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  1. a game sure to keep the panel busy next week. Bet a few miss the semi !
  2. hope he is better than Hassan
  3. 1980 !!!! Is that really the last time Salford won at Saints?
  4. Not sure what budget Watson has at his disposal, rumours are it way off the cap. As both teams have proved building a team rather than a squad of names is important.
  5. Lama has been a different player this season, more like when he first arrived at Salford before getting his deal with Saints. He is hard running this season and managing to cause some damage.
  6. The new bridge looks like it is almost ready for another testing, so fingers crossed for next season. I walk to the ground and it takes me about 25 minutes, which is about the time some wait on the car park. The name change is a red herring and really have no idea why anyone employs Robbie Paul. I know he went to Uni and got a degree but ....... The problems with RL and profile are magnified many times in Salford even on the local news there wasn't a mention that there was a game on last night, did get mentioned this morning though. If Marwen thinks a name change alone will make any difference then he is a fool.
  7. Well absolutely thrilled with that display, back to the way we played earlier in the season. I wondered whether the gamble of playing with only 2 forwards on the bench would backfire but Lannon really did put a shift in as he played the whole 80 mins. Koppy has been outstanding this season for Salford. Even Welham managed to pass the ball. I can't believe it is 19 years since that semi V Sheffield at Leeds. Unintentionally comedy moment, on the BBC weather this morning they showed a picture from Wakefield with the words "there is a grey cloud over Wakefield this morning"
  8. Koppy has been outstanding this season for Salford. Even Welham managed to pass the ball.
  9. Trin have to be favourites. This is the best chance for both teams to win silverware. Can't help but think about that semi V Sheffield that seemed to destroy That Salford team. Maybe if Salford ever get to a final I'll become a glass half full fan !!
  10. enjoy yourselves and I hope this will be the start of a new beginning with happier times.
  11. What was the difference in the 3 occasions players were dragged in to touch? Only one resulted in a penalty they all looked the same at the game. Salford have no pace at the moment with Johnson being out, Junior not at full fitness and sending Carney out on loan. Welham has to learn to pass. The play the ball is very slow as well and we have lost the crisp passing. I do wish someone would tell the people in the seats behind me the rules they drove me mad last night complaining about off side.
  12. Well another rotten performance from Salford, we look flat and clueless I think we look tired. Many fans moaning about the ref, I thought there was the odd decision that I query but on the whole Salford are the architects of their own downfall. Hull like Wakey last week defended their line so well. Hope we regain form soon.
  13. Be interesting to see if anything comes from the incident placed on report, use of knees on the head of Big Ben.
  14. Trinity were good value for this win. Finn bossed the game, Salford look flat and one dimensional at times. wakey passing was crisp and at pace. We looked better when Carney came on but I'd like to see Salford's completion rate as we coughed up so much ball with unforced errors and great defending by Wakey pushing players in to touch, our wingers failed to learn from this.
  15. It isn't that simple to move the cameras, there is no structure to house them. The stand can't be used for the VIPs as it doesn't have the failities