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Fri 8th Mar: SL: St Helens v Salford Red Devils KO 20:00 (Sky/SuperLeague+)

Who will win?  

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    • Salford Red Devils

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10 minutes ago, Barry Badrinath said:

I thought that about the warrington game on Thurs, a lot of the audio seems more reminiscent of the catalans home games when sky talk over their footage.


Wouldn't surprise me for the Friday nights when there's a lot of games on.


One other thing, has baz left sky now? Despite them needing more on air voices, I cant recall hearing him, he has however been on the BBC last week

One of the worst was Frasier Dainton on a Wire game, but he did a pre-match thing on SSN and he was at the ground. 

I wonder if it's to do with the technology? 

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Salford deserved the win, we (Saints) went back to our bad old ways of poor discipline and losing a big lead. If you are going to have someone sent off don’t do it against a team like Salford. Once again our goal kicking was biz, it is puzzling why we have gone into another season without a recognised goal kicker. In 2023 we used six goal kickers, so far it’s three in 2024. Makinson had a stinker with a capital S, but he wasn’t the only one Bennison, Walmsley, Sironen, Mbye were appalling. But i have to give a special mention to our NRL superstar Waka Blake this lad reeks to high heaven and i have seen more movement in a static caravan. As soon as Salford threw it out wide to Lafai & Cross it was clear they would have success. It makes me wonder if he wants to be here, i don’t blame if he doesn’t because last night it was bitterly cold but quite a few fans were willing to take him to Manchester airport last night. 
Fair credit to the Salford fans they backed their side throughout the match, over the years we have sneaked games in the last minute against them so it was finally revenge. It was good watching the Salford fans celebrating at the end of the match, i was probably at our old hallowed turf when they last beat us. 
If Blake is playing next week and Percy is suspended then i can see a heavy defeat at Leeds. 

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Watching this game today, good grief Saints get away with absolute murder in the ruck. 

Its easy to have a great, well organised defence when the tacklers are allowed to mess around do much.

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On 09/03/2024 at 11:25, Harry Stottle said:

Barry do you not recall that Watson had been in charge of a very low performing Salford team for 3 to 4 years, then they suddenly miraculously change into a very astute well organised offensive unit, coincidentally that happened with the arrival of Paul Rowley to Salford as assistant coach, Watson got all the accolades and got head hunted by Huddersfield, given loads of money to spend on his squad but could not reproduce what his charges at Salford did, Rowley stays at Salford and they play the same way even with changes in personal usually ones surplus to requirements at other clubs. Who in your opinion is the better coach?


You, and others, keep repeating this mantra that Watson has spent loads of money, but where is this perception from?

He is the same as all the other coaches, he can only spend the salary cap, just like Rowley can or anyone else, the fact is that Watson had to get some big earners and deadwood out before he could start to rebuild, you may be surprised to find out some of the salaries the Giants players are/were on before surmising that we have spent loads of money, which we, or any other club can't do anyway.

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