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  1. Bulldogs V Seagulls semi final

    Chandler - done everything asked of him in the past couple of games and scored one of the best. Manning Harrison
  2. Maher

    I think you are both right and I think Sheffield learnt a lot from our win last week.
  3. Positive things about Batley RLFC

    Letting the big kids on the pitch before the game and plenty more lil un at half time
  4. Why did we spend £10k......

    To answer the original question. The RFL stipulated it as a requirement for championship clubs..
  5. Toulouse, Semi-Final Shield

    Good effort to win the second half. Has Sykes been given that contract yet!
  6. Positive things about Batley RLFC

    OK whingers let's see if the usual bemoaners can come up with a few positives about our Club, as it seems taking part is not a thing anymore in sport but whining about everything else is!
  7. 2018 Squad.

    I get the impression that BB doesn't like anything about our club!
  8. Maher

    I think this is aimed at the administration of the game not at the club, but hey ho any opportunity to stick the knife in the club eh BB.
  9. Why did we spend £10k......

    I hope put it above the dog house and I'd never see it!
  10. The Ruck

    Went to see this last night at Wakefield and it was excellent. One of our old boys Craig Potter also in attendance, who looked like he could still pull on a shirt
  11. Bulldogs v seagulls

    No, been watching a long time but can't say I understand the rules etc.. Perhaps that's why I got that email asking if I was interested in being fast tracked as a championship referee?
  12. Bulldogs v seagulls

    Yes I gave the ref the benefit of the doubt being a newbie but he deteriated second half although I think he could have had more help from his touch judges!
  13. Oldham game

    What... you must be Ned's aunty
  14. Bulldogs v seagulls

    Don't you miss the next game for a red card?