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  1. Salford. Trouble at mill.

    Marwen isn't transferring the club to the fans trust but is setting up a trust to run the company. The Supporters Trust is a separate entity . It looks like a trust for the board rather than directors but will include a fan's rep.
  2. Salford. Trouble at mill.

    There is a lot of rumours about players, Tasi sacked, BMM off to Warrington. Did Koukash sign players on long term deal to recoup the money in fees? I am hanging on before paying for my season ticket.
  3. Salford. Trouble at mill.

    which Company ? if I recall the old club was called something like Salford 1914 and is the business in administration Koukash kept the debts there. He set up the Red Devils as a new co and if that has run up £8m then questions about the cap should be asked !
  4. salford/bradford

    In what way would this be a merger? You propose Salford giving up a "franchise" and giving it to Bradford. Bradford have had chances and mismanaged them. If Salford lose their place it would be better to give it to some one who offer something different or better. Bring in Wolfpack or Toulouse. No Salford fan would go to Bradford to support a team they have no affinity for.
  5. Koukash gone from Salford?

    The problem is we are still short on detail. What happens to the holding company, the old company who holds the debts, is this just a board to run the club? Lots of rumours and players being offered elsewhere.
  6. Salford played in the away kit too, it doesn't matter just the result.
  7. great result. Seems obvious only teams wearing black win golden point games!! Well done and well deserved to Cas. Come on Ull
  8. And the sky commentary team remember there are 2 teams playing. Nervous game
  9. Koukash gone from Salford?

    Now I have a dilemma do I buy a season ticket or hang on to see what happens. I guess unless the others involved are willing to add substantial funds this is probably a slow death.
  10. Koukash gone from Salford?

    the seven leavers is old news. Fans have known about most for months. Koukash announced he has signed off on the new logo, so not sure he would do that if leaving. Maybe he has got some co investors . Always some rumour or a drama at Salford
  11. Hope to get back from Birmingham in time to get to the game, can't see anything but a Saints win. Glad the rebranding is now just a stupid idea.
  12. A Night You'll Remember Salford Red Devils' Assistant Coach and rugby league legend Martin Gleeson hosts a rugby night to remember at the AJ Bell Stadium as part of his testimonial. Noted as one of the country's greatest ever centres, Gleeson will team up with fellow legend Shaun Edwards MBE, who has gone on to make a cross-code name for himself, as well as rugby union star Mark Cueto and special guest Paul Stridgeon. So if you are free on October 28 and want to pass some of the close-season with some huge names of both codes, tickets are available at the AJ Bell Stadium or by calling 07950 531 253. I had to Google the last one, seems to be very Union based, maybe he hopes Sale fans will attend.
  13. The criteria for overseas players is different. Carney has been a bit part player for this season, nothing I have seen will convince me he is a player we can rely on. He is an expensive luxury. would rather the money was spent of n enlarging the squad or pay Brinning more. I would be surprised if he gets a decent deal in NRL.
  14. Wolfpacks new signings

    The nationality of the players have little impact look at football. As for signings Oli won't let you down as a squad player.
  15. Salford have won once in about 30 years at Leeds. Think that says it all. No Salford fans in attendance at £25 a ticket