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The NRL FInals Week 3 Thread

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Well done to the irrepressible Brisbane.

Can they stop the Panthers' three-peat though?

"We are easily breakable, by illness or falling, or a million other ways of leaving this earthly life. We are just so much mashed potato."  Don Estelle

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Not if they play like that…need more discipline among the young ‘stars’. Cobbo’s stupid play gave the Warriors a penalty close to their own line relieving pressure and ending with the opening try.

Reece Walsh throwing a stupid pass totally unnecessary leading to the the second warriors try.

With Cleary taking conversions if you give panthers two gift tries thats as good as game over. 

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Full Time

Broncos 42 - 12 Warriors

Score Summary

B. Walters 8, H. Farnworth 16, J. Arthars 19, B. Walters 24, J. Riki 55, E. Mam 60, H. Farnworth 70 Tries D. Watene-Zelezniak 5, D. Watene-Zelezniak 12, M. Montoya 29
A. Reynolds 10, A. Reynolds 18, A. Reynolds 21, A. Reynolds 25, A. Reynolds 56, A. Reynolds 62, R. Walsh 71 Conversions  
  Sin Bin A. Pompey 59
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