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  1. Many Salford fans are complaining that the 2 fixture changes have meant they can no longer attend either game, It isn't helpful to a club already struggling. The games deciding the MPG should all be played at the same time
  2. The thing that worries me about this game is the press coverage Salford have been receiving, it has all been good, it usually follows that we screw it up somehow. Hope that doesn't happen.
  3. Game I am going to miss as we fly off on holiday Saturday. Huge test for Salford, hope there is a strong ref as we know how Rowley likes his team to line up. Will be really interesting game.
  4. There will be some shuffling going on at Salford. If it means keeping Hastings happy to see Flanaghan leave, I'd offload Jack Littlejohn and use the money for Hastings.
  5. Big game for Salford, hope we don't mess it up
  6. Red Willow

    Fan Q & A with Jackson Hastings

    1.Jackson, you arrived in Salford with a certain amount of baggage and subject to rumours about your reasons for leaving Australia. The fans have instantly taken to you and you have made a huge difference to the team. How does it feel to be wanted ? 2. After your 20 min debut you stood on the touchline with the interchange bench, it appeared you were coaching Josh Jones, were you and does coaching appeal in the future?
  7. Well relieved with the win. Being a Salford fan means you are never quite sure what they will do next. Good day all round, win for Salford, Picked up my winnings £500) and found £10 on the walk home. Will miss the Toronto game as I'll be on holiday
  8. Red Willow

    The TV Thread

    Repair Show on BBC 2. Love the skills of the people involved.
  9. Red Willow

    Have you ever won anything big?

    I have been a member of the golden bond draw at Salford for a number of years. I won the top prize of £1,000 a couple of years ago. Got home from a training course in London yesterday and found I'd won £500 on their new version of the draw. Went on a cruise and on a sea day joined in the quiz and hubby and I won. An American gust was arguing about an answer and after we won she came over to us to tell us that answer was wrong and they should have won. We told her we didn't get it right anyway. Off she went moaning, made my day though.
  10. and disproved as there are 3 of us on here tonight.
  11. And this one. Hastings may turn out to be a great signing
  12. We seems to have a number of clubs making late signings. Salford have signed 3 players, Hastings Lussick and now Turgut. I can't decide whether it is a good idea or not. Hastings and Lussick are replacing long term injuries so aren't replacing anyone. I hope they bed in quickly and it soes distrupt the team
  13. Mossop was sent off for a head butt on Ablett, which Mossop denied. Hastings totally controlled the game for the 20 mins he played, went off just as Mossop was sent off. Some real fight in Salford for a change and we are missing a number of first team players, 2 subs down. I am happy today
  14. Had the new ground been built by Red City developments rather than Peel things could have been very different,. Revenue streams would have been in place and the retail wold have been in place around the stadium which would have also contributed. The academy was cut due to the financial constraints which is a huge shame Seems to be a sport on here bashing clubs in trouble
  15. Red Willow

    Dear Diary

    Compared to the roads in Sicily that is a motorway. We went down some very small tracks classed as A roads.