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  1. Some really good articles on that site. There is a huge political war going on for the heart and soul of the Western world and it's the Russians winning currently.
  2. Odds on him actually following through with that statement?
  3. It doesn't make them look weak; it's an attempt to warn 'our friends' not to sell our operatives out. We have some pretty good strategic capabilities in our disposal that even the Americans need. No better place to warn them than in the media. (All that of course depends on if it was the Security Services leaking information)
  4. I see HSBC have confirmed around 1000 investment banker positions are off to Paris. Reading the BBC comments section is interesting; some are very happy they are leaving. Whilst I understand people's hatred/disdain for bankers, the loss of 1000 40-45% income tax payers isn't something to rejoice at, especially if more banks like UBS et al do follow suit.
  5. I'd forgotten about that... it bit like the £350m a week claim!
  6. I don't disagree with much of that; just the bit in bold. Scotland (the constituencies) on mass voted to remain in the EU; every single one of her MPs are therefore entitled to represent the views of their constituents. I have no doubt her intent is to demand another referendum for an independent Scotland but let's not forget her MPs are entitled to oppose what's put before them at Westminster.
  7. I listened to the interview; no recognition that the EU's interests may actually change as they seek to manoeuvre negotiations to favour them as the UK becomes a competitor rather than a member. I really hope he's right but lots of blue sky optimism being thrown around; the reality may be a little bit different.
  8. Brexiters - "#fakenews #fakenews #fakenews #fakenews" (Despite video evidence to the contrary)
  9. Possibly both according to the PM: "It would, to all intents and purposes mean not leaving the EU at all. That is why both sides in the referendum campaign made it clear that a vote to leave the EU would be a vote to leave the single market."
  10. Walter, hope you don't mind, shifted this here before we got 'wrong' off the moderators for going off topic. I don't think it's a question of 'how they can work in the province' but 'why haven't they been working in the province '? I think the Russians don't really give a hoot about ISIS and the threat they pose. They are fully aware that the West have fully taken their eye off the rest of the Syrian conflict to focus on ISIS and the Russians are taking advantage of it to manoeuvre the wider conflict towards their own narrative (they've largely succeeded in doing that). Russia (and I know this is true of every other actor) have clear goals to protect/expand their military bases in Western Syria and to prevent more oil/gas getting to Europe via alternate means than their own pipelines; you'd just never know it as they are excellent at the (mis) information game. Palmyra was an international news story hence their action there but it's quite clear once that media attention went elsewhere, so did the Russians... Don't get me wrong WS, I know you think I am a one-eyed and don't see anything other than through a western prism; you are wrong. It's pretty clear the West do things for it's own interest (doesn't everyone?!) rather than for the sake of humanity unless it's something pretty substantial threat such as ISIS. But my experiences and some pretty damning evidence tells me the Russians don't actually give a hoot even if the threat is substantial and are even bigger liars than we are; their narrative on ISIS being just one of many examples.
  11. Until someone at the organisation starts to display some real leadership and management skills, these incidents will continue. Far too much 'jobs for the boys' practice throughout the sport.
  12. More than he already has done?
  13. I'd be surprised if that was actually written down anywhere. There's a Telegraph article from very early in Jan 15 stating she'd already had loans from the Russians; she'd have been paid off almost immediately after the Russians invaded Crimea.
  14. I already know that but they are minor actions against ISIS. The absolute bulk of fighting against ISIS formations is being carried out by US-backed forces in the north and east. It's the Russians who need to get serious about fighting ISIS.