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  1. I don't know if I qualify as non-heartland for this thread as I was born and raised in Carlisle which is on the periphery of the RL world. In the 70s, my teens, the city was League-free so I grew up being a Carlisle United tragic. However, RL, the Marras from the west, was a big part of the local media coverage, like the Evening News & Star, Saturday's 'Sports Special' paper and Border TV (but not the north east dominated local BBC channel), so the game was always in my orbit. I guess that Grandstand cemented my interest and as I got a bit older occasionally I would go to watch Haven or Town. Then boom... the birth of Carlisle RL in 1981, and was hooked.
  2. Have you ever come across these two character before; , and . They're called comma and full stop. Try using them. They work.
  3. I've had a soft spot for Realmont since we toured there in 2002 so it was disappointing to see they lost the DN1 final. They come across as a really well run club and the heart of their community.
  4. That said, Moorman's question is spot on. I wasn't attempting to devalue it.
  5. Plenty more sacrified their lives in both Wars but who were 'amateurs'. It would be awesome, and fitting, if the RFL was to commission research into this group also.
  6. LEESON AH MAU (Vodafone Warriors) NELSON ASOFA-SOLOMONA (Melbourne Storm) JESSE BROMWICH (Melbourne Storm) KENNEATH BROMWICH (Melbourne Storm) JAMES FISHER-HARRIS (Penrith Panthers) KIERAN FORAN (Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs) JAHROME HUGHES (Melbourne Storm) JAMAYNE ISAAKO (Brisbane Broncos) SHAUN JOHNSON (Cronulla Sutherland Sharks) ISAAC LIU (Sydney Roosters) ISSAC LUKE (Vodafone Warriors) JOSEPH MANU (Sydney Roosters) BENJI MARSHALL (Wests Tigers) ESAN MARSTERS (Wests Tigers) KEN MAUMALO (Vodafone Warriors) BRITON NIKORA (Cronulla Sutherland Sharks) KODI NIKORIMA (Vodafone Warriors) AGNATIUS PAASI (Vodafone Warriors) ISAIAH PAPALI’I (Vodafone Warriors) JORDAN RAPANA (Canberra Raiders) BRANDON SMITH (Melbourne Storm) JOSEPH TAPINE (Canberra Raiders) MARTIN TAUPAU (Manly Warringah Sea Eagles) ZANE TETEVANO (Sydney Roosters) ROGER TUIVASA-SHECK (Vodafone Warriors) JARED WAEREA-HARGREAVES (Sydney Roosters) DALLIN WATENE-ZELEZNIAK (Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs)
  7. There's another strong 17 in the making there.
  8. That looks a nasty injury. Big hit. Hope he's OK.
  9. Ditto. So many great memories.
  10. Did you see The Fan episode 13 and the fascinating piece about the ball on matchday. Quality.
  11. For those with Watch NRL. I'm not a fan of the show, but... today's programme had James Graham as guest and it was very, very funny. Worth a watch.
  12. I understand where you're coming from with that, and to some extent I agree, but the sport currently is not spread that way. What incorporating the NCL would do is add four tiers of established clubs that provide stability for newer grassroot entrants. If, say, West Hull or Siddal make L1 (facilities permitting), then good luck to them. Ditto clubs on the slide, they won't fall off the cliff.
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