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  1. Fingers crossed for him.
  2. Really wasnt sure what to expect from Keighley today. I thought the weather would be a leveler. And that we wouldnt be playing the expansive rugby we have been playing under our new coach. It was a surprise to see we kept doing it today. Beharrell was very, very good. As you say he ran the game. Good bit of banter with your lot who were stood behind the posts today.
  3. Sorry Gavin. I dont know how to do that.
  4. Another video. Go to 16mins to see how the Keighley is pulled to the touchline by the Fryston players.
  5. I pay £10 a month. Great bloody value.
  6. Here is a link to the video.
  7. Video on Facebook show 3 Fryston players attacking the Keighley player. The Fryston number 11 can be seen repeatly kneeing the Keighley player in the head. Whilst two other are hitting him. Hardly six of one and half a dozen of the other on that video evidence.
  8. Video on Facebook show the Keighley player getting attacked by 3 Fryston players. The number 11 repeatly using his kness to the Keighley players head whilst the other two are hitting him.
  9. Can you confirm that several Fryston players attacked the Keighley player?
  10. Having spoken to Keighley fans who were at the game. The Keighley player wasnt attacked by fans. It was the Fryston players who attacked him.
  11. Keighley player has a broken jaw. I wasnt at the game. But have spoken to people who were there. From the sound of it Fryston could be in a spot of bother over the incident.
  12. One from each for both things Padge. One of there players put on report for biting the ear of a Keighley player.
  13. 2 red cards and 2 sinbins at the Keighley game.
  14. Powell is right. This is the first season in the last 15 I will not be getting sky sports. The game has got very boring to watch.