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  1. Unless they don't want to play for him ala Dewsbury under Morro?
  2. Q. Did Dewsbury win the toss in the golden point or did we? I guess dewsbury must have as it was the obvious direction that they choose to play in as kicking a drop goal with the wind is much simpler and from greater distance but If they did why didn't we kick off then?
  3. Is the Baily bar named after a player? I'm surprised that non of the infrastructure at Dewsbury isn't named after players, servants of the club etc.
  4. Turn up Sunday BB they might surprise you!
  5. That's it get them excuses in early lol
  6. The lucky mascot will be there this time so an easy win for the Dogs and Leeds at home in the next round
  7. It has its got worse!!
  8. I disagree! You've haven't been happy with any coach if I remember my past history BTJ. I put you down as a glass half empty person and a cracked glass at that! You can't seriously want the coach out after half a season! Who would you replace him with and would you want shut of them after three or four games?
  9. +1
  10. At least Kelly can have no illusions of the task he faces!
  11. Lillycrop Walker Er....
  12. I think Diskin didn't want London to know that we were playing a centre on the wing!
  13. My therapist said I'd to keep away from you!
  14. Good or bad he has to have this season and next. Some of the players just don't seem to be up for it!
  15. Funny I'm in the ground and Hallett's playing!