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  1. Only a pair? We call them the party birds as they descend in numbers when they visit our garden. At the weekend we had about 12 on a single feeder. They all snuggle up on a branch
  2. More w.orried about Josh Jones breaking his hand
  3. Conspiracy theory?? I wonder if Lowe and Chambers are acting as a front for a third party. Funny that these 2 were involved in Salford at the start.......
  4. my friend has bought he gruffalo, beautifully illustrated as well.
  5. Loved that, so funny.Not sure if it was aimed at all the family
  6. The acts have got worse over the years. When do they record it ? September ?
  7. I am too old for it to be my baby!
  8. I have been invited to a baby shower (whatever they are) and everyone has been asked to buy a book for the baby. as it is my daughter the choice is easy as I've picked a favourite of hers. As a child she loved The Thief of Always. This set my off thinking, if you were to recommend 3 books to cover ages what would you pick. Early Years book Teen Age Book Book everyone should read.
  9. Saw a TOTP that had footage of Bowie performing live but the only reason it was on was because the fish eye cameraman had his own copy. The BBC deleted it as routine
  10. Very few "names" are stand out this year. However Linzi Prescott and Lizzie Jones are both fine examples.
  11. I saw a free book in the kindle titles called the Salford Murders. I decided to down load it just because of the Salford Connection. I have just started to read it, main character is called Gus, which made me smile, turns out he was an ex RL player and talks about getting thumped by a Featherstone Rovers player. So far loads of mentions of Salford. Just discovered his middle name is Risman !!! Most unexpected, no idea if the book will turn out any good but it has raised a smile
  12. This is making me feel really old, looking at all these fresh faced bands. New York Dolls, Roxy and a very young looking Nick Lowe
  13. The problem with the new sponsor is this is money that would have been in the club anyway. A national sponsor is new money and the casual viewer is impressed with household names.
  14. Salford had joint sessions with Sale many years ago, whilst sill at The Willows.
  15. Griffin? you have to be joking, I can't tell you how many points he gave away playing for Salford. His poor games by far out weighed the good.