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  1. NFL 2017/18 season

    "It's 4th and Goal...and the Coach is electing to punt!"
  2. NFL 2017/18 season

    A loss for Cleveland but compared to last year it was a much better team performance. Plenty of mistakes but the Browns could, maybe just maybe, be heading in the right direction. https://youtu.be/3_ObBF7HMAE
  3. Sleeplessness

    This is very good advice in today's technological world
  4. Harry jepson 2017

    East of England 28-26 West of England
  5. Those nice tories

    You can but it won't make any difference. Only the constituents of NE Somerset can make real judgments on who best represents them in Parliament.
  6. PMQs 6th Sept

    But it's always someone else's fault. It's never my fault. I'm just trying to correct someone else's mistakes. A certain PM still gets the blame for the country's problems and she left office over a quarter of a century ago. That's politics!
  7. The TV Thread

    Enjoying series 3 of Gotham on Netflix
  8. Harry jepson 2017

    West of England 8-30 London & SE
  9. Harry jepson 2017

    The players I know are "well up for it!"
  10. Harry jepson 2017

    West of England squad
  11. Well in that case you'll enjoy writing and reading about RL on the General RL Forum. Here's a link so you won't get lost - http://www.totalrl.com/forums/index.php?/forum/341-the-general-rugby-league-forum/
  12. The Photography Thread

    Surf's great too!
  13. The Photography Thread

    Ericeira, Portugal. Best holiday ever! I'll be back many more times!
  14. Harry jepson trophy 2017

    West of England, Midlands, East of England and London all play each other. The top two sides from these fixtures will take their places in the Final at Hemel Hempstead on Sunday 24th September. The lads I know that have been named in the West of England are proud to represent their region. C'mon the West Country! #ciderboys