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  1. Number 16

    2021 World Cup Format

  2. Number 16

    So, what have we learned???

    Out of the backs who played in this series the only one I'd have as a shoe-in in the same position next year is Makinson. Connor I'd like to see go to the halves with Widdop, with Sam, possibly, at FB. A fit Watkins is a must at centre with Gildart his probable partner, but others are in contention. The other wing could be an interesting 'battle' for the spot - McGillvary did well, but let's see how Hall goes in the NRL, whilst TJ will continue to develop. For me Myler has just spilt his drink in the Last Chance Saloon, whilst Sean O'L is, sadly, too physically spent and too old to continue with. Greenwood adds nothing. Hodgson is worth his place in the starting 13, but we need Roby coming on with Josh moving to loose. It seems to work as an option (though it has been Clark).
  3. Number 16

    Six Nations in Northern Hemisphere

    Sheer lunacy.
  4. Link Basically, it's the introduction of an 18-month registration window to enable juniors born in the second half of the year to play in the age group below. I think this is a good idea for the reasons stated in the article. Thoughts?
  5. Parky's knickers are probably pink and lacy.
  6. Number 16

    2025 world cup - france option....

    France for 2025 could work if the will was there.
  7. My lad and I popped over for this game, and all-in-all it's been a worthwhile and enjoyable trip. The game itself wasn't too shabby with some decent rugby on show. The stadium is ideal for a pro League 1/Championship club should one eventuate. The crowd was disappointingly small, but though few in number (200/300) they made up for in knowledge and enthusiasm. If they could work to treble that number I reckon there'd be a craic-ing atmosphere. Finally, we were sat in front of the Irish coach who was on the radio to the bench. Is he the best they can find?
  8. Sitting in Sweetmans brew pub by the Liffey and one last beer before heading to the game. Not expecting a classic but Allez les Bleus.
  9. Number 16

    Dublin - travel advice

    So Number 16 bus for Number 16.
  10. Number 16

    Dublin - travel advice

    Cheers, but it's from the city centre to the stadium i need advise for.
  11. My lad and i fly to Dublin early Saturday morning for the Ireland/France game, we'll go from the airport to the city centre for a few hours before heading to the game. How best to get to the stadium from the centre? How long the journey? Advice appreciated. Then... early Sunday, after a night in Dublin (!!!) a flight to Scousetown to see England raise the Baskerville Trophy.
  12. For me, two things about your suggestion... First, a pie in the sky selection of clubs. Second, I'd favour a conference style SL should we ever get to the position of sufficient players of required quality.
  13. Number 16

    Golden boot nominees 2018

    They announced that more names will be added as the qualifying period includes all games up to 4 November, so taking in the first two Kiwi tests.
  14. Number 16

    Jamaica Launch League Division 2

    I think they'll win the upcoming WC Qualifying competition, beating the States in the final. The impact of doing so could have a significant impact on Jamaica's domestic game.
  15. Number 16

    World Club Challenge in 1994

    ... reading through some of those names! Really! A quarter of a century ago. I feel very old.