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  1. Progress in what: life or at a university? If the former then I think that is a load of rubbish.
  2. His time will come. The squad is only 20 players this time around and both Hall/McGilvary are proven international quality; they are the first choice. If Johnstone continues to play exceptionally well for the rest of the year, I hope he makes the WC squad.
  3. The Today programme tried to hold him to account on the NHS this morning; difficult to get anything of substance out of him with "wait for the manifesto" being the main response or about Brexit negotiations.
  4. Most of our attacking strike gone...
  5. I fractured my neck playing in the East 9s about 3yrs ago; it didn't get picked up by the hospital when I was sent a few days later by work. Unfortunately, I now struggle for neck mobility and occasional migraines. I wish Laithwaite all the best.
  6. It's Saint Toppy looking for his fancy piece (Jimmy Krankie) he's worried about... doesn't want to get mistaken for her!
  7. Some of it made sense i.e. the SDSR. Other elements didn't and again he left an open goal for critics to exploit hence the Labour Party having to clarify hours later.
  8. Likely 1st round results: Initial estimates according to Ipsos-Sopra Steria poll for France Télévisions: Emmanuel Macron: 23.7% Marine Le Pen: 21.7% François Fillon: 19.5% Jean-Luc Mélenchon: 19.5 % Benoît Hamon: 6.2% Nicolas Dupont-Aignan: 5% Jean Lassalle: 1.5% Philippe Poutou: 1.2% François Asselineau: 0.8% Nathalie Arthaud: 0.7% Jacques Cheminade: 0.2% So Macron vs Le Pen in the decider.
  9. I remember reading Murphy's Law by the one and only Alex Murphy growing up; loved it!
  10. Ah, we are talking about different types; I was referring to the fast jet Offrs... the helicopter lot are alright! My wife is a RAF Offr (Logs) and she agrees ref the fast jet lot! Current CDS is a prime example... horrible little man. I'll give you that ref the RA Offrs too; the 7RHA lot are excellent examples! I tend to get frustrated by some Offrs who pretend to be somebody they are not; usually involving brightly coloured chinos in the Mess to imitate the RAC. The Guards and RAC tend to very posh but genuinely good blokes so when you get someone from the REME, RA or R SIGNALS playing the posh guy, they come across as a bunch of choppers.
  11. Pfffftttt... are you still bitter about Haig sending you "over the top"? 😉 I am doubting your judgement ref RAF Offrs... have you ever met a pilot? Most self-absorbed and stuck up characters on the planet... the RN lot whilst a bit wierd at times are the most like the Army in my opinion.
  12. Some goal by Matic at Wembley... wow!
  13. He hasn't really. As GJ states below, those points have already been covered by the LGBT group. Details in the link: The truth is usually a little different to how Twitter and the papers spin it. I still believe the Tories actually fear the impact the Lib Dems can have on reducing their majority in areas like the Greater London fringes and the South West; it's why Farron's apparent homophobia were dragged up so quickly to try and undermine him and his party. No doubt it will have worked with some people rather than any real research into Farron's actions. Yes, there have been a couple of incidents highlighting potentially poor judgement on his behalf but by and large, he's pro-choice and pro-LGBT rights professionally even if he supposedly thinks differently in his personal life.
  14. Which Catalan will turn up...? Play like they did on Monday and they may well turn Wigan over...