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  1. There had been a number of unsavoury incidents from players using the forearm to the heads of Salford players, Bailey true to form used his arm to the head. Carney was reacting to that.
  2. As he has been charged I don't see anything but guilty finding. What did Hardaker receive for his outburst? (just googled it and he got 5 for abusing the ref) I suspect he will get more than that.
  3. Too early to decide who will be in middle eights, look at the run Leeds went on late in the season. Injuries can also affect the Championship clubs. Sport is unpredictable
  4. Markus, Under normal circumstances the professional foul would have resulted in a sin binning especially as the team warning was in play. I am unable to explain why it wasn't the case yesterday. The late hits on the tackler if unseen are usually "put on report" again I can't explain why they weren't. The announced crowds have been a little erratic at AJ Bell this season. They are always affected by the football and yesterday both clubs played one of them in some semi.
  5. I hope not calling the ambulance didn't make this worse. It looked bad on field and I am sure all fans wish him the very best of luck and hope he recovers soon and plays again.
  6. If this person had just hit you in the face or a colleague and you called them something following the incident I think the boss would view it differently. This is the situation yesterday. It is difficult to find a solution in a heated environment, would you only punish a player if an official was close enough to hear or would you have every player wearing a recording device ?
  7. I watched live, not on a feed and I can tell you there are a number of unsavoury incidents. there was a lot of use of the forearm to heads. Bussey being the main offender, closely followed by Bailey. They have some talented players and there isn't the need to sink to these tactics.
  8. People swear in every day life. Expecting them not to carry on in the heat of the moment in a game is at best unrealistic. I expect certain behaviours from the players as role models and that includes the usual no racist language etc. how many times do we hear SKY team apologise if viewers hear something a little word or 2? The incident yesterday followed yet another fore arm to the head of a Salford player. Something the ref failed to control. I can accept he missed something but with a team of 5 officials (plus the man in the stand) the late challenge on O'Brien should have at least been on report, it wasn't. Would you find it more acceptable if Carney had simply hit Bailey?
  9. Sorry but if they continue to play like they did today someone is going to get seriously hurt.
  10. Any new on Laithwaite, taken from the field in the Salford V Toronto game, Looked bad
  11. Toronto have to be he dirtiest side I've seen in many years. How Bussey stayed on after numerous elbows to the heads of Salford players I don't know. All the officials missed the very late hit to the head of O'Brien. Smith is quite simply got of his depth as a ref. He needs to experienced team around him. Toronto on a team warning and a player pulls Dobson down when he is chasing a loose ball, but no sin binning!! Carney could be in real trouble as the rumour around the ground was that he was sent off for racially abusing a player, possibly Bailey. Salford defended really well for an hour with 12 men.
  12. Oh no he doesn't. Having long hair doesn't make him anything like Thor.
  13. It will be a long process no one expects things to change over night. The more people who talk openly the better. I see there are selfies by celbs promoting mental health.
  14. I'm glad I wasn't the only one thinking that ! Salford have a yellow shirt
  15. Think Cats would have won had both clubs played on the same day. Cats shouldn't always play away on the Friday, they should have to play away on the Monday some years too. Play Friday night. This is about being fair to everyone in the comp.