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Mark Kheirallah

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52 minutes ago, Phil Briscoe said:

If he refuses to have the vaccine will he definitely be allowed in the country and to play? 
I know there are professional sportspeople already here who won’t have it but it’s a bit different when you’re looking to come in. 
I’m sure the club will have done their homework on it. 

YES new rules You do not need to complete a UK passenger locator form before you travel, take any COVID-19 tests or quarantine when you arrive in England.This applies whether you are vaccinated or not.

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5 hours ago, Monkeymagic22 said:

Let's hope that he's decent, after all this wait. Always hard to know with fringe Aussies.

Yeah if hes better than our fringe forwards  (no disrespect) that would be really good.  Plus if Koppy and JSL are due back soon it would make the 'killer' signing seem even better.  Talking of Koppy - nearly 4 wks back on the Fax commentary I'm sure he said he was 2 or 3 wks off.  Hope there hasn't been a setback.....

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On 28/03/2022 at 18:08, haskey said:

Cannot see Pickersgill being too happy , he is performing very well for us linking up when necessary. Do we rewally need another full back ?????

Pickersgill has minor damage to his knee ligaments sustained last weekend.

If only the club had signed a class full back that could replace him? 😊

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5 minutes ago, sentoffagain2 said:

   Chizzy  or you could play Hall at full back with Joey and Hardcastle in the centres.That would be good enough against Sheffield.

Aye it would. But it's a long season. We played v Toronto and Toulouse having sustained injuries to key players who weren't available or who played less than 100%.

Having one of the most effective and consistent performers at full back in this competition gives us the best possible solution if others aren't available in a game it really matters. Some will say all games matter.

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   Now we have him what he contributes on the field will be what counts.It is handy that he is a good goalkicker though and he should prove to be dangerous at Championship level as he proved with Toulouse.Just worry a bit about our forwards as when in mid thirties  injuries seem to take longer recovery time we don't want many at the back end.

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