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  1. This group will probably be recognised as an International Sport before RL will.
  2. In other sports fans say "It's the sign of a good team when they can play bad and STILL win!" In Rugby League (some) fans say "That was rubbish! We might as well just get the next flight home!" We're in the semi-final against a team we can beat. Room for improvement, yes, but so far so good... ...C'MON ENGLAND!!!
  3. I hope Bateman takes note of what can happen when a player in the centre position passes to the winger! Good finish Ryan!
  4. I don't think Yorkshire Carnegie would want him
  5. What if England win the World Cup

    I'll have a drink or two!
  6. The TV Thread

    I was deliberately careful not to write anything that could be a spoiler
  7. The TV Thread

    Well the first episode of the new series of Peaky Blinders was good!
  8. Languages

    Now there's two languages I wasn't expecting
  9. Languages

    I'm teaching myself Portuguese and I was wondering what other languages are spoken by others on this forum.
  10. The Paradise Papers

    The problem with the "It's not illegal but it is immoral'" argument, is who sets the morality bar? There are some who would use that same argument when talking about gay marriage.
  11. Proud moments

    I used to love watching my son play sport. I thought I couldn't be more proud watching him captain his school football, rugby and basketball teams. However when I watch him on stage, doing something he really loves, nothing makes me prouder! I will never tire of watching him act.
  12. The Photography Thread

    Where else is there? 😉
  13. The Photography Thread

    The Railway Village in my home town.
  14. Or vet? https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-england-sussex-41820450
  15. Catalan Referendum

    I need to pay more attention