the same dits spun by Wood and his mates whilst the RFL Board sit there and don't really do anything other than endorse Wood's grand plan to remain in the job for as long as he can. What would good look like is a great question; it'd be different for everyone and you know as well as I do that the game is and has always been fragmented. I'd personally like to see a governing body that is held accountable for failure and provides some clear decision making which benefits the whole sport. I'd like to fixed term stints of 4-5yrs for key RFL appointments (including the board) where the game has ability to remove people like Wood from post if they fail to meet their targets and display some real leadership.
  3. I always hear people saying there isn't enough money in the sport. The sport has more money in it than ever before with a £200m Sky TV deal, BBC TV deal etc plus clubs with multi-millionaire owners. The real problem with the sport is summed up perfectly by this quote: "There is a lack of transparency and accountability at the top. There is a desperate need for strong leadership going forward."
  4. I haven't implied he is... (not intentionally anyway).
  5. Protectionism, isolation and nationalism... nothing has ever gone wrong when a country follows that mantra... Putin must be laughing his socks off.
  6. IF he stays fit and IF he shows the right attitude and IF he gets a work permit, this will be a great signing. Big IF though...
  7. Interesting developments in Copeland. Enough to hold the seat?
  8. I'd suggest their point is that ranking is at risk of being lost as the service is being eroded and despite the ranking, continuous improvement is essential.
  9. Some really good articles on that site. There is a huge political war going on for the heart and soul of the Western world and it's the Russians winning currently.
  10. Odds on him actually following through with that statement?
  11. It doesn't make them look weak; it's an attempt to warn 'our friends' not to sell our operatives out. We have some pretty good strategic capabilities in our disposal that even the Americans need. No better place to warn them than in the media. (All that of course depends on if it was the Security Services leaking information)
  12. I see HSBC have confirmed around 1000 investment banker positions are off to Paris. Reading the BBC comments section is interesting; some are very happy they are leaving. Whilst I understand people's hatred/disdain for bankers, the loss of 1000 40-45% income tax payers isn't something to rejoice at, especially if more banks like UBS et al do follow suit.
  13. I'd forgotten about that... it bit like the £350m a week claim!
  14. I don't disagree with much of that; just the bit in bold. Scotland (the constituencies) on mass voted to remain in the EU; every single one of her MPs are therefore entitled to represent the views of their constituents. I have no doubt her intent is to demand another referendum for an independent Scotland but let's not forget her MPs are entitled to oppose what's put before them at Westminster.
  15. I listened to the interview; no recognition that the EU's interests may actually change as they seek to manoeuvre negotiations to favour them as the UK becomes a competitor rather than a member. I really hope he's right but lots of blue sky optimism being thrown around; the reality may be a little bit different.