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Featherstone V Halifax.Thurs 9th 19.33


Who Will Win   

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  1. 1. 1st Team To Final

    • Featherstone
    • Halifax

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Exciting times for both teams and supporters, the game we have been waiting for all season. Gonna be another classic , cant wait.

Fev 21-12 Fax

1St try Tonks

Attendance 2920

M.O.M Briggs

Are We Human, Or Are We Rovers. Our time For Winning Is Here And Now, So Be Loud N Proud, Lets Hear You Singing, Are We Human, Or Are Rovers. They Play With Style And Virtue, Put Their Bodys On The Line, Always Battling For The Victory, They Always Did The Best They Could, Sing Out For Fev Rovers, Blue N White Is All We Know. Stand Up Proud. Swell Your Heart. You Gotta Let Them Know, Are We Human, No We Are Rovers

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40-36 to Fev

1st Try Zak

M.O.M Finn



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Halifax are making a big thing of coming here creating an atmosphere that they think will ride them through to the final , lets all make sure their just drounded out by creating an atmosphere like the good old days and make the stand sound like the old bullock shed did .

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Sticking to my tried and tested formula I come to the conclusion that the game will be won by less than 6 points and honestly can see it going either way because Fax have hit form at the right time and they will have a big vocal following behind them.

That said the way i've predicted scores this season we'll probably end up putting 50 past them :D

The way our defence has been this year I could see you putting 50 past us. However as long as we put 51 past you then I will be happy.

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Looking forward to this game, Given that Fax are the only team this year to bring any number of fans it will make for a super atmosphere in the ground.

Any team that beat Fev will have to score more than 30points in my opinion don't think fax will do that if our defence is on top form I will go for Fev 34 Fax 22

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Id like to feel confident about this one and said Id prefer Halifax before it was confirmed. Theres always that niggling feeling that it might go t1ts up though, but the evidence suggests it shouldnt.

In the previous 2 games against Fax we look to have had the right formula to beat them. They play a very lateral expansive game which relies on off the cuff plays and getting a roll on. Our defence has been at its best against Halifax in the previous 2 fixtures and if it is again I can see us getting a comfortable win.

Halifax will get frustrated if you restrict them in the first half hour. If our middle stays strong we should be alright. We will look to get Grayson at Ben Black again as well. They will no doubt start strong but there will be nagging doubts in their mind as Im not sure Calland is the motivator DP is.

Ill go for a Fev win 34 - 16

1st try Briggs

Attendance 2950

Formerly Alistair Boyd-Meaney

fifty thousand Poouunds from Keighley...weve had im gid."


MIPM Project Management and Business Solutions "

Discounts available for forum members contact me for details

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...So long as it's a fair game and the Referee hasn't been instructed about who must win.. (Sorry, wash my mouth out. ) It only seemed as though the Barrow match last year was rigged. Trust the RFL? Of course I do.

Featherstone Rovers-a Super league club in waiting. It's time to let us in.

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I would love this game to be a boring 60 - 0 whitewash but IMO it's gonna be close, so i'll go

FEV 28 - FAX 18. With us pulling away in the last 10 minutes.

MoM - Tonks

Att - 3100


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its been an amazing season to watch the Rovers home and away, this is our biggest game for over 10 years and the excitment is already kicking in. Looking forward to this so much..

Rovers 30 - 22 Fax

mom - Tonks (our forwards will need to have a stormer)

att - 3278

just looked at betting, the bookies are giving Fax 8 points start, just glad we dont have to :)

Did you know if we reach the final we would have been on Sky 7 times this season,

there is only 7 SL teams been on Sky more than us out of the 14 clubs, and they have 4 teams a week on, 2 games on Fri/Sat plus every team got a showing on the Magic weekend. Interesting......

Good Luck Rovers...

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looks like we're gonna get plenty of dyke before thursday. who's it gonna suit, us or them.

joe mullaney is a god

the only good tiger is a stuffed tiger


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looks like we're gonna get plenty of dyke before thursday. who's it gonna suit, us or them.

Don't think it will suit either team that much as we both play a similar game. Our forwards as more moblie than theirs so we might have a very slight advantage. If we have the rain that's forecast it will be down to the team that makes the least mistakes.


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If fev can defend half as well as they did the last two times we played fax, it should be a comfortable win. However fax are coming good so I will go for ....

Fev 36 30 fax

First try scorer Hardaker

MOM Briggs

Attendance 3268

Does this ring any bells anyone?

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