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  1. I don't think HKR had any interest in competing against Fax..
  2. You reckon DD! I think we'll get to the semis and blow it. I didn't expect nothing from London tbh but they had nowt to play for either and thrashed us!
  3. Really can't see us doing this
  4. So's my mother and she can't play Rugby but you wouldn't want her running at you
  5. Great as he is can Bretherton do another season? I don't think he will
  6. But you've loads of money and sign on average 40 - 50 players a season!! Surely you could have looked down the back of the seats for a few extra coppers?
  7. How's the signing of Patch going by the way...
  8. Just goes to show how important it is for fans to join Bissa Just remind us how to do this again...
  9. Quite simple really BSJ to be concerned about an outcome means to be pooing bricks. I refer to your previously and still potentially precarious position and the new housing estate next to the ground and the source of the bricks to build such housing stock... you were obviously brought up better than the typical RL fan... have you considered switching codes to the kick and clap game where your sensibilities will be on a par with their support?
  10. I can still see it now lurking at the bottom of the fridge next to the mucky fat pot..
  11. Made my day this has great news
  12. I agree PD I'm like Mutlley... Gimme gimme gimme
  13. Because we're safe and not ******** a new housing estate that we'll be relegated! Dewsbury will sign anyone with a pair of boots at the moment
  14. Good player Knowles and can still do a job them 5 aside pitches must be pouring money into dewsbury speed their spending it! Signing 50 players and replacing the coaching staff must have cost a bob or two!
  15. What happened to "every minute matters"?