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  1. This!! Spoilt the first England game and doing his best to spoil this !!
  2. Why did we spend £10k......

    Yes I'm one of those unhappy fans who begrudge having to share a scoreboard with other fans, why in this high tech world cannot I not have my own personal one just for me? And while I'm at it do I have to share a stand with other people? Really I'm pretty sure it impacts my basic human rights!
  3. 2018 Squad confirmed

    It was mentioned in the press a few weeks ago that he was being offered an extension on his contract! Still the chance to manage a big club again....
  4. BISSA Social Evening & AGM

    We'e an excellent no 6 in Walker!
  5. One for the old folk

    If the wig fits sir!!
  6. Will Maher

    Yeah a bust sternum can do that to you I belive. Thought he looked ok but no Keegan H
  7. Izaac Farrell

    Ooh Mr F I can almost taste the envy lol. Excellent signing
  8. Shirt Sponsorship

    When will the draw be made for Harrison's shirt from this season DD?
  9. Blackpool Bash

    Dewsbury again last game Sunday. No surprise there then!!
  10. World Cup talent

    We should be developing our own talent and strengthen links with local teams etc through joint training and coaching sessions
  11. Shirt Sponsorship

    A rich man like you PD could be bombarded with begging letters !!
  12. League Express this week

    Worked ok when we had McGilvery...
  13. New season shirts

    Yep me too I think their gear is good quality and they produce enough versions of tops etc to suit most even if you don't like the playing kit. I like the mainly white shirt we had for the grand final or the black and yellow away kit from 2011
  14. Who's this Barrow lot that's taken over top spot on the forum page!!