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Rugby League in Albania

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I think it was Tirana who were going to play in the Greek comp, coming out of lockdown. Don`t know if that went ahead.

Bit of constructive criticism. One of the blokes said that games were won by those with "ardent hearts". This is uncomfortably close to the  platitude "we wanted it more than them", which is often the best analysis English players can offer to account for a win.

In a Balkan context, when the Serbian national team conceded big scores in their most recent internationals, it wasn`t through lack of effort. They were faced with more intricate attacking play than they were used to, and couldn`t read it, didn`t know where the points of attack were coming from.

Teams in developing nations only go up a level when they understand better that RL is not the simple, physical affair it`s generally painted as.

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Everything you said is true,  those words are my personal opinion (I am the guy you referred) I believe that if you have the right mind set and give everything "physically" you might have a good chance to do well, I also said before that this was the least important factor in a RL match 

Those are a prop words mate ,lol cheers 

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