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  1. Out on my bike and Marvin Gaye's "What's going on?" started playing in my MP3. The lyrics are as relevant today as they were 46 years ago.
  2. Final round of fixtures - 29/7/17 Pool A Bath RL v Swindon St George Southampton Spitfires v Bristol Sonics Oxford Cavaliers v Portsmouth Seahawks Pool B Somerset Vikings v Gloucester Warriors Cheltenham Phoenix v Forest Bulldogs Friendly Devon Sharks v Swindon St George A I having a feeling that 3 out of the 5 League fixtures won't happen. 😞 Hope I'm wrong though.
  3. Upper-class-wannabe, while also clinging onto your working class roots 😉
  4. While I understand your point, pushing clubs into something they're not ready for will also not work. We (Swindon) may have a squad big enough to run two teams but the West is struggling. Portsmouth have cancelled home games. Bristol, Southampton, Somerset and Gloucester have all pulled out of games due to lack of players. Bath RL are doing ok but have a very small pool of players while Bath Romans have pulled out of this season but say they'll be back. I'm not so sure. Oxford, Cheltenham and Forest seem to be doing OK. I think in 2018 the West of England should be Swindon St George, Oxford Cavaliers, Cheltenham Phoenix, Forest Bulldogs, Bath RL, Bristol Sonics, Devon Sharks, Cornwall Rebels and Swindon St George A. Hopefully Somerset Vikings, Dorset Giants and Teignmouth Trojans will feel they could commit to that too, giving the West 12 teams. If Gloucester want in then, maybe Oxford could play in Midlands? Who knows? I'm just thinking out loud. PS Redruth to Swindon or Forest is a 3.5hr trip (on a good day)
  5. Watched Swindon St George 2nds get their first ever win yesterday when they beat Forest Bulldogs 52-42. 😀 The next game I'm able to get to will be the West of England Grand Final (and Plate) on 12th August. Hopefully Swindon St George will be represented in both games.
  6. Pool A Portsmouth Seahawks ?-? Bath RL Pool B Swindon St George A 52-42 Forest Bulldogs Somerset Vikings 38-44 Cheltenham Phoenix First win for SSG 2nds! Woohoo! 😀
  7. Expressed an interest in the idea but not the timing. Currently, we have never won the West of England. Hopefully that will change this season. We would then like to win it again because the committee want to keep building the foundations before building upwards. We may be fielding close to 40 players each weekend but our 2nds only won their first game yesterday. Next year is too early for SSG.
  8. Ken White is my favourite artist. He did quite a few murals around our home town, some still on show. However my favourite works of his are in the "Our Town" and "Railway" links of his website. http://www.kenwhitemurals.co.uk/railway/ Reminds me of my childhood, hearing the works hooter and knowing my dad, and the other men of the neighbourhood, would be cycling home.
  9. Swindon are interested but probably not until 2019 at earliest. Planning to stay playing in the West of England next season.
  10. The OP started The Wisdom of Jacob Rees-Mogg thread with a quote. I just continued the thread with another quote... ...and quotes use words
  11. I wasn't asking you to base your view on his values based on this one quote. I asked if you agreed with him about stay-at-home parents.
  12. So do you disagree with what he said in the quote I put up? Yes? No?
  13. "In many single worker families the other parent may not be able to work because of family caring responsibilities while the effect of tax and benefit decisions need to be better understood. Essentially the government ought to ensure that family caring needs do not disadvantage single parent earners against dual income families." - Jacob Rees-Mogg The self centered, self serving, condescending, out of touch tyrant wanting to see people not miss out when they put family first!
  14. Fixtures for Saturday 22 July Pool A Portsmouth Seahawks v Bath RL Pool B Swindon St George A v Forest Bulldogs Somerset Vikings v Cheltenham Phoenix
  15. I thought so too at first but the playoffs show different. The semi-finals for the Grand Final will be 1st vs 2nd from the two pools, while the Plate semi-finals will be 3rd vs 4th. Probable GF semis Swindon St George v Forest Bulldogs Cheltenham Phoenix v Oxford Cavaliers