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  1. Nothing to add, just wanted to have the 54,000 post
  2. WHAT! Dewsbury have a game on Friday!!
  3. Missing Sykes could be the only chance we have.. But I'm still not hopeful Rams 28 Down in the dumps Dogs 16
  4. I now see MD master plan not wasting everyone's time ####### off to France to get whalloped
  5. Not if the ref can sin bin your player during the tackle for a clash of heads!
  6. Don't expect to beat Dewsbury at theirs but lose at home to Swinton and I think times up. Let's hope we can limp to the end of the season, avoid relegation and have a big clear out for 2020
  7. That was dreadful, we started with an intensity pushing them back in every tackle, and then... Nowt, absolutely nowt. As an established championship club we should comfortably beat any championship one club. I could understand if we'd played fringe players or those out of form, but we don't have that excuse! I think today proved one thing to me we are a championship one team, and not a good one at that!
  8. That was as dull a 40 mins as I've seen in a long time,!
  9. I expect you to win but I think they will push you until the last 15 - 20 mins. Thatto 14 Sheep 26
  10. Hmm you say every player BB, Smeaton conceded two tries by my reckoning. Having said that a great performance by the rest..
  11. 38.... OMG! And I thought you were too old for T&P on Monday night's Marc ?
  12. Beat Cas one week and then get whalloped by KR! Don't make sense this game!!
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