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  1. My hat is off to Krefeld tomorrow for a three day trip And yes I'm going with it!
  2. I reckon Dewsbury could be in for a squeaky bum season and will finish 9/10th
  3. On the press release on the Bradford forum on how much the club owes £2.2M
  4. I see the Bulls owe Batley money!
  5. Come on SJS you know all Batley fans can walk on water!
  6. Costing me next to nowt as a canny Yorkshire man By walking there n back. I've got three loaves of mucky fat sandwiches that'll see me reight
  7. I enjoyed that and Keighley gave a good account of themselves. We looked very good first half with Davey at hooker and Brown looked good.. impressed with our defensive effort too as the Cougars threw everything at us especially late in the second half
  8. Yay boom & bust is dead, long live boom & bust!
  9. He can but it stands for Transvestite
  10. I think I can hear them massing over the horizon you just need Michael Kane in a red jacket peering over the fence and your all set
  11. Zippdy doo dah, Zippdy aye...
  12. Is that at the ######-end of the universe BSJ? What time is KO for this drubbing from the Aussies?
  13. HOW

    Oh no GOR! Let me guess it was better in the 50's even though t'internet was in black and white then!
  14. I think I just might I've been a huge fan of the Yowies since I heard they were going to beat dewsbury in a friendly in 2017 and make it three on the trott
  15. Is that the new one where the scoreboard is?