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  1. Number 16

    Tom Johnstone signs for...

    Sad that such a talented player should have such low ambitions.
  2. Number 16

    league one

    As a Carlisle fan, I'd take that!
  3. Number 16

    Barrow nearly folded this week

    Wrong part of the county!
  4. Number 16

    England vs. France Oct. 17th @ LSV

    Under-frickin'-whelming. LSV - "The Home of England v. France"
  5. Number 16

    NRL on track to smash $45 million surplus

    Perth and a second NZ club should be an aim. Also, getting more fans through the gate should be an absolute priority. Some crowd sizes in the bigger venues are an embarrassment.
  6. Number 16

    Lord Derby Cup Final

    South London Masters will be there.
  7. Number 16

    Magic Weekend in New York

    So to check my understanding, you would turn down an opportunity to promote the game in a new market and turn down a potential financial benefit for the sake of an unknown (but probably tiny) number of criminal with drug-related convictions?
  8. Number 16

    Magic Weekend in New York

    An interesting idea, but Oh Dear, the usual bleatings about poverty stricken RL fans. The majority of our sport's fans don't have to travel more than about fifteen times a season to support their club away from home, and many of these trips are little more than a short bus/train/car ride away. Throw in Wembley, OT and a couple of internationals and it's still not an overly onerous schedule. Compare that with soccer or ice hockey, both of which take from the same demographic and both play nearly twice the number of matches in a season.
  9. Number 16

    Smith Retires from all rep Rugby League

    I'll miss all those 'not forward' passes. Seriously, a true great of the game. A wonderful player, leader and role model. Tbh, he's the kind of player you can really only appreciate fully if you have some understanding of RL (counts me out then!) as he's not flash and much of his work goes on below the 'excitement radar'. As stated above, England vs Australia looks a lot different now!
  10. Number 16

    Woolford appointed Giants head coach

    Underwhelming, to put it mildly.
  11. It's great that this level of rugby is being broadcast, however, the commentary pairing do the game no favours.
  12. Number 16

    Did Eddie Hemmings reveal something?

    Is this the same TV whose money keeps our sport afloat?
  13. Number 16

    Huddersfield's tin can/cowbell

    Have you ever tried using punctuation?
  14. Number 16

    London Origin team

    The South starts at Tebay.