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  1. Your swear filter isn't working! O****d - mine is though! Hopefully Swindon St George will do the double over Cavs this season. Me in 2008, in Swindon St George’s first ever game, against Cavs. My first game for 14 years. 38 is not a good age to resurrect a RL "career"
  2. WEST OF ENGLAND PRESEASON Bristol Sonics 32 - 46 Torfaen Tigers SWINDON ST GEORGE'S PRESIDENT'S DAY Captain's XIII 42-42 Chairman's XIII Ted Grove score the crucial equalising try at Swindon St George’s President's Day. Eight-year-old Ted suffers from a rare brain disease called AADC which affects just six people in the UK and 100 worldwide. With just seconds remaining in the match, Ted entered the field and score the vital points to ensure the match ended in a tie. The whole day was a fundraiser for Ted and his charity, Ted’s Smile, which helps raise money to pay for all the necessary facilities to make his life better. https://www.facebook.com/TedsSmile/hi
  3. Maybe his golf handicap has improved?
  4. Swindon Town back in Division 4! Not a happy bunny!
  5. According to the questions I'm a Liberal Conservative. Or maybe a Conservative Liberal. Oh I'm not sure...
  6. Ladies and Gentleman, if you're not busy this Sunday come along to Swindon St George RL's first annual President's Day at Supermarine RFC (SN3 4TT). Festivities, including food and drink, kids bouncy castle, inflatable adult gladiator podium, start at noon, with the Chairman's XIII vs Captain's XIII match kicking off at 2pm. Entry is free but there will be buckets for donations for Ted's Smile, a charity that's close to the hearts of all at the club. https://www.facebook.com/TedsSmile/
  7. It maybe down 11% but £1.01 billion PROFIT in JUST 9 months is hardly scrapping the barrel
  8. I'd just like to point out that a major majority of this country is made up of "us ordinary folk" and for most of my 46 years there's been a Conservative government. That must mean that a lot of "ordinary folk" disagree with you. Or are you saying "ordinary folk" are not in their right minds?
  9. Swindon St George giving back to the community https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=874793815994766&id=210867619054059
  10. However success in College football or the Combine doesn't necessarily translate into a good NFL player. And visa versa... ..."Poor build, Skinny, Lacks great physical stature and strength, Lacks mobility and ability to avoid the rush, Lacks a really strong arm, Can’t drive the ball downfield, Does not throw a really tight spiral, System-type player who can get exposed if forced to ad lib, Gets knocked down easily." Combine Scouting Report on 5× Super Bowl champion, 4× Super Bowl MVP, 12× Pro Bowl selection and definitely future Hall of Famer Tom Brady
  11. I used it. Now it's been stopped I had a quick look and found "Rugby 2017" Hope this helps us both
  12. "I don't know what you mean" he says innocently
  13. Been suspended by The S*n. If they think what he wrote warranted suspension why print it in the first place? However this article is nothing compared to what he wrote about Hillsborough and he survived that. A very nasty man and a very nasty "news"paper!
  14. All 7 series of Mad Men is now on Netflix. Missed it first time around. Enjoying it now though
  15. The only "motor"bike I've ever owned... ...but I had great fun "riding" it!