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  1. USA announce 23 man squad

    Failed? On the contrary. Up from ZERO Americans in 2013 to now 12 from 23. Lebanon and Italy are likely to have increases in their domestic contingents. And even Wales has benefited from the 'experiment'; have a look at their 2000 WC roster, with only three Welsh-born players in the squad, the same number as were born in Oldham!!!! Yet their stirring Semi-Final performance against Australia went a big someway to re-kindling interest in RL in an otherwise bleak period for the sport in the Principality.
  2. RLWC Scheduling

    It was daylight when I looked on t'net.
  3. RLWC Scheduling

    PNG is 9 hours ahead, and NZ is 11. KOs are UK time 6.00 and 9.10. All three games that day should follow on one from the other.
  4. I'm not sure that they are fair criticisms. The RLIF site reports; "Having received expressions of interest from 17 Commonwealth nations, the Rugby League International Federation has announced the 14 teams who will participate in the 2018 Commonwealth Championships to be held in Moreton Bay, Queensland in February 2018." Ten of the seventeen nations are participating in one or the other competition. This is an exhibition event, so maybe the numbers have been limited by the Commonwealth Games organisers.
  5. A pint of Flatcappers Old Traditional please barman.
  6. Your international rugby league rankings?

    1. Australia 2. NZ 3. England 4. Fiji, Tonga, Samoa 7. PNG, Scotland, Italy, Lebanon, France (Cook Islands) 12. Wales, Ireland (Jamaica) 14. USA (Canada)
  7. RLPA dream team - Sam, Widdop in

    Agreed. And I don't think that Klemmer's as good as they claim. Konnie is a bit of a surprise, and I'm not too convinced by David Nofoaluma. Strangely, ten of the players are at clubs that didn't qualify for the play offs!
  8. London Takeover & Move To NRL

    The ONS has 113k Aussies in the UK in 2013, and 58k Kiwis in 2009. I don't think these numbers include summer backpackers who still come in large numbers each year.
  9. London Takeover & Move To NRL

    This idea is simply not going to happen, more's the pity, because it might just work. Travel could be kept to a minimum by playing month blocks home and away, similar to TWP, so from a playing/organisational perspective it's more than achievable. But the big difference will be the concepts 'attractiveness' to the capital's sporting public. It would have a bigger pull than Super League. Rabbitohs or Red Devils? Cowboys or Leigh? Brisbane or Widnes? And I reckon that London's Antipodean community would get on board with this one. That said. Day dream over. It won't happen.
  10. Big news from France?

    I'd be surprised if there are more than just a handful of Elite 1 players on that kind of money. These were some Elite club's budgets in Euros for 2015/16... and I can't imagine they've increased much. Carcassonne 800.000 Lézignan 600.000 Saint-Estève 600.000 Avignon 430.000 Albi 400.000 Limoux 400.000 Palau 250.000
  11. Souths sack Mcguire

    Anthony Seibold appointed South's new coach. He's pretty well known over here too! Story.
  12. Graham to join the Dragons

    Great signing for the Dragons and one that will help take them into next year's top eight. All I can think is that something's not right at the Dogs. How can a club finish so low when they are able to call on the likes of Hopoate, Klemmer, the Morris twins, Jackson, Graham, and Reynolds?
  13. Historic win for the Reggae Warriors

    Grow up!!!