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BARB - w/e 7 Sept.

15 September 2014 - 03:31 PM



2)  Thurs,7.30pm,    159,000.

4)  Fri,7.30pm           146,000.


In the absence of premier league football,rugby league again comes to the fore on SS1,with cricket dominating SS2 and tennis on SS3


BT had the start of Premiership rugby union.




1) Sat,1.45pm,       110,000.

3) Sat,4.15pm,        100,000.

4) Sun,1.00pm,          59,000




1)Fri,7.00pm,          95,000.


Interestingly,and they did it again this weekend,BT moved RU to BT2 on the fri,when in direct competition with SL and put european football on BT1.