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  1. Red Willow

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    Just heard that a barber is being flown out to Russia to cut their hair. really can't they wait. Sure England will be home before the final
  2. Salford need a kicker, glad we toughed that game out last night. Child made some odd calls including the Salford "knock on" The sending off was a slightly late hit but Houston is an idiot. I did say to my husband in the first half that Salford's best player had been subbed when Houston went off. Glad for a week off chance to get some bodies fit Tyrone McCarthy, Burke, Shorrocks, Flanaghan all injured, Lui was walking slowly. Tasi and Tomkins played long stints especially in the 2nd half.
  3. Red Willow

    Kieran Foran on his way to Super League?

    Salford have had one Foran, that was enough
  4. The attendance is given as just over 2,000 (2248 I think)
  5. Red Willow

    Marwan Koukash

    Marwen didn't get the new stadium, John Wilkinson and the Council did that. Salford are in more debt than before he took over, the debts from the CVA haven't been paid, the debts to the council and rent haven't been paid. There have been lots of close calls on trading debts. It all feels like he just deferred the death of the club and actually made it worse. Yes he brings something different and airs the views he does but Bradford fans should err on the side of caution
  6. Red Willow

    Weller Hauraki signs 2 year deal for...

    Weller has been a steady player for Salford this season, he isn't the worse penalty machine we have far worse, he can play for long stints. He wont set the world alight but is a good pro for the younger players as a role model I assume he went to Widnes to cut the wage bill
  7. Red Willow

    Marwan Koukash

    Difficult for me to see what Marwen's legacy will be. Chalmers and Lowe were involved with the original club with Marwen. I don't see any improvement in the fan base from Marwen's tenure, in fact it has got steadily worse. The debts he ran up are only written off if the club stands on it's own feet, debts he incurred post take over, so he has actually put the club on the brink. For me the worst thing he did was to take the club from being a family club where fans felt some affinity for the whole to being a failed corporate entity. The club is soulless as is the ground. He may take over the Bulls but I wouldn't bank it the glory times returning.
  8. Red Willow

    Footy Sweepstake - are you in?

    I am sure there is an equivalent of a donkey team there for me. Count me in too
  9. My least fav. Hate the things, glad they don't appear in the north
  10. Red Willow

    Niall Evalds

    Salford's problems get worse, Evalds sustained a broken leg V Giants. Wonder if we have enough players to see the season out
  11. Red Willow

    Between The Doc and a Hard Place

    The move away from the Willows was part of the framing the future. If John Wilkinson's plans had come to fruition and had n the co director not gone bust Salford would have been a different team. They would own the ground, have a great income stream but two jags had it called in to his dept the planning took too many years. The willows was falling apart in a location most away fans said they would never visit again. The doc postponed the demise but it looks likely.
  12. Red Willow

    A great gesture by The Doc

    I am sure this reads well, but I thought he agreed to transfer the club debt free. Basically he has agreed not to ask for payment of a debt that he knows can't be paid anyway. More smoke and mirrors for me. can't help but think I am watching the slow and painful death of my club.
  13. I was too annoyed to post last night, the fact Lui was missing wasn't the problem as the game last week showed. The problem started with 2 half backs who ae scared to run a line, at least Shorrocks is young Littlejohn hasn't shown anything of the usual half back skills. Losing Evalds really didn't help. I also think bring in Mossop who looked far from fit was a mistake. The bizarre thing is I don't feel Saints were at their best last night. They didn't have to hit top gear, how Salford managed to be outnumbered with 12 men V 13 remains a mystery. Hope Watson targets games against Cats and Giants rather than next week at the Pie Dome. I was annoyed at both sets of fans for applauding players guilty of such reckless high shots as they were sent off
  14. Red Willow

    Salford Interview

    Do you mean other than the talk of income streams, saying the only money Salford receive on match day is the programme money and hospitality ? nothing from car parking, food sales or drink sales?