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  1. Number 16

    brazil competition

    Like Wakey on a sunny day.
  2. Number 16

    Attendance Obsessives....

    The number of RL fans who are obsessed with attendance figures is down 15% on last season.
  3. Number 16

    The story behind the Emerging Nations logo

    Wishy washy PC claptrap.
  4. Okay, maybe an overly simplistic thread title for a complex issue but do people have views on this (without turning it into a political slug fest)? Fair remuneration for workers who were also players was a driving force, as was the club boards made up of self made men and business men who maybe had different motives for professionalism. Any views?
  5. Number 16

    The Battle at the Bottom of the Championship

    Conversions or penalties or both. Or drop kicks even?
  6. The RLIF has today announced that all 33 games will be live streamed on Bar TV Sports. Not a bad call as they're pretty good.
  7. Number 16

    Hull & Barrow league 2018

    Simply one more disincentive to take up/continue with the game.
  8. Number 16

    Lachlan Lam

    All these poor ovine jokes: all of you follow like sheep.
  9. Yes, £10m to invest, though I'm sure that there'll be conditions attached, and one is maybe to invest nationally. Whatever, the approach to investing shouldn't necessarily be the same everywhere: development areas are different to the 'heartlands'. I'd like to see the RFL target 20/25 locations in the midlands and south in which to develop grassroots clubs (most from amongst current clubs). The RFL then works with local authorities/other organisations to find suitable facilities to house a RL club - namely pitch/es, changing rooms and social area/bar. Through the fund the RFL gets the facility up to scratch. Councils do have facilities they'd happily lease out. If there are those that don't then negotiations move on to the next. Grassroots club moves in. Simples.
  10. But they're an easy eight pages filled.
  11. Are you me? A few years ago I'd have done anything to help my club and the wider game,. Nowadays I can't even be bothered to watch a game nevermind help out.
  12. Which is where, for me, the parallel activity of developing proper community clubs with decent facilities of their own is an absolute must. Renting pitch time from a union club or running about on a playing field at a school with zero other facilities such as clubhouse aren't longterm solutions.
  13. If I had known that, then I've forgotten it! Old news now so pointless raking over old coals. Interesting to note, though, that it occurred under Rimmer's watch as Chief Operating Officer.
  14. Yes, funding was cut so the Development Officer roles were junked. From memory (can anyone confirm?), Sport England's funding went down from £29m over five years to about £19m, and if so, why were pretty much all roles done away with, instead of a reduction of a third.
  15. SP hits the nail flush on its head. Without a serious financial commitment to development it's nigh on impossible to see even a brake put on this decline, nevermind a reversal. Ironically, this month's RLW features a fantasy London team which highlights some of the talent produced in and around the capital in recent years (but which excludes plenty more, such as the Worrincys, the Griffins, Krasniqi, Cook, Bienek and others). The Broncos are doing remarkably well with their youth programme considering the lack of clubs, but one wonders how long it can continue. Without a serious rethink by the RFL, and a long term commitment to funding, then the decline will continue. IMO, there are two ways help should be provided. The first is to fund Development Officers, and the second is to aid clubs in finding permanent homes. If a club has a ground of its own it should be better able to sink roots locally and properly plan for future development and growth. Even a network of just a dozen well established clubs in and around London could really take our sport forward. All with a DO to support their activities. Nice to dream.