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  1. A couple of weeks ago it was mentioned in NRL commentary that Melbourne Storm's impressive young full back Jahrome Hughes had Welsh grandparents and was hoping for a call up. He looks to be a decent prospect and he's serving his apprenticeship under one Mr Wm Slater.
  2. There's nothing wrong with a bit of showmanship, it's not as though it damages RL and it makes for a great sporting image. Think back a few years when the former Wigan reserve grader, Ashton, was flying in for all his England union tries, you couldn't avoid seeing his dive again and again in the papers.
  3. Given that the club has been repeatedly knocked back with regard to a new stadium, and it looks as far away as ever, what's the problem with redeveloping Belle Vue over a period of years? I get that it's not the biggest piece of real estate, but surely a modern, if basic, stadium of 8 to 10k is a possibility.
  4. Great wee video.
  5. Food for thought for the Broncos...
  6. Nowadays the Broncos probably has around a thousand regular supporters for an average attendance of about 700 (remember, not everyone can get to every game). Then there's another, much larger, group made up from the very occasionals (me and my family), former fans, big game fans, Antipodeans, TV fans etc etc. The potential to attract decent crowds has never gone away, rather it's that the essential factors needed to create (and maintain) that growth have not been in place for at least fifteen years, namely, stability of location, financial stability and a team showing progress. I really hope that the Broncos can stay at Trailfinders if they make SL. Given four or five years, and decent progress on the pitch, I see no reason why crowds can't fill the ground - maybe at 4k. If the 2021 World Cup lives up to the high expectations being set by the organisers, then that could be the ideal time to look again at what's best/where's best for the Broncos.
  7. If, IF, London get promoted, the last thing the club needs is a move to another stadium. IMO that would guarantee further financial strife (after they've recovered some equilibrium) and likely immediate relegation. Broncos need some latitude to grow properly and naturally. Trailfinders appears to fit that bill.
  8. Should the Broncos finish in a promotion place after the play-offs I'd hope that the RFL/SL would bite the bullet and allow London to step up using Trailfinders. It's not ideal, however, with a couple of relatively simple developments (including a second temporary stand behind the other sticks) it would be adequate for Broncos' short to medium term.
  9. Yeah, right...
  10. Brilliant!
  11. Cripes! The original. None of his successors could hold a candle to him. RIP
  12. Bump. Still looking, so if anyone has...
  13. Nigel Wood on the bench for NH!!!!!!!!