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  1. A mid-season test in France, against a full strength French team, should be a no-brainer. It would be a really good work out for England, especially if lacking the NRL players. Planned long enough in advance (yes, I know!) I see no reason why you couldn't get a couple of thousand England fans over and help fill a sell-out 18/20k stadium. Stick with that formula for 3/5 years.
  2. Jeez... some people! Surely the best way to promote Jamaican Rugby League in Jamaica is to have the national team actually play in Jamaica. Anything to the contrary on here us probably because a few anoraks want to tick Jamaica off their bucket list.
  3. The Knights will be a good workout for Jamaica. They'd also be a good fit for Wales, given the Welsh don't appear to have much lined up because of the WC Qualifiers. I know costs will decide against it, but how good would a Welsh two test tour to Jamaica be!
  4. I get your sarcasm about moving away from the OP. Based on my experience of it two years ago it's far from the awesome you crave, yet it really does have the potential to be one of RL's 'go to' events. Attendance wise it's not grown since 2017 so something needs to change because there's very little that's Magical about it at the moment. I posted the same idea on rugbyforumxiii a couple of years ago and the French posters were all for it.
  5. I still think the FFRXIII should build this weekend around Toulouse on Saturday and Catalan on Sunday with the Elite games supporting. Narbonne's Parc des Sports would seem to be an ideal venue. Select one Elite game as the Friday Night Lights opener at a smaller venue in town, to re-create that Skolars / Thunder type occasion. Give the two big French clubs well supported opponents to add to numbers. Maybe add a Masters festival and Junior 9s, and it could be top notch event.
  6. I went to the Magic Weekend a couple of years ago and enjoyed it, with the only disappointment being the paltry attendance. What were numbers like this time around?
  7. I subscribe to WatchNRL, which, at twenty pounds a month, is great VFM. All the games live, plus some lower grades, and plenty of RL shows, like the Late Show and The Prof and more.
  8. Lobby, you just concentrate on a couple of thousand Leythers and leave the adult stuff for the grown ups.
  9. This could be a season defining game for the Broncos. The Wire are on fire at the moment whilst the Londoners have lost the last two, albeit fairly narrowly. London are punching above their weight, and playing with real ticker, and to stay up they need to continue in that vein so a right royal hammering could see confidence start to slip at a pivotal time. Their next three games are all winnable if firing on all cylinders, Catalan (h), Huddersfield (a) and Salford (h). Zero points would be a crisis, four or even six would worry other clubs around them in the ladder.
  10. From Papua to Sheffield. How will his family cope with the pidgin English, poverty, destitution, crime and random violence... Seriously, this is great news for the man.
  11. GoT cover rubbish, one of the worst, and there's been loads of competition over the years. WSL pages, of little real interest to me in London, but good, healthy coverage. I'm not into player interviews and Q&A type stuff. Each to his own. Too many 'fillers' like the dull random league and various team of the month which could be condensed to 1 page... The America & Widnes articles were decent. As ever the grassroots and international pages stole the show for me. What I'd like to see... More on the history of our sport, and I mean further back than the 80s, which is where the mag usually stops! Dare i say it, but Mike Latham's column in Forty20 ticks that box. Also, and though I'm not one for lists in the mag, I'd love it if you resurrected the two page worldwide results round up that was dropped many moons ago. There's so much going on around the globe now, that a one stop shop for results and tables may interest plenty.
  12. Roads, aquaducts, sanitation...
  13. It's not Brexitball because the majority don't want 11 aside.
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