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  1. I have a lot of time for Rutcho, hope he does well
  2. The tone of the game was set early on when Salford defended 3 sets of 6 McCarthy had a great game. Salford also missing a number of first teamers in Tasi, Mossop, Hauraki, Jones. Did expect that result but they played really well. I have a question about the kick off though. I know it has to go 10 metres, and if it drifts back after initially going 10 that's fine. So if the ball bounces on the ground 5 metres from half way what should the ref give?
  3. TFL Helpdesk

    Cats don't like citrus maybe a few orange skins dropped around
  4. Great to hear a ref sending off players trying to ref the game Relieved with a win
  5. Video Games

    Is it more about the generation growing up with gaming now moving into adulthood and don't see it as childish?
  6. MotoGP 2018

    Marquez should have been black flagged for me, certainly should have been in front of Rossi. Chuffed for the winner. We have BT sport as other half loves Moto GP and Baseball
  7. Blood Pressure

    Also take Atenolol and Bendroflumethiazide and have done for about 15 years. They keep my blood pressure under control. The only problem I have is the doctor making me go to an appointment to give me the results of my annual blood test. I go they say everything is great, carry on. They could do that over the phone. My son was given propranolol to treat migraine as a child, he went into a hypoglycaemic fit and ha to be rushed to hospital.
  8. Guasch "we have to walk away"

    Reminds me of an occasion some years ago when Salford, under Karl Harrison, felt they had been badly treated. They had someone from Red Hall come to the club and run through the video. he carefully explained all the infringements of the team in red (Salford were at home) Harrison allowed this nodding his head. At the end of the performance Karl informed the ref Salford weren't the team in red but for some reason played in blue. he thanked the ref for proving his point. I think we all accept refs are human and will make mistakes but sometimes it can be hard to understand. As a Salford fan I still don't understand how the video ref overturned the try at Widnes.
  9. Guasch "we have to walk away"

    Catalans have more problems than whether the ref is biased. They need to look at the attitudes of those around the club, ask the questions why players such as Fages feel they have to leave France at 16 to get a chance to play. As I also said in the Salford match thread the tackling technique needs addressing far too many head shots. Having said all that I think there is certainly something in the 50 50s going the "big" team way. We need to increase the pool of refs and their backgrounds,
  10. No charges against OAP

    The police did the correct thing in arresting him and investigating the circumstances of the death. as you say common sense seems to have won with no charges.
  11. Can't believe the arrogance of this post. So you think Lui only wants to join Wire? Don't know who's stupid idea it was to move this game to Saturday the same day as the biggest game in football, the Manchester Derby and possible the day the title is decided. Salford are hit and miss, don't know if we will have a kicker playing.
  12. one Salford win at Leeds in about 30 years says it all
  13. They need some tackling practice, especially tackling below the shoulder. They can give some to Tasi whilst they are at it.
  14. the birds in your garden

    Bluetits, reattits,Coaltits, Long tailedtits, Bullfinches, Chaffinch, dunnock, lots of robins odd starling. Goldcrest and wrens are about. we have the odd thrush too. We have feeders, the squirrels don't like paprika(or Chilli powder) the birds can't taste it but it works. We have the Sparrow hawk as a regular visitor.
  15. Top 10 Iconic Club players Salford and Hull + more.

    Paul Carige he was one of the worst players ever. Not sure he was the only one from that era. Mark Corvo was probably even worse. I'll never forget the tap pen at wakefield where all he had to do was flop over the line and he managed to knock on