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  1. To be fair that's most people's point of view no matter where they stand on the political left to right scale.
  2. I believe that Trump has the potential to be PERCEIVED as a good President. I'm not saying he will be a good President though When Obama won it was thought that everything would get better but not much has changed. Trump is expected to be a disaster but the probably is nothing will actually change that much so he could be PERCEIVED as a better President than Obama. No actual evidence, just me thinking out loud
  3. The video is by Fox News so some people will except this as evidence and some will totally dismiss it.
  4. Has he been nominated for a BAFTA (and probable Oscar) along with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone? 😉
  5. Bet you got your fastest ever time that day! 😉
  6. They could win games in the French League. They were put into SL to develop the French game by giving French players the opportunity to play at a higher level.... ....and win games! They were not created to be a home for Aussies on a jolly.
  7. So we now know Aussie men like their women to be smelly and hairy
  8. But I thought the purpose of Catalan being in SL was to develop French talent? Silly me!
  9. Just saw this on Facebook, hope it helps http://www.theswindonian.co.uk/20088/260354/a/do-you-have-to-pay-a-parking-charge-notice-this-is-the-law-and-your-rights-expla
  10. Loved it and my wife and I now have tickets to watch them perform "The Play that goes wrong".
  11. Phew! We made it!
  12. Surf more!
  13. Other channels are available
  14. I really enjoyed Ethel & Ernest. Another great Raymond Briggs animation but this time, much more personal.
  15. She'll always be Nana to me! "I never drink me, just a sherry at Christmas, whiskey at new year and a bottle of stout." - Nana RIP