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  1. It's OK they're proposing 16 team championship in 2020, so you might escape you're destiny again, at least for another season
  2. Sheffield are a good side with good players. Their DR player ripped us to bits second half BUT nobody should put 50+ on us at home.
  3. This boy is quick and has a good eye for a break. Will be interesting to see how he goes. Good luck Jack
  4. Appen, when Kevin has to repay the war chest monies he might consider his options? I can't see another 4 wins at this rate!
  5. Now you know how Rochdale felt!
  6. In most cases I'd agree, I've reigned in my criticism after watching a few of the BISSA dvds and listening to the official converse. However Mr Smith looked very good to start with his officiating has gone backwards in my opinion. Let's hope he has a good game too Sunday
  7. Sadly Mr Smith's competence as a ref has been poor in recent times
  8. Going to put up our touch n pass lads
  9. Anything we can do to help them beat Dewsbury is OK by me
  10. It's all about money.. sport is becoming a real sad endeavour
  11. Minichella was all over Gledhill on the floor but the ref did nothing so Gledhill got up and went after him. I thought the bulls defence was well organised and other than the second bulls try been knocked forward I have no issue with the bulls win as the best team did deserve the two points, but my it was dull
  12. Er... Lad from Hull (Bienik?) Scott - because he never dropped those bombs in first half Manning
  13. Wished I'd kept mine... Still our lass says I've more brass n brains!
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