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  1. Is Russia a threat?

    Old man! 😉 In all seriousness, the Russians are far too clever to get into a conventional war with the West but Gen Carter is absolutely right to talk about the degradation of UK military capability. You once said on here we must plan for the if, not when scenario. We are overmatched by the Russians in key areas; that’s not the state of play we want to find ourselves in.
  2. Is Russia a threat?

    Define direct? Russian military capabilities are a daily direct threat to UK interests in the Cyber domain - fourth domain in a military sense nowadays; this threat emanating from Russia (and a couple of other States) have been on the radar long before ISIS appeared.
  3. There’s your issue straight away... no senior experience. The sport needs a professional head; a focal point to drive change and turn the game into a modern, 21st century sport. You won’t get that from someone with a degree and a bit of experience in commerce and marketing; you need someone with successful CEO experience in a non-RL organisation and if that means we have to pay extensive bucks to someone, then so be it.
  4. Sport accord petition

    Why observer status out of interest? Do we not meet the criteria?
  5. Those nice tories

    As is thinking technology is the key to future conflict and that our enemies won’t adapt and develop their capabilities. We’ve already fallen behind near peers in our ability to manoeuvre, survive and deliver lethal force on the battlefield across all four domains due to a lack of investment and complacency. We also haven’t learned any lessons from Iraq and Afghanistan that technology cannot replace mass and boots on the ground. The Armed Forces are in a right old mess and close to completely falling apart.
  6. Army adverts

    You’ve lost me here... that’s what I said - the nation’s youth.
  7. Army adverts

    Yet close colleagues of mine, serving and gay, have no dramas with it eventhough it’s not be aimed at them. It’s aimed at the country’s youth as already stated.
  8. Army adverts

    Not you - 15-26yr olds predominately and they are very different to you and those individuals commentating in the press.
  9. Army adverts

    Meh! 😂 It is used to be a big establishment for RL; formal links with Penrith Panthers in Oz with tours regularly taking place. All that fell by the wayside with budget cuts and little rugby of either code taking place now.
  10. Those nice tories

    Link to some of the proposals being looked at very seriously by the Treasury having liaised with the old Fallon regime: Current Defence Secretary rightly fighting such proposals.
  11. Those nice tories

    If elements of this government get their way, you are looking at the systematic destruction of the British Armed Forces. The figures currently quoted in the press are only half the story with the key component of fighting power, morale, quickly being eroded by decisions made by this government. There will be no Armed Forces left to protect the nation if this continues.
  12. Army adverts

    I am the Chief Instructor at an Army Basic Training Establishment responsible for 1/4 of all Army recruits per year, I don’t care if recruits cry, worship Allah/Aliens or like someone of the same sex; what I do care about is someone’s ability to handle a weapon, apply functional skills, show signs of leadership potential and operate within a team construct. Those who can’t don’t get through the training pipeline. Yep, training is (rightly) different to the 1970s but anyone who suggests to me that my generation and the current generation of recruits don’t have the minerals, aggression or fighting spirit of previous generations don’t know what they are talking about. The Army in my 15yrs has always been a broad church of ethnicities, genders, sexual preferences etc and has been through the most intense combat experiences since the Second World War. The likes of Moore, Farage and IDS are outdated middle-aged men wearing rose-tinted glasses that don’t see reality.
  13. Fantasy RL for SL & the Championship

    I usually set up the SL Dream Team league but got sick of easily winning it each year... Jannerboy was an awful coach!! 😂
  14. How will Wigan go this season?

    Awful hopefully...
  15. Army adverts

    I’ll pop next door and speak to a counsellor.