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  1. It's great that this level of rugby is being broadcast, however, the commentary pairing do the game no favours.
  2. Did Eddie Hemmings reveal something?

    Is this the same TV whose money keeps our sport afloat?
  3. Huddersfield's tin can/cowbell

    Have you ever tried using punctuation?
  4. London Origin team

    The South starts at Tebay.
  5. I'm with Liam Finn

    ... and I hope you'll both be very happy together.
  6. Times Ashton article attracts Troll

    I don't see why not. Wigan are one of the few clubs to field a Reserve team.

    RIP. He was a class act. Also played for Carlisle.
  8. Where should the World Cup profits go?

    The RFL needs to own and run the two Welsh clubs, plus C1 start ups in Ireland and Scotland. These are all 'special cases' and need to be nurtured and financially supported until they can stand alone. This will be a five to ten year commitment.
  9. Where should the World Cup profits go?

    There's a nascent Rugby League scene in several African nations (such as Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Burundi, Kenya), where you'll get plenty of bang for your buck. I suspect that even just the provision of free kit and equipment, and small sums for local development could go a long way in those countries. Dare I suggest that for many of these African nations that in France and England there will be a pool of heritage players (and supporters) who could be used to strengthen the respective national teams, and maybe generate some Latin Heat type support. Given that RL appears to be going down the Commonwealth Games route, the inclusion of many of these nations could be a real boon. Also, been seen to properly support the game in Africa sends out all the right signals, and should be beneficial. Who knows, we could soon be celebrating a first African Championship!
  10. Are you wearing a niqab?
  11. I'll reserve judgement on the advisability of going ahead with this until we know more about the backers and their motives. New money springing up out of nowhere and a new alternative world governing body slithering around out there. I'd hate to see the Pacific Islands end up in Qatar in a competition organised by the counterfeit mob.
  12. For me the most interesting part about this, and similar, discussions, is that whoever replaces the Fantastic Four, and excellent as they will be, the Kangaroos will be slightly weaker individually, as a spine and as a team. If Tonga hold onto their recent acquisitions, the Kiwis find form and get returning banned players, Fiji get their injured forwards (Tariq & Korben Sims and Kane Evans) back, plus England and the new Kangaroos, then we could be in for a Golden Age of International Rugby League.
  13. 16 teams in 2021 World Cup

    I'd go with sixteen teams in four groups of four, but I'd split the competition into World Division 1 (Groups A & B ) and World Division 2 (Groups C & D ). A & B would be the strongest eight nations (or this year's Quarter-Finalists), with C & D the rest/qualifiers. The top two from A & B would qualify for the Q-Fs, with 3rd and 4th from A & B playing a repechage round against the 1st and 2nd from C & D (So A3 vs D2, A4 vs D1, B3 vs C2 and B4 vs C1), with the four winners going to the Q-Fs. Straight knock out thereafter. It would mean an extra round to be fitted in, though with some (unAussie-like) sensible planning this can be achieved in a five week competition. For me, the positives are that it gives a clear structure to our WC, one where the disparities in quality are recognised and accounted for - blow outs should reduce. The Repechage round could be huge, particularly if all Q-F nations automatically qualify for the next WC.