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  1. If you don't think journalists are also agents/contacts for MI5 or MI6 etc etc ... I suppose there must be one or two Cultural Attaches who really do come to London for the opera ...
  2. Except he's not predicting apocalypse, not really. Just stating that the hard work is still to come. Some of it quite basic - for example within two years we need to know what is to happen to the EU nationals here, how that is to be done (and to have implemented that) and the ongoing legal framework for it - and a lot of it very complex, some of which is now out of Britain's control as to how it will pan it. If you shriek Project Fear in reaction to that then there's a serious problem with reality amongst the Brexit cheer squad.
  3. Liar! It was very clear that this was a vote to control immigration, leave the single market etc despite that not being the ballot question. There is no way* that Leave campaigned to minorities from former Commonwealth countries telling them that leaving the EU would make it easier for their families to join them here. * They did. But it doesn't matter because remoaners or something.
  4. Typical Remoaner wanting a running commentary and for Glorious Britannia to show our hand to the Hun before we even sit down at the negotiating table. Have you never played poker before?
  5. Did the Conservatives teach you spelling and grammar?
  6. Not an issue. Nige and Donald have had a chat and Putin's told them not to worry their pretty little heads.
  7. I could have sworn leavers said anything said during the campaign was just an aspiration, a thought, a suggestion. Hence why there were so many of them and so contradictory. You can find official leave campaigners saying that leaving the single market is a ridiculous notion, for example. I guess it's good though. The NHS could do with that extra £350m per week. And a final thought: for all the accusations that 'remoaners' and 'lefties' do the name calling, there isn't half a lot of personal stuff from the handful of free thinkers on this board. Like a default setting for their posts.
  8. A genuine Q: Does Trump have power to sign off such a deal himself or does he need Congress?
  9. Including some who use Obamacare and don't realise it. The subject of many pieces these past few months.
  10. And I haven't criticised him for making a profit or for being a canny shareholder. I'm not that mean spirited. Just drawing the distinction between his focus and ability for making money for himself and his ongoing failures elsewhere.
  11. I like that link. I also like this chart from twitter (credit below) showing how you can prove Robert de Niro stopped caring about films in 2002: Link:
  12. I am not suggesting that. I am merely sharing his good fortune. I could, of course, contrast his personal business success with the ongoing failure of the NHS under his watch but that would be beneath me.
  13. No warm round of applause for Jeremy Hunt's successful sale of £15m richer, is it?
  14. As a genuine Q and to maybe start a conversation about practicalities: - What specific things can the UK do become more attractive than any other country to financial institutions (assuming hard brexit, no passporting)? - Why would these things make businesses choose the UK over any other country in the world that is also outside the EU? - How much EU business will it lose? - How much global business will it gain? From where? - What is the existing knowledge and infrastructure, for financial services, that isn't compromised by a hard brexit?
  15. Well, he has. His report seems to be that some people fear that the Moslems will do anything to stop a true patriot like The Donald achieving his ascension.