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  1. Piggy's mate

    Boxing Day

    I foresee a big win for Dewsbury and the first chance for their huge travelling support to view the exciting line-up of new players they have. Also a great opportunity to sample our hospitality at the Mount and rub our noses in their crushing victory.. Or we'll smash em and only 6 Dewsbury fans will turn up four of whom will leave at half-time having not even bought a pie!
  2. Piggy's mate

    Players For 2019

    Is it Shaun Squires?
  3. Piggy's mate

    The Dewsbury Faithful update

    Must have been put somewhere safe where nobody goes... Trophy cabinet?
  4. Piggy's mate

    Season Tickets

    It's glitches like these that the club need to know about so they can be sorted MD. This is the future or at least until they sort the implant out, which thankfully won't be the same way Dewsbury are planning, which is to use a yard brush and some Vaseline!!
  5. Piggy's mate

    The Dewsbury Faithful update

    Still in the wrapper..
  6. Piggy's mate

    Players For 2019

    Is there anyone left in Keighley?
  7. Piggy's mate

    Leon Price

    You do realise GF that all these A list celebrities that Coolie reckons to hang out with are made up! My good self being the exception of course.
  8. Piggy's mate

    Leon Price

    He's not a naughty boy he's the Messiah... Or is it the other way around I can never remember! Oh and I'm Brian!
  9. Piggy's mate

    Batley Bulldogs

    Is this real or just supposition? I see bigger and better cars on the road everyone has a flash phone etc. Is it down to what people want to spend their money on?
  10. Piggy's mate

    Players For 2019

    I see you haven't set the bar too high and mentioned winning anywhere... small steps and all that!
  11. Piggy's mate

    Where will we finish?

    4th ... From the bottom I reckon!
  12. Piggy's mate

    Let's have a 'Who do you want our next coach to be' thread!!

    You should know by now nothing is permanent, especially at Fev.. 😘
  13. Piggy's mate

    Players For 2019

    I guess Waitrose and claim my £5
  14. Piggy's mate

    Players For 2019

    Great player, still one of my favourites and now you have at least one decent player..
  15. Piggy's mate

    Can it be true?

    I should be so rich! It was a dib-dab usually cut with some crushed Spangles but you did what you had to do in those dark days... Mainly because of the three day week and power cuts!