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  1. My broadband speed is very slow, and we don't have access to either fibre or cable. Has anyone heard or used the system supplied by companies such as 6G Internet ? it seems to be something like a mobile signal.
  2. There was a large group of Americans at the game, didn't hear what it was all about, saw the presentation on the pitch of the shirt. They seemed to be having fun. I also sat next to a couple of new Salford fans, first game last night after being arm chair fans of the game. They enjoyed it.
  3. Well I enjoyed that. Hull can't complain about the ref in this game. Salford gave away daft penalties as usual but defended really well apart from the Hull try. Hull took some poor decisions with ball in hand. The cold and wind also had an impact. Salford have only won 2 games, both against teams from Hull !
  4. Gareth O’Brien off to Toronto

    Quite frankly this is a sign of intent by both clubs. I fear the worst for Salford. First we sold BMM to Wire to settled a tax bill. Now this. I was disillusioned at the start of the season, now I am thinking this will be the last season.
  5. having cancer

    hard to say anything that doesn't sound patronising. Hope things improve, spend time with family and vent on here.
  6. Wolf whistling... a hate crime?

    Upskirting should be treated in the same way that taking photos covertly of people getting changed in gyms etc .It is peeping tom and it is creepy. Wolf whistling is a little more difficult, I would hope this was a thing of the past. I can remember having to run the gauntlet of building sites and it was uncomfortable, but the odd bloke whistling is less so.
  7. Salford rarely win in Yorkshire.
  8. That wasn't a good away following, I'd say it is the worst following Rovers have brought in many a visit. They are usually one of the best supported of the way fans. Not even half of the away end was full.. It's going to take time for any policies of the new board to kick in, lets see what happens by the end of the season. We may be in another £million game by then
  9. There was a very cold wind swirling round the ground. Rovers are a penalty machine, most of them daft, at least Salford stopped doing daft things for most of the game. I'd hate to see the first half completion rate. Salford played a simple game which may have been exposed by a more ruthless team. Rovers seem to have quite a few over 30s players that are probably close to the end of their careers. I was surprised Lee Jewitt is still playing, seems to have been around for ages. Love to see how Evalds got that ball down surrounded by defenders. Also letting him to run the other to the posts is unforgivable. Don't think either side are going to worry anyone.
  10. Gaz OBrien offers so much to the team, you could say that Trin defended well enough to force Salford out wide making the kicks harder. I've seen him kick from there in many games disappointed in the result but an improvement on last week, we will be better when Brinning and Flanaghan return
  11. I've spent an hour or more watching a similar thing this afternoon (checked it was a Sparrowhawk, )it consumed a large portion of the pigeon and once it had eaten enough it picked up the rest and flew off. It had a dodgy eye it kept an eye on the 4 maggies and a squirrel interested in it's feast. It covered the body with its wings only when anything got too close. Got some good video of it I think
  12. Salford v Catalans in New York

    I have mixed feelings about this. As a season ticket holder it reduces the value of my ticket by a game, I was already unsure that that it was value for money. The postponement of the Easter game is a huge advantage for clubs (although not for Salford who will play Leeds) If this was arranged for next year I would probably be excited and looking for flights.
  13. Regardless of how the teams are playing Salford rarely win at Trin.
  14. Salford made too many unforced errors and for long periods lack flair. They were also expensive on pens. Having said that a couple of Wigan's 2nd half tries are outstanding, a chip kick over the heads from the wing and another lob outstanding from the left wing
  15. Bradford Rumors

    SL doesn't need Bradford harsh but true. I'd say most of the clubs can come and go with no detriment to the league. Maybe an odd exception to that but probably half the clubs weren't in at the start or had been relegated since. Koukash is a difficult subject. He was badly advised at the start and Chambers was one of those advising. Poor appointments in Noble followed by Harris . This was compounded by a rash of "maverick" signings. Do I think the club is in a better place? probably not, the club is still precarious best to say we had a couple of extra years of the club.