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  1. Odd game this one, Salford tried to gift the game with daft pens. The ref was awful, good job that Kendal ran one of the lines as the ref didn't see things under his nose. Some good tries from Salford though.
  2. That is a can of worms in itself. The "Town Hall" is in Swinton. Salford Town Hall was in Bexley Square which is spitting distance of the Manchester border
  3. 20 Minutes ? you mustn't try to get anywhere in Greater Manchester It probably takes that long to travel along either Chapel Street or Regent Road. Do you recall the United Manager walking to the ground because of traffic. It was taking them almost 2 hours from training to OT
  4. Why? Race, colour or sexual preference shouldn't be the first thing you consider about a person if Carney had just called him a barsteward, there would have been no ban.
  5. Justin Carney received 8 game ban for calling Ryan Bailey a "Black %%%%%" The fact the chairman's first thought was to raise his colour is worrying and something Argyle should consider further. Why not mention how well he played etc. To under play the comment is the reason why people like Jose and R Sterling are still subject to casual racism
  6. Now Jake Bibby signs for Wigan. Last one out turn off the lights
  7. People think the Manchester brand is an automatic winner. Competition in the area is huge, Football is king and when money is tight it wins. Utd and City take a large share with Salford City growing. Many other sports have tried the "Manchester Name" and failed including ice hockey and basket ball. Both these sports were played in the city centre. Swinton taking on the name won't help without a backer with lots of money and deep pockets
  8. The Manchester name alone won't encourage new fans, they need a huge budget for marketing, personally don't believe it will help
  9. Not sure a window will change much at Salford. I hate seeing clubs parade a player under contract to another club in their shirt. Some players have more class. Scott Taylor is one of those, only on loan at Salford, a contract previously agreed with Hull but played as if trying to get a contract. There are players who are the opposite of this.
  10. Good luck to Jones, has played in the centre and pack for Salford. shame he is leaving
  11. Hope he receives all the treatment he needs to recover. Must admit as soon as I saw the news of a fall from car park I wondered if there was more to it.
  12. what post code does goggle think you have?
  13. Harris made a mess of Salford , players with no spirit, no idea what was going on. Watson dealt with all the drama of having the doc at the helm, deciding who to sign. Since the money left with the doc Watson has done quite some job. Lots of posters are saying it is Hastings making a difference, but Salford were the only club offering a troubled young man a second chance. He joined with Lusick and they made a massive difference in the play off. Watson has also allowed Evalds to play his natural game and he has played so well. Given all the dramas off field issues Watson has done well on a small budget. He is surrounded by ex players with good heads on their shoulders.
  14. If these things even up over a season when is it the "little" team's turn. Unlikely that would have been given the other way
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