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Top 10 events of 2019

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I see from Martyn's column in RLE that next week the paper's top 50 of events in 2019 starts. It's always a good read.

Got me wondering what forum members ranked as their top ten.

Here's mine,  in no order except the first listed.

Tonga defeating Australia

Toronto's promotion

SBW signs for Toronto

Sam Burgess retires

Roosters release Mitchell

PNG beat GB

Roosters retain title

Jamaica / Greece qualify for 2021

Bulls farrago

Success of NRLW & WSL

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Widnes surviving to play in 2020.

Saints having a run away Superleague season.

Bradford beating Leeds in the cup.

Further progress for Women's RL.

West Wales winning a game!

Games being streamed online.

Featherstone's run to the grand final.

No team starting 2020 with a points deduction, hopefully!




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"It involves matters much greater than drafting the new rules...the original and existing games have their own powerful appeal to their players and public and have the sentiments which history inspires"  - Harold 'Jersey' Flegg 1933

"Just as we had been Cathars, we were treizistes, men apart."  - Jean Roque, Calendrier-revue du Racing-Club Albigeois, 1958-1959

Si tu( Remi Casty) devais envoyer un fax au Président Guasch? " Un grand bravo pour ce que vous avez fait,et merci de m 'avoir embarqué dans cette aventure"


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3 hours ago, Mick the Miller said:

York being the highest placed part time team in the country after automatic promotion in 2018

This would be near the top of my list to . Brilliant achievement 

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