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  1. The grammar school I attended had lads from Warrington, Leigh, Swinton, Salford, Oldham and Rochdale. The only winter sport played was RU. Most of the kids wanted to play league, and one of the teachers (not a PE teacher) decided to start a league team. This was almost immediately vetoed by the head. In later life I learned from one of the teachers that the RU authorities had informed the head that if they had a league team at the school, no player would be considered for RU representative matches. I'm sure that this school would not be a unique case. The tragedy is that three of my contemporaries became full RU internationals, two of whom would have been natural league players given the chance
  2. In the l notes of my recently unearthed FC v KR Cornwall programme it says that then there were 41 amateur RL teams in the city of Hull, not including schools and colleges. That's an impressive number even if it includes different age groups of the same club. Despite this there were several players on both sides signed from (mainly local) RU. This stream of talent seems to have disappeared completely.
  3. Definitely, I'd say. I'll post the team sheet pages if anyone's interested (the Drake twins at prop on opposing sides!).
  4. Do you have to watch the game live, or can you also get it on catch up?
  5. They only released that statement after they read my original post.
  6. Any repercussions for Rhinos if Emerald withdraw sponsorship? Rhinos should not be tarred with the same brush as YCCC, but it will be difficult for them to sponsor one part of the complex but not the other.
  7. If ever I need my hose pipe mending I know who I'll use.
  8. I agree, Aussie pies are superb but they won't put them on a barm for you. That's why he's coming back.
  9. I worry for his mental health. Stair lifts can drive you up the wall.
  10. One of my favourite memories is of giant "hard man" Paul Ringer picking a fight with Steve Nash, half his size, at Cardiff, and being lifted off the ground by an uppercut to the jaw.
  11. John Stopford. Rated by van Vollenhoven as his finest opponent.
  12. Of course Batley should be admitted to SL if they qualify. We need to have a level playing field .......oops!
  13. The worst punishment for a Wigan player is Sine Pie.
  14. Salford the only club named after a major pollutant. (Salford dioxide).
  15. Not so sure, I've heard recently that quite a few now get out of the bath if they need a p.
  16. As a kid, if someone had told me that in your lifetime it will be cheaper to fly to Spain than watch division 2 rugby league match I think I would have run away from them.
  17. I had a plan to take my camping gear to Canada, rent a car and tour Ontario for a few weeks, travelling into Toronto whenever there was a match. Ah, well...maybe one day.
  18. Rarely any RL and never seen any French report before, but this was on the "front page" along with the season postponement news. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/no-helmets-required/2021/jan/20/rugby-league-french-league-streaming-super-league-nrl
  19. I think full time professionalism has had an effect here. Back in part time days there were many players, including some of the top ones, who had jobs that needed high qualifications. I think Saints had a player who was an actuary When I played one of our players had several pro offers but signed for Workington because, as a graduate engineer, he had a good job offer from Windscale. I don't think he would have entertained the idea of being full time.
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