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  1. Piggy's mate

    Batley v Rochdale 24:2:.2019

    It's wedged so far up Dewsbury, nobody dare go looking for it!
  2. Piggy's mate

    Halifax v Bulldogs

    I am concerned we seem to lack ideas on the oppositions line, but defence dominates these days..
  3. Piggy's mate

    Fax V Bulldogs MOM thread

    Brambani Manning Hemmingway/Leak Thought both hookers were equally effective today in different ways and a notable mention for Diskin for his half-time team talk!
  4. Piggy's mate

    Halifax v Bulldogs

    What a game! Fax started really well but by half-time we looked to be in the ascendancy until a lazy pass gave them an interception try. Second half Fax were hanging on and the better side over the eighty minutes lost. The most entertaining part of the afternoon has to to the Halifax crowd. After watching Batley for nearly 30 years it's the first time I've been poked by an opposition fan and I have to I didn't like it! I don't think I've ever been in a ground where the home support was so bad, they seem to turn up just berate the opposite at every play begging penalties..even to the point of blaming the Batley supporters for the refs decisions, ending with yours truly been poked by an old bloke! I😳
  5. Piggy's mate

    Dewsbury's Greatest Ever Player

    Easy.. Alex Brown, next.
  6. Piggy's mate

    Dual reg

  7. Piggy's mate

    Halifax v Bulldogs

    Sadly me too but I'm going in the hope I'll be proven wrong, such is sport
  8. Piggy's mate

    Beating ourselves...............

    Nah it's definitely ten past nine!!
  9. Hi can anyone on this Rhinos forum please tell me where to find the chatter on the Featherstone v Batley match... Thanks in advance
  10. Piggy's mate

    Featherstone v Batley match thread

    FFS don't try and sneak a mucky fat sandwich and a bottle of pop in, they'll chuck you in the Fev equivalent of Guantanamo bay, which is basically a terraced house overlooking the ground.... where they make you watch training sessions on a loop until you go mad and become a lifelong capper!!!
  11. Piggy's mate

    Featherstone v Batley match thread

    It's a sad state of affairs when the crowd are baying at an injured player and even worse if the player feigned injury to gain an advantage. May be we need to learn from football and send the player to the side line for one play? I appreciate this disadvantages the players/team who are truly injured but something has to be done about this, and Batley do it too btw. This is a tough physical sport but the level of gamesmanship is steadily increasing in our game to it's detriment
  12. Piggy's mate

    Rochdale away

    Wish they'd called ours off 😩
  13. Piggy's mate

    Batley v Barrow MOM thread

    Brown Brambani Scott
  14. Piggy's mate

    Season opener v Barrow

    A lot of unforced errors that Barrow capitalised on to their obvious advantage. I'm still surprised they won though, how they managed to finish the game when they suffered an injury in nearly every defensive set is amazing, just glad they all got the thumbs up from the physio after treatment, who must be eligible to be called Jesus with his healing powers!
  15. Piggy's mate

    Game day?

    Warming up here in Batley and reckon by 3pm it'll be ok