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  1. Wiltshire Rhino

    Today be the day me hearties

    As a Wiltshireman I will join in today's festivities by continuing to talk proper. Oooooaaaaarrrr!!!! 😀
  2. I know it's Paul Joseph Watson (warning) but on this occasion I believe he's totally correct. There is a major downside to technology and it is effecting society in a negative way. I know some won't want to watch this video because of who made it but I think it's worth watching anyway.
  3. Wiltshire Rhino

    Our new position in the EU

    I believe you'll find this resolution will be easy to keep! 😉
  4. Wiltshire Rhino

    Those nice tories

    I don't bother reading most of Kiyan's posts. Not because I agree/disagree with his points but because sometimes I just can't be bothered. However I think he makes a fair point here. If you think he's wrong/lying on some point, show him where he's wrong/lying. You never know, you might change his mind. The problem is he might change yours. Happy debating!
  5. You could have stopped there! 😉
  6. Wiltshire Rhino

    Jeremy Corbyn & the Labour Party

    Something made up by O****d to try to make himself look "cool and clever". He is failing miserably in his efforts though.
  7. Wiltshire Rhino

    Dear Diary

    FOUND IT!!!
  8. Wiltshire Rhino

    The Culture Wars

    Nope. Apparently my characteristics are "strong willed, passionate, intelligent, jealous, possessive and secretive, and I know how to effortlessly grab the limelight, as I possess what it takes to achieve my goals. I have a magnetic charm that can't be ignored." PS My opinion on star-signs is the same as my opinion on privilege.
  9. Wiltshire Rhino

    The Culture Wars

    Yes. I'm willing to listen to other opinions.
  10. Wiltshire Rhino

    The Culture Wars

    The question was "why should I worry about being privileged?" The answer to that simple question is "you don't have to worry" or "you do need to worry and here's why...". If you gave me reasons why I should worry about my privilege, fair enough. You don't have to change my mind, just be able to justify your position. What you ended up writing in reply was "waffle", especially when directed to a person who believes there's no such thing as privilege. You believe in privilege and I don't. No worries, we can still be friends! 😀
  11. Wiltshire Rhino

    The Culture Wars

    So no answer then? OK. Anyway, nice chatting with you but I've got work to do now. These privileges don't pay for themselves. 😊
  12. Wiltshire Rhino

    The Culture Wars

    So if I don't have to apologise why should I worry about being "privileged"?
  13. Wiltshire Rhino

    The Culture Wars

    You haven't but I don't want to spend the rest of my life having to apologise (I won't) for being born the sex, colour and nationality that I am "privileged" to be. However I do realise that I'm privileged to be born a Wiltshireman! 😉