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  1. Oh no he doesn't. Having long hair doesn't make him anything like Thor.
  2. It will be a long process no one expects things to change over night. The more people who talk openly the better. I see there are selfies by celbs promoting mental health.
  3. I'm glad I wasn't the only one thinking that ! Salford have a yellow shirt
  4. Think Cats would have won had both clubs played on the same day. Cats shouldn't always play away on the Friday, they should have to play away on the Monday some years too. Play Friday night. This is about being fair to everyone in the comp.
  5. I see Prince Harry is opening up about the issues he had coping with te loss of his Mum, Do people like this remove some stigma.
  6. Clarke can't praise Cats enough ! Very tired Salford team, losing interchanges really hasn't helped an already fatigued side.
  7. That looks bad. Long layoff coming. Those 2 days less are certainly showing in the legs of Salford.
  8. Just not being involved the £million games is a success, we have been in the middle 8 both years, any thing else is progress
  9. I know quite a few of the fans that are season ticket holders at both RL and one of the football clubs, including the guy next to me in the stand.
  10. Not a great game by either side, conditions didn't help a free flowing game. dread to think what the completion rate was. The game play was low. Leigh haven't won at Salford since 1983 according to the BBC, 13 games. Catalans will be too much, 2 days less for recovery and travel.
  11. Only if we played on a Sunday !
  12. This has been an ongoing story for a few weeks now. I don't know what the "other" drugs call outs are in comparison. They are changing Piccadilly Gardens and not before time. That awful wall should go soon. Need to deal with the dealers in the area.
  13. Good to see McPhie doing so well in Moto3
  14. The football thing has an impact because of the media attention, the results go unreported for all RL teams in the area. Local paper is MEN and even after the great win at Hull Salford and Sale got half a page between them after about 4 or 5 pages of football, then the boxing, then cricket. The likes of Swinton suffer even worse, Salford get some attention where they don't. The stadium is hard for some but think that's just an excuse. The trams to Eccles are regular.
  15. Many of the current squad have signed extensions most 3 years. Are they the real deal? difficult to say as most Salford fans are just waiting for it all to go wrong. There is a vastly improved atmosphere are the club. Crowds wont rise greatly, I would love to see the crowds get about 5,000 each week. as you say each false dawn chips away at the fans, having watched them for over 40 years this is certainly true for me,