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  1. When I grow up I wanna be as wise as you
  2. Do you condemn the throwing of rocks at Tommy Robinson?
  3. OK, so as there isn't a list all political people can have things thrown at them. So what is acceptable to throw and what isn't? According to Anna Soubury, the police should intervene when insults are thrown.
  4. Both the Republic and Northern Ireland both want the border to stay as it is. Why can't two sovereign nations make that decision? To be fair I couldn't care less if it stays the same, becomes a hard border or if NI leaves the UK. The decision is for the two Irelands to make.
  5. So getting back to that list I asked for, I now understand, from the above post, that it's acceptable to throw things at people I don't like but it's unacceptable to throw things at people I do like. But if I throw something at someone who someone else likes then it's unacceptable and if I don't throw something at someone who someone else dislikes it's unacceptable. Modern day politics is very confusing!
  6. "I am quite certain you are not totally stupid." - Well I'm certainly glad you don't think I'm totally stupid. So how stupid do you think I am? "fear of foreigners" - I have yet to meet a person who is fearful of foreigners. These people you know who are fearful, what are they fearful of? "but that is now public perception." - So public perception can now be passed off as fact? "All parties within Westminster acknowledge" - Us plebs should know our place, right? Our betters have our best interests at heart, right? Do you always agree with our leaders or do you sometimes think different?
  7. Can you please tell me what political parties you deem to be racist so then I'll know if I've voted for them. Thanks in advance for your help in this matter.
  8. "Because people in England are racist bigots?" "...you (the English) appear to be really quite racist." I'm English so therefore you think I maybe a racist bigot because us English appear to be really quite racist. Unless you didn't include me with the other 55.6M people you think are maybe racist bigots because we appear to be really quite racist.
  9. Where's the cut off point between milkshake throwing (acceptable) and murder (unacceptable)? And is the list longer than just Nige?
  10. Just started watching Seinfeld on Amazon so I'll probably start watching Game of Thrones in 2040. No spoilers until after then please!
  11. A question for @Celt I voted to leave the EU. I would now like you to explain to me why I (no one else, just me) am a racist.
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