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  1. And all taking place at the same time as the Magic Weekend in Carcassonne. Joined up thinking... not.
  2. If I was you I wouldn't consider a career in journalism... (Only kiddin"!!)
  3. Why ask me? Direct your question to the TWP organisation!
  4. As you well know they have North American players in their squad. Also, judging from the fact that in the WC Qualifiers a Canadian team with a dozen genuine Canadians drew with a Jamaican team with the same number from English pro-clubs suggests that there are C1 quality players over there.
  5. Good luck fella. Best wishes to pull through.
  6. Nothing wrong with that. At whatever level the winning dressing room is all the same.
  7. Given the blow out scorelines and the near certainty that TWP will win the division, there's really no excuse for them to not start fielding locals now. They can probably afford to play three of four most games and still win at a canter.
  8. Do you watch the NRL?
  9. No surprise. Promoted to the top job too early. I hope he's not lost to RL. He may not have cut it as a Head Coach but the game can ill afford to lose someone of his experience, someone who still has plenty to offer up and coming #9s.
  10. Jeez, to pick just three is tough. So I won't! Amongst my favourites are... Bob Hope, Jack Benny, Bill Hicks, Groucho Marx. Ken Dodd, Bob Monkhouse, Dave Allen, Tommy Cooper, Tim Vine.
  11. The missus has offered to pay for our flights () , and her brother lives in Auckland, and her sister in Melbourne! Hoping to take in Perth, QF, SF and Final, downside is that in my work holiday at that of year is nigh on impossible unless you take it as unpaid.
  12. About flamin' time someone crossed this way!!!
  13. I see no reason why a reserve league can't be a successful midweek competition that could help spread the game. All 11 SL clubs, plus 5 Championship clubs, two groups, East & West, home and away. Fourteen games over five months sounds about right. Take the games to amateur clubs who can make an event of it. e.g. Hull vs Cas at West Hull on a summer's evening, kids games before, bbq, full bar. Could help expand the game. Why not Wigan take a couple of games to Preston to tie in with the launch of an amateur club in the town?