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  1. Great stuff, though my eyes were drawn to the linked story to the right of the page: Why can't public toilets be clean? Slow news day in the Cooks!
  2. Number 16

    London Colonials RLC 1978/9

    I recall playing Aberavon about 15 years ago in a pre-season RLC Cup; we arrived at the ground in monsoon conditions, the rain almost horizontal, but to find our hosts watering the pitch!
  3. Number 16

    KR's South Terrace

    I asked a question I didn't know the answer to; what's the issue with that? Do I need to defer to you every time I have a question about HKR. This is a forum for all and not just what you deem acceptable.
  4. Number 16

    KR's South Terrace

    This! A comparatively cheap option to a bells and whistles grandstand would be simple open terracing along the deadball line, or even a temp structure like at Trailfinders.
  5. I've not had the dubious pleasure of watching a game standing on Craven Park's South Terrace, but judging by the distance from the pitch it must be grim viewing. Do KR have any plans to develop that end of the ground?
  6. Number 16

    Great Trailer for the Fev v Batley game

    It's simple and relatively low cost things like this that all clubs should be doing to promote themselves.
  7. I didn't say that taking the game to Skolars wasn't a good idea, I questioned whether it was, IMO, the best. Is piquing the interest of a few dozen (at most) ex-pat Greeks living in north London preferable to the likely increased coverage in the homeland of a game at one of world sport's most iconic venues. Camp Nou or Rio Nou?
  8. No disrespect to Skolars, but a higher profile venue could possibly have been considered for this match. Isn't the 18th the day the Dragons play Wigan at Camp Nou? Now that would have given both nations some fantastic publicity back home, and who knows, even live coverage of the Qualifier.
  9. Rugby League in Africa seems to be progressing steadily and promisingly. How many nations are 'on board' now? I make it Nigeria, Ghana, Burundi, Cameroon, Congo, Morocco, South Africa, Kenya (rebel?) and Ethiopia. It would be good to see a bit of investment in an international programme to help further the sport's profile in the region.
  10. Number 16

    World Cup venues announcement

    That is one top post!
  11. Number 16

    The worst imports to great britain

    Over the years London have had more carthorses than broncos, but for me the biggest (literally) and worst was a prop from Brisbane called Mick Seaby. Standing 6'8" and weighing 21 stone, nicknamed (If I recall correctly) the Scud, he should have been a wrecking ball, instead he was as damaging as a ping pong ball.
  12. Why is most the talk about the likely increase in attendances focusing around the inceeased number of travelling fans from the clubs new to the division this year. Surely this is simply squeezing existing fans for more. It's a lazy approach to inceasing crowds/revenue and it's only a temporary situation. What if Bulls go up and York are relegated and both are replaced by London and Thunder? Hey ho, back to square one in 2020. For me, the key to increasing home attendances is attracting along the occasional and floating fans on a more regular basis, thus what are clubs doing to coax them through the turnstiles. Do they have events planned for match days, what are the doing via social media, initiatives with local grassroots clubs and schools, ticket pricing, part-season season tickets, general merchandising, kick off times/day etc etc. Take the worst supported, Rochdale, with a probable average 450 home fans a game, give or take a couple of dozen, I'm sure that it wasn't the same people every game and that over the course of the season a few hundred more watched them at least once. It's the same at all clubs. These people should be a priority for every club as they should be the easiest to entice more regularly.
  13. ... which could be the result of a more rigorous testing regime?
  14. China with only 1 case? Clearly evasion is their strong suit. RL's tally of just 3 looks good, however, as a percentage of participant it would probably be #1.
  15. Number 16

    Plus ca change!

    I'd argue that it is going to get harder and harder for Rugby League to make an impact in London in the coming years. The demographics of the city are changing so quickly with a huge influx of peoples from countries with little knowledge of sport other than soccer. Rugby of either code is a complete unknown.