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  1. Article on Cas in the Observer

    You were the one who seized on it It isn't about me. I haven't tried to justify anything
  2. Article on Cas in the Observer

    That wasn't the quote. That was just your subjective interpretation of the quote. Quite why you would want to misinterpret something and then get your knickers in such a twist over it, I have no idea. Unless you were just deliberatly trolling to annoy people.
  3. Making Plans for.......

    I think you would benefit from reading posts more carefully. You seem to read what people write and then either misinterpretate it or instantly dismiss it out of hand. I have never read a single post on this forum that suggests we should "play as many internationals across the country as we could" as you claim in one of your previous posts. Nor have I ever read a post stating that the RFL should invest in "more and more marketing regardless of the return on the costs to do this" as you state above. You must obviously upset alot of people on here with the manner of your posts, as you seem to take exception to the amount of 'stick' that you receive and allegedly have several people set to 'ignore'. Yet on the flip side you seem very happy to dismiss other people's views as "bone headed", "brainless" and "ridiculous". You also seem to apply double standards when expecting other posters to provide thorough and well-researched evidence to back up their posts, when much of your own 'evidence' is at the 'back-of-fag-packet' level of critical analysis. As such, your tone often comes across in a very condescending manner. Perhaps if you didn't frequently dismiss opposing viewpoints in such a condescending manner, then more people would engage with you in the level of debate that you claim to welcome. Maybe you would develop into a more popular contributor if you spent a bit more time critically analysing your own posts, before routinely dismissing people's counter arguments.* Not as much as you Mr Sider - quality before quantity is my view. Unfortunately life is too short to keep butting heads with your good self, and it tends to derail and undermine too many threads. Plus it's just generally demeaning for everybody concerned. So I'll say ta-ta and sign off there before we derail any other threads. *That was an example of being condescending** **As was that
  4. Making Plans for.......

    Really?? Are you able to cite one single post that advocates this?
  5. Making Plans for.......

    This argument/evidence is extremely puerile.
  6. Making Plans for.......

    Which people have provide in countless threads and you have chosen to dismiss. That doesn't mean their arguments are any less worthy than your own. I don't recall anybody suggesting that the RFL's marketing budget should exceed their projected profits Which you are happy to dish out as well, such as describing people's arguments as "bone-headed and naive". No thanks - I enjoy delivering "silly one liners". I have also repeatedly told you that I have explained my thoughts on expanding the international game on numerous threads, and so won't be repeating myself as it would be a waste of time as you will most likely dismiss the ideas as "bone-headed and naive". If you were genuinely interested then you would search back through my post history. However, I don't think you are genuinely interested, because you appear to have already made your mind up on the topic (which is entirely your prerogative). Yes there are. I can only assume that you live near the M62 corridor, as you don't seem to understand that many people in the south don't even know there are 2 types of rugby. However, you will most likely dismiss this point as I haven't conducted a rigourous scientific study that has been published in a peer-reviewed journal that supports this view. Only in your opinion. In my opinion your arguments lack substance and logic. It's all a matter of opinion. If I honestly thought that you had an open mind on this then I would provide you with an argument. But I don't, so I'll stick to my "silly one liners" instead thanks.
  7. Making Plans for.......

    Do you have any evidence that this is a bone headed idea and that what you describe above wouldn't happen? Unfortunately your arguments lack substance.
  8. Making Plans for.......

    They haven't started doing them properly...
  9. Making Plans for.......

    Well when you don't have a coherent international calendar planned well in advance and only decide the tournament and fixtures at the 11th hour, then yes it probably is diifficult to get the grounds on the days and times that they would like...
  10. Yes the next few years are going to be very interesting. If the buzz around Toronto actually results in the big crowds that they are hoping for, then there could feasibly be another big player on the scene. A Superleague containing the likes of Catalans, Toulouse and Toronto starts to look more like the inter-continental vision that Maurice Lindsay had 20 years ago. And obviously this may impact on the number of English clubs in the top flight and upset some fans in the process. To appease the English clubs not included in SL, the Championship needs to become an excellent competition in its own right (as it used to be until recently), that is competitive and worth winning. At the moment, the 888s have completely devalued it, because the whole aim of the Championship and Middle 8s now seems to be a mechanism for getting out of it. The Championship winners don't really win anything significant - instead they just earn the right to compete in a qualifying competition for the Superleague. So instead of a high-profile Championship Grand Final, we have the shambolic Million Pound Game (that sounds so cheap to me as a I type it) and then a bizarre Championship Shield for the bottom 8. Given the current lack of money in the game, I'm not sure of the best way to go in terms of P&R or licensing. However, I feel that *if* the new boys Toronto and Toulouse are successful, then them and the big clubs may force the issue by eventually forming their own comp.
  11. Bradford Bulls / HMRC / Administration

    And return Superleague to more or less where it was approximately 10 years ago. As much as I hope that Bradford return to their former glories and reinvigorate Superleague, the potential ofToulouse and Toronto for developing the wider game is far greater.
  12. Bradford Bulls / HMRC / Administration

    Fair enough. However, if you genuinely want the game to prosper and grow then I can't understand why you wouldn't at least be equally excited by the potential of Toulouse and Toronto. This Bradford news is exciting though. If the right buyer comes in then it would be fantastic for the Bulls to get back to where they were a few years ago.
  13. Bradford Bulls / HMRC / Administration

    Why not equally as exciting?
  14. If - and it's a big 'if' - Toronto and Toulouse are successful and are either verging on gaining SL status or have achieved it but are being stifled by the salary cap, then I can foresee a time when there may be a breakaway Atlantic competition formed by the UK big boys who can generate big crowds and revenue, along with Catalans, Toronto and Toulouse. Unless something drastic happens I can't see how we're going to get away from the current mentality of pandering to the lowest common denominator and the current 'everybody wins a prize' mediocre 888s competition structure.