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  1. Piggy's mate

    Dewsbury sunday

    Can't wait for the big win this weekend
  2. Piggy's mate

    York City Knights

    BSJ is looking forward to wearing his pink Tutu in public
  3. Piggy's mate

    Derek Beaumont

    Bring back the bonus point too
  4. Piggy's mate

    Derek Beaumont

    But the RFL with their twisted distribution of funds is more to blame imo. Teams like Fev have to invest in the players to try get in the top four to keep the merry go round going. It did for Bradford a couple of seasons ago and now it will dismantle the efforts at Leigh.. great way to develop the game eh!
  5. Piggy's mate

    Featherstone v Batley

    Let's wait and see next year is his third season I expect him to have a better performance than this even if I don't necessarily expect to be higher in the table the 50 point drubbing must end for me
  6. Piggy's mate

    2019 Squad

    No Roger I think he means!
  7. Piggy's mate

    team v Batley.

    Could I ask which Fev player was put on report and why?
  8. Piggy's mate

    M.O.M Rovers V Batley (8's)

    Davis Thackeray Cooper
  9. Piggy's mate

    Fev v Batley MOM thread shield

    Harrison Manning Jouffrey
  10. Piggy's mate

    Featherstone v Batley

    I take it you missed the NRC final and the Grand final and not forgetting our game at Leeds Rhinos when the Leeds fans were chanting Batley and there were 15,000 there? You continually miss the point PD we all want to win but don't forget so do the opposition it's called sport.
  11. Piggy's mate

    Featherstone v Batley

    We will soon enough, and we'll also fond out who we've signed from other teams and it will probably be swapping a couple with Dewsbury and taking a couple from Rochdale or Swinton as usual. When your on the rollercoaster you don't put your hands in the air until it eventually gets to the top!
  12. Piggy's mate

    Featherstone v Batley

    Yawn.. Come on PD we are where we are... I watched Fev today who still have far better players than us playing in the same league for excatly the same thing... nowt! You know Jack about anything going on behind the scenes just like I do but I was there this week and I'll be there next week. If you want to change things buy KN out and remortgage your life for a chance not to get into SL... Other than changing the coach/BOD every week what else do you suggest? You suggested we sign Bullock from Barrow week after Wigan had signed him ffs.. I guess you won't be "supporting" Batley until a new coach can be lured from OZ to take us back to where we belong... the shocking thing is we are where we belong mid table in the Championship!
  13. Piggy's mate

    Club statement

    Halifax managed it
  14. Piggy's mate

    Attendances over the last three seasons.

    A good number came from Swinton..
  15. Piggy's mate

    Swinton H

    You'll be OK even with the Wigin lads they weren't that good. Dewsbury 36 Swinton 14