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  1. Halifax predictions :

    As a neutral at today' game who always enjoys Dewsbury having it shoved up the wrong end you were on completely the wrong end of some appalling decisions today from the loon in the middle to such an extent he took any chance of you getting anything from the game away from you. I'd demand my money back from the RFL (if I'd paid) you really need to fix that hole in the fence! Ps - Batley vs Fax... No fear
  2. Dewsbury v Wolfpack

    I know your a few hours behind us but don't you have School tmrw!
  3. Mariano Released

    Free pies? Ps sorry to hear of your untimely passing... really enjoyed the proper darts with Jocky in the 80's
  4. Fev away

    I'm looking forward to Fev as I always do... there never dull games like against Losebury
  5. Halifax predictions :

    It's probably just wind like last time pal
  6. Mariano Released

    Nah don't need him and Crookes has been more than adequate on the wing. Let the lads roll
  7. This League Structure aint Working

    I don't think the money would spread far enough to give every team 1.8M
  8. Toulouse away

    Once your over the channel just keep going South.. If you end up to your neck in salty water you've gone too far Roger!
  9. Toronto predictions and team :

    Thanks Brian...
  10. Dewsbury v Wolfpack

    And don't let the banjo put you off he doesn't know how to play it he just uses it to stop the hogs stealing his food!
  11. Next up Toulouse , Saturday

    Great game of rugby with a fantastic team effort. Really enjoyed it with some excellent kicking from young Farrell and an inspired Brambani. Our forwards were excellent with Brown stand out. Well Diskin I think he had a plan and we played some good rugby
  12. Bulldogs v Toulouse MOM thread

    BROWN - awesome changed the game when he came on. CROOKES - gets better every week. BRAMBANI - took the game on with no Walker
  13. Dewsbury v Wolfpack

    Looking through ye olde programs BSJ? I bet you faired no better in the half-time turnip draw either
  14. Problems out wide

    PD would like anyone/someone as long as their not a Batley player?
  15. Just what is going on ?????

    Is it true it has to be cleared by the lingerie dept first? And is it also true that Coolie is the titular head of said dept?