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Widnes - Game 7


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14 hours ago, spw1 said:

As for today’s showing from us, it’s obvious we can’t compete with them down the middle, too big, strong and fast for us,

On paper I think our forwards are as good as most others in this league. Tony Rea seemed to hit the nail on the head in commentary. We ran the ball in without any support players or decoy runners so Widnes committed 4 players to a tackle, stopped Oldham players in their tracks and slowed the play the ball. Widnes did the opposite so we could only commit two men to a tackle which gained them ground and got them quick play the balls. Off the back of that their halves and full back had time and space to work

W know Reilly and Dupree in particular can break tackles so a few adjustments to our attack might reap rewards.

Hope someone at the club paid the £4.95 and they can watch the game back and listen to the commentary.

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2 hours ago, jroyales said:

The club really shot themselves in the foot, first live match, brilliant day, lots of sunshine and unable to get a drink OF ANYTHING!! The stewards closing areas off even at the end of the game forcing spectators to go right around the ground to get out. A public service disaster.

What really worried me about the game was the attendance. The first game back with spectators, take away the Widnes support I would reckon we had about 200 Oldhamers.

I am not sure that Widnes are full time pros but what a luxury being able to play Matty Smith at loose forward!

We haven' got anyone on our books with the skill to change things and sadly the blame has to be at Diskin's door because he signed most of these players.

Next home game £4.50, instead of the £19, and a pint at home. The beauty being I can turn it off.


I don't think they're allowed to sell drinks under the current rules. I think I read somewhere that drinks are not available.

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In addition to the dummy runners & support play, the forwards need to be running straighter. Against York & Widnes, Nelmes was running across the pitch. Whilst Spencer & Langtree are not the biggest they run hard & straight so does Fletcher. Fletcher should be getting more game time as he has been better than Pick & Bridge is still carrying an injury. We need a SL loan fullback & halfback if Barran is not near fitness or I would put Owen or J Abram or Green - we need to try something. 

The best thing about Charnock is his defence & Hewitt is more an organizer than flair player, together they don't work unless your forwards are dominating the game.

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Abram-6 tackles. one miss. 2 tackle busts. 9 carries=54m

Brierley-zero tackles. one tackle bust. 10 carries=77m

Senior-18 tackles. 5 misses. one tackle bust. 14 carries=89m

Roberts-11 tackles. 2 misses. one tackle bust. one clean break. 13 carries=129m

Ince-4 tackles. 2 misses. 3 tackle busts. 12 carries=118m

Charnock-22 tackles. 4 misses. one tackle bust. 6 carries=39m

Hewitt-9 tackles. 3 misses. one tackle bust. one try assist. 3 carries=8m

Kirk-34 tackles. 4 tackle busts. one clean break. 8 carries=66m

Owen-25 tackles. one miss. 4 carries=13m

Nelmes-28 tackles. 2 offloads. one tackle bust. 9 carries=52m

Langtree-23 tackles. 3 misses. one offload. 3 tackle busts. 2 clean breaks. one try assist. 11 carries=133m

Bridge-16 tackles. 2 misses. 2 offloads. 3 carries=13m

Bent-54 tackles. one miss. 13 carries=39m


Reilly-20 tackles. one miss. one offload. 3 tackle busts. 15 carries=89m

Dupree-22 tackles. 3 misses. 2 offloads. 2 tackle busts. 12 carries=69m

Pick-12 tackles. one miss. 8 carries=64m

Gregory-21 tackles. 2 misses. 3 tackle busts. one clean break. one try assist. 3 carries=54m

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