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  1. Piggy's mate

    Laying on in the tackle

    The five Saints players on display looked good yesterday.
  2. Piggy's mate

    The Great Rugby League Get Together

    Nice pair o pins there Coolie lad..
  3. Piggy's mate

    Bulldogs V Eagles MOM thread

    Davey Crookes Tomlinson
  4. Piggy's mate

    Toronto away

    Got the blind date lined up mate... and she really is blind, I just hope to god she doesn't have a sense of smell either or the last six foot are going to be tough!
  5. Piggy's mate

    War looms..

    Ah GOR when the war between Batley & Dewsbury starts I'd have to stand with my Batley Brethren. I'd charge Coolie with my bayonet fixed, mainly because there's some good eating there! 🍽️
  6. Piggy's mate

    War looms..

    This ain't going to end well... Do you think kick & clap will have us back if we say sorry for the last 120 years?
  7. It's OK Trump has agreed to mediate!
  8. Piggy's mate

    War looms..

    Seems we are set to go to war with certain chairmen from SL who want to scrap middle 8's and big up SL in preference to championship 1 & 2 clubs! There's a statement on the club website which I'm sure BB will post a link to. We also got a mention on the BBC 👍
  9. Piggy's mate


    Looking like another +50 defeat..
  10. Piggy's mate

    Relegation Seasons

    I remember this as a 12 year old. We got free season tickets as I played for Shawcross boys. When the hooter went we all ran on the pitch but had to go off for the penalty to be kicked..
  11. Piggy's mate

    Batley V Fax MOM thread

    Smeaton went well. Bretherton Harrison Ref was ok too
  12. Piggy's mate

    Fan's forum announced

    Ha you'd have him back in a heartbeat
  13. Piggy's mate

    Fan's forum announced

    Come on its been proven by the cheat police that it was the Ref that beat us! The Rams could have spent the day on the pier and you'd still have been given the points 😭
  14. Piggy's mate

    Halifax @ Home on Saturday

    Laugh all you want, Sunday's game was one of the best HW clash for some time and yes both teams made errors, but so did the ref I think that is point most wish to make in the hope it improves. Anyway onwards and upwards
  15. Piggy's mate

    Batley MOM

    Harrison Isaac Farrel Butterworth