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  1. I wouldn't say it flattered Salford, London defended in the first have so well and the score could have been so much worse. I think they barely got out of their own half for 30 mins. The conditions would have been awful it was so cold in the stadium and an unpredictable biting wind. London have proved they aren't easy beats many hoped. Salford scored the last try with 12 men as Mossop had been sin binned. Salford still look as if they don't have the ruthless skill.
  2. I thought regulations changed after the awful incident with Chris Sanderson many years ago (probably about 40). The RFL have a duty of care to all players and the welfare needs to be considered. Even if he went to hospital in Sheffield this wait is unacceptable. I wonder why an alternative wasn't utilized in the 3 hours he was waiting.
  3. The problem with this is Toronto offered the player a significant amount of money to move, which at first he rejected, then changed his mind(increased offer?) Salford couldn't compete with the offer. Now Toronto it seems haven't paid for the transfer. Money is tight at Salford as they try to live within means. There has to be sanctions such as not signing any new players until debts have been paid, with hold prize money until the situation is settled. This should be the same for all clubs.
  4. Red Willow

    The TV Thread

    We have just started this, wonderful, fast dialogue, well acted. Well worth watching
  5. Great prediction 14-34 final score
  6. Red Willow

    Radio thread

    Radio6 has been ruined for me since the changes
  7. Red Willow

    The worst imports to great britain

    I also have a number of imports as worse coach John Harvey Matt Parish Phil Veivers and for his stint at Salford and I know he was ill but Shaun McRae sucked the life out of watching Salford during his tenure
  8. Red Willow

    The worst imports to great britain

    Salford have a long list of poor imports Paul Carridge has already been named as has "Homesick" Hudson so homesick he signed for Bradford and it serves them right. I think the worst I have had the misfortune to watch was Mark Corvo. I remember Salford V Wakefield, tap pen all he had to do was fall to the ground and he would score, he knocked on. He was suppose to be SOO forward, Darren Treacy wasn't great either. Manu VatuVei recently was awful, then got injured. We had a winger who had potential played about 4 months, had a Spanish sounding name... Jimmy something, went home never heard of again. Don't even start me off on the wrong brother topic.
  9. Just finished the latest London Rivers book, Lies Sleeping. I can't read Horowitz, he is self absorbed and self promoting in his own book.
  10. Saw lots of them on a visit to Kew, but thought it would be too cold up here.
  11. We have suddenly started to see Parakeets in our garden. Never thought I'd see them in Salford
  12. Went to see the Pre Raphaelite exhibition at the Lowry recently really interesting to see them close up, the fine detail in hair etc was so well painted you could almost touch it.
  13. I have been, it is very busy during the day. It is huge so go with a plan with the things you want to see. some of the ceramic flowers were amazing.
  14. Red Willow


    I think Salford were pointless because of the name change to Salford Red Devils. Wakefield Wildcats was disallowed as they change the name too