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  1. Piggy's mate

    Fev £1.2m in debt

    Yawn.... I don't own the club and it seems to be there every year.. perhaps smarter people than those on here are running things! After all we don't own a rugby club and if it goes belly up we just open up again the following week calling ourselves Batley 2019 or summat as daft, think on that when the Bulls trample us all on the way back to SL
  2. Piggy's mate

    Players For 2019

    Now I know your in the shxte lol I guess your signing a lot of champ 1. Players & coach in preparation of the inevitable?
  3. Piggy's mate

    Fev £1.2m in debt

    How much does Dewsbury RL owe Mr S?
  4. Piggy's mate

    Players For 2019

    Where's Speakman gone? Seems your losing a lot of players!
  5. Piggy's mate

    2019 Squad

  6. Piggy's mate

    Dual Reg scenario for next year

    Get the terracing that covers 1/3 sorted and I'd agree even Wakey/Cas is better. If you were in Kirklees a third of your ground would be closed. Spend some of your millions replacing that to the standard that Dewsbury and Batley have then you can spout
  7. Piggy's mate

    Batley Bulldogs

    Why? They may still be considering their options! I'm sure if the club has made them an offer the individual can take their time to consider this and also look for "better" offers? Preseason doesn't start for a good whe yet
  8. Piggy's mate

    Wish list

    Whoever it is your still Doomed to Championship One next season, don't say I didn't warn you... Tuesdays numbers are 3, 7, 8, 11,56 & 84
  9. Piggy's mate

    Try of the Season

    Some cracking scores there
  10. Piggy's mate

    Workington on Sunday

    Well done Swinton listened in on the radio a great game and you finished deserved winners always enjoy my trips to the Sale ground. See you next season
  11. Piggy's mate

    Wish list

    Will we have heard of him/her/it or is the Dewsbury Rams working on his/her/its Wikipedia page?
  12. Piggy's mate

    private equity company land plans

    Dewsbury cashed in their land bank recently for housing...
  13. Piggy's mate

    Batley Bulldogs

    Me neither but nobody tells me owt... I'm a terrible gossip 👻
  14. Piggy's mate

    Average Attendance 2018

    No I meant bigger than them. We attract better players better coaches better match day experience and a better class of fan.. ergo bigger club
  15. Piggy's mate

    Average Attendance 2018

    It's called jealousy RPH coz were a bigger club now and nowt to stop any other club having a big get together to celebrate a life and also raising 20 grand for charity! Good club Batley RL