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  1. oulton v milford

    How that player didn't get sent of. For that head high shot late in the game, is beyond me.
  2. Harriet Harman

    Always surprised how all female shortlist are legal.
  3. There is one good thing about it. When these new clubs come into SL. The players from Huddersfield, Salford, Wakefield and Widnes wont be regulated. They can just move to the new teams. Also the concept of just having home fans at a game. Should really add to the atmosphere.
  4. League 1 2018

    Should be a very good league this year. Think the bulls and york will be at the top. Looking forward to seeing how the Cougars get on.
  5. A gutted Cougar fan on holiday in Zante.
  6. Hepworth Gallery

    Could have been for all we knew.
  7. Hepworth Gallery

    Had a family trip to it 2 years ago. Not for me at all. Best bit of the trip. My youngest and i were ood next to a exhibition. Trying to work out what the hell it was. A young student was stood at the side of it. Explaining to a large crowd. How it represents the flow of life from start to finish. My daughter turned to me and said, very loudly. What a load of pretension ###### and walked away leaving me stood there.
  8. Cru Player Suffers Heart Attack

    Fingers crossed for him.
  9. Really wasnt sure what to expect from Keighley today. I thought the weather would be a leveler. And that we wouldnt be playing the expansive rugby we have been playing under our new coach. It was a surprise to see we kept doing it today. Beharrell was very, very good. As you say he ran the game. Good bit of banter with your lot who were stood behind the posts today.
  10. Sorry Gavin. I dont know how to do that.
  11. Another video. Go to 16mins to see how the Keighley is pulled to the touchline by the Fryston players.
  12. NRL on Premier Sports on Virgin

    I pay £10 a month. Great bloody value.