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  1. During the Coalition period or wider?
  2. An horrendous decision and absolutely shows where the Tory priorities lie.
  3. Which policy document is all that in or has he stated that's his position since he became the leader?
  4. Isn't Fox in the pocket off some unsavoury Corporations in the US?
  5. Well done Halifax - over the course of the weekly rounds, they've deserved it picking up more points. As for Toulouse, I am sure they'll be disappointed but it's still a brilliant season for them. Comparing their season to Rochdale who were also promoted... awesome first season in the Championship and no doubt they'll grow and be better prepared next season with some new guys to support the drive to SL.
  6. Why lie about it?
  7. I honestly don't know. There's a moral and economic issue and they are interlinked. I am just not sure a unilateral decision to stop selling arms to regimes like Saudis in the current climate is a sensible idea.
  8. In all seriousness, do you think the French would buy into that? Agree with the point though; 20% of the World's economy would be difficult to ignore for the Saudis and I'd be on board. Slightly more difficult if UK PLC made such a decision unilaterally.
  9. I agree - but I understand our actions of not selling weapons will have no effect on Saudi actions anywhere as they'll simply by those weapons from someone else. The primary effect of our actions will simply be an economic one on ourselves. I personally don't think ceasing arms sales to the Saudis will have any impact on terrorism; preventing Saudi money funding Wahbabist mosques in the UK is more effective for that issue. But like I said, it's a hugely complex issue with both moral and economic factors in play; I don't know where I sit... clearly UK PLC has a clear opinion.
  10. I find selling arms to regimes like the Saudis difficult to justify morally but economically more easily justifiable; we are inexplicably linked to the Saudis in a number of different ways. So the question is do we risk economic damage (the Russians, Chinese and French would be selling the weapons to the Saudis as soon as we stopped) or take the moral high ground?
  11. It's all about cost; lowest bid whilst ticking the boxes gets you the contract. Pearson TQ have done this with the education provision at my current location. Then failed their targets...
  12. Teaching assistants are a luxury: I'll tell my daughter that when she goes to school.
  13. Of course he has; we never bend the rules in our sport much... (No idea if he has)
  14. Are you suggesting procurement teams can't be influenced? If you are, you are sadly mistaken. Many private companies winning such contracts are normally littered with ex-government workers still in contact with their former colleagues. There are many channels with Ministers and MPs to influence decision-making other than simply having a vote.
  15. CIA/Deep State conspiracy...