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  1. It's ironic really that as the game contracts here in th UK it's growing quite nicely in foreign climes.
  2. It'll be good day, and I'm looking forward to it (Ale helps!). It's a bit of a throwback to 2005 when South London Storm defeated West London Sharks 24-20 in a CC 1st Round game played at the New River before a Skolars game. Locked at 20 apiece two late penalties sealed the win for Storm. South London travelled to Cas Lock Lane in the next round, losing 24-50, after leading on the hour mark. It was an impressive performance by Storm as they were still in early pre-season training whilst LL were in the middle of their NCL Premier season. 2005 vs Wests
  3. Came across this snippet from the Sydney Herald in 1964. Seemingly there was going to be a World Cup Down Under in 1965, which I guess was cancelled because of France's poor displays on tour as suggested in the article. Anyone know any more?
  4. Good to see the Parisian lad in there, but very surprising as there seems to be next to no RL activity in Paris.
  5. That's probably one of the reasons that Wolfie is in the second-rate BDO.
  6. Hull! We must be getting to the thin end of our list of cities...
  7. Unusually for the Telegraph they had plenty RL listed. I was pleasantly surprised.
  8. Boxing Day game against the Mighty Penguins?
  9. Looking at the title of the thread it seems that League 1 has higher ambitions than just the NCL.
  10. Thirty Billion? I'll have what you're smoking.
  11. Going with my Partner whose sister lives in Melbourne and brother in Auckland. We're still trying to sort out a schedule - it is a nightmare given the lack of games in NSW and the general spread of fixtures.