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  1. I would vote for the death penalty fir people doing this.
  2. As a Keighley fan. I can only hope we are better than last year. We were very poor last year. On paper we had a very good sqaud.
  3. I was at valley parade on the day of the fire. It started about 10ft behind us. Tried to go backwards in the stand. Was stopped by a policeman who told us to go onto the pitch. Was working in London. Taking a tower crane down. One of the lads working above dropped a part he was working with. This part was a rather large pin (which held the crane up). It fell and hit the top of my safety helmet. This knocked me out cold. The guy I was working next do. Grabbed me and stop me falling outside the main tower. We were about 200ft up.
  4. They could always ground share with the Cougars.
  5. All very fair points. But and there is a big but. The way the club is going its biggest legacy will be it's a basket case.
  6. We are due one. But being due one isnt enough. The Aussies are better than us. It really is that simple.
  7. Sorry to say. But i cannot see us beating the Aussies.
  8. I have suffered badly from it in bith eldbows. Due to using hammers in a previous job. Had a few steroid injections in both. The pain would go away for a while. Due to changing jobs i dont suffer with it any more. One thing i will say. Its a #####.
  9. Completely different scenario. The op has said no person was being photographed.
  10. You say he is a good mate. Would a good mate treat you like this? In business you have to put yourself first.
  11. Without the occasion. It wouldnt have been a great game. It would have just been a meaningless end of season game.
  12. A hugh well done to Leigh. Hope they do very well in SL.
  13. When Keighley played Wire a few years ago in the cc. Wire gave Keighley a hiding. He came into the Kly dressing room after and spoke to all the Kly players. I have heard he was very complimentary towards the Kly team.
  14. Its good to know that no club in SL has ever got into financial trouble........ ........oh hang on.